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Waddington international airshow.

IN THE aftermath of the Kosovo conflict, many military airshow organisers are facing problems due to personnel shortages and operational commitments. Fortunately for RAF Waddington and the airshow public, the Lincolnshire airfield was spared and the show went ahead as planned over the weekend of June 26/27.

For a change it was blessed with superb weather — well, for at least 50% of the weekend — with the Saturday offering almost perfect conditions. The event also succeeded in attracting some very interesting aircraft, despite many units still winding down from operations over Yugoslavia. Participants from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany,

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Voyager cruises final region before leaving the Solar System

The legendary NASA spacecraft enters ‘magnetic highway’

At around 18 billion kilometres (11 billion miles) from Earth, Voyager 1 is the furthest man-made object from

Earth and has been for some time.

It’s also set to become the first manmade object to leave the Solar System, as it enters a region at the outer boundary known as the magnetic highway, a smooth lane along which charged particles can travel, which scientists are only now able to investigate properly.

“This strange, last region before interstellar space is coming into focus, thanks to Voyager 1,” said Voyager project scientist Ed Stone. “If

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One of the more unusual islands in the news recently is the quirky and troublesome one near the end of Yann Martel’s Life of Pi. In your home, the kitchen island is likely more top of mind with it often being the centre point of the most used room in your home.

With all sorts of amazing configuration ideas for islands, when Saskatoon HOME saw this U shaped island we thought it was worth taking a close look! This inventive twist for the kitchen is the brainchild of Nathan and Dallas Stobbe, Donna Senterre and their team at Haven Builders.


Vostok 1 and the first man in space.

Strapped to a Vostok 8K72K launch vehicle, spacecraft Vostok 1 made history as it launched the first man, Yuri Gagarin, into space.

It was a clear day on 12 April 1961 as soon-to-be cosmonaut, Soviet pilot Yuri Gagarin stepped out to board the vessel that would make him the first person to not just pass the boundaries of our atmosphere into space but to also the first to orbit the Earth. The spacecraft that would make this a reality? Vostok 1 — a 4,725kg spacecraft that would mark the beginning of the Vostok programme; a fleet of six manned spacecraft

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Volvo V40 Cross Country


Когда вы последний раз ехали на хэтчбеке гольф-класса 200 км/ч так, чтобы хотелось прибавить? Volvo V40, даже с антиасфальтовым званием Cross Country, и не такое умеет, хотя в его классе принято хвастать иными талантами. Вместительность, доступные цены — это все не про V40, который стоит в Украине в полтора раза дороже родоначальника сегмента, Шутят, что ли? Нет. Построенный на платформе предыдущего Ford Focus и формально выступающий в С-классе Volvo V40 субъективно играет в другой лиге: дизайн, отделка, длиннющий список оборудования, но важнее — ощущение езды на

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Неведомо, где начинается практичность этого автомобиля, но границ ей не видно! Взять хотя бы удачный подбор гаммы моторов или их экономичность. Не говоря уже о главном преимуществе «вагона» перед хэтчбеком — большом багажнике… О самом важном для Golf Variant седьмого поколения рассуждал Дмитрий ТЫТЮЧЕНКО.

Хронологически универсал всегда отставал от хэтчбека. Если последний — уже седьмое по счету поколение модели, то универсал — только пятое. Но теперь с Variant нет такого казуса, как раньше, когда универсал строили на платформе хэтчбека прошлого поколения.

Только длина колесной базы сократилась на… 2 мм Но эта пара «пустяков» из меряется линейкой — пассажирские конечности чувствуют


Volkel Open Day

Kees van der Mark reports on the annual Royal Netherlands Air Force Open Days.

THIS YEAR’S Royal Netherlands Air Force Open Days were held at Volkel air base, one of the three current Dutch F-16 bases, on June 18 and 19. Two operational squadrons (311 and 312 Sqns) and a training unit (306 Sqn) all operate the Mid Life Update version of this versatile aircraft at Volkel.

Static Display

Some enthusiasts at Volkel could be heard complaining about the lack of interesting aircraft on view. With aircraft such as Turkish NF-5s, Singaporean A-4s and Slovenian PC-9s having visited in recent

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Voigtlander Bessa II

Ivor Matanle recalls what was arguably the best coupled-rangetinder rollfilm camera of the 1950s

VOIGTLANDER was one of the great German optical and photographic manufacturers of both the 19th and the 20th centuries, and was actually founded in Vienna, Austria, in 1756, moving to Braunschweig (Brunswick) in Germany in 1862. By the time the Bessa II appeared in 1950, the company was almost 200 years old. It was the oldest photographic manufacturer in the world, and one of the best.

The Bessa II was an 8-on-120 6x9cm (or 16-on-l 20 6×4.5cm) folding camera with an accurate coincident-image coupled rangefinder within

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I’ve designed and built many expensive motorcycles. I’ve spent a lot of my own money—a lot of other people’s money, too—on costly motorcycle projects. These motorcycles were prototypes, built to prove concepts, develop ideas, or demonstrate potentials. They were expensive because the first example of any design is costly. You pay for the designer’s time, and development of machining programs and procedures. You pay for tooling, for jigs, and for fixtures. You pay for developing assembly procedures.

But I’ve never bought a really expensive motorcycle. It’s not that I don’t pay attention to the high-end motorcycle market. I read magazine

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An actress best known for playing the sweetly dorky production assistant who kept bumping into Ashton Kutcher in «No Strings Attached», Bell, who is thirty-four, has wide, still eyes, fidgety hands, and jittery feet. With many explanatory gestures, she explained how her childhood love of voices and recordings led her to write, direct, and star in the film «In a World» …, which opens this week. She plays Carol, a voice coach who’s trying to break into the macho world of movie trailer narration. Carol has talent, but her voice sometimes catches, from pressure or lack of confidence. The susceptibility

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