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Home Council

Straight from the garden I do not know, have you noticed that the vegetables plucked from the garden and immediately eaten much tastier than any salad made of them the same, but after a while? Therefore, we often arrange snacks directly in the garden: there cucumber, where tomatoes, peppers. Tasty, pleasant, helpful. Immediately I picked, rinsed and ate. Probably affects the taste of the sun’s heat, they are filled at this time.

In summer, take out the table on the porch (they have a large, roofed) in fine days dinner right there. And vegetables to the table come straight

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Branching out

Fabulous faux bios brings nature’s everlasting beauty indoors. With its grainy detailing and good looks, this wood-motif trend is here to stay.

You can’t control nature.

Whether it’s wacky weather patterns or hard-to-keep plants, the natural world has a mind of its own. Leave it to tried-and-true trees to ^ work their way into our homes. The statuesque species with elongated stems and bountiful branches are blurring the boundary between indoors and out.

Faux boys—French for “false wood”—is the craft of imitating wood and its grainy texture. The elegant art stems from the Renaissance era and has become a staple

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Braking Bad?

Troubleshooting Common Brake Problems

Horsepower is great, we all love it. More of it the better. But brakes are what keep you alive. Strong, progressive, predictable stoppers can add more than a little performance to any sportbike and a huge amount of confidence to most riders. Fortunately, brake technology has kept pace with the rest of the machine. As sportbikes get lighter, shorter, and more powerful, better brakes step in to make the most of today’s impressively sticky tires. Circle of life, and all that.

Good as they are, brakes are not lifetime components. Like tires and engine oil, they’re

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PICKLED wild mushrooms.


Fresh or frozen mushrooms — 1 kg

Vinegar 70% — 4 hours. L.

Boiled water — 200 ml

Sunflower oil — 150 ml

Sol — 2 h. L.

Sugar — 1 hour. L.

Garlic — 6-8 cloves

Ground black pepper — 1/3 ch. L.

Coriander powder — 1/3 ch. L.

Allspice — 8-10 peas

Bay leaf — 1 pc.

Dill and parsley — 1 bunch

1 kg, 15 minutes


1 Garlic pass through the press.

2 Mushrooms add to saucepan, add all ingredients, stir and close the lid. Bring to a boil and simmer

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It’s nice in the dark silly scandals and angry disgruntled players to see a ray of light in the industry, but also one that helps people outside who are seemingly not to the games. Take, for example, Kinect, which Microsoft has aggressively trying to cram into our living rooms and our views on it: Well, fun for a couple of evenings in the cheerful company. But in the good, there is no need. So, one philosopher said that it does not matter what the subject is, and why it is useful. With this approach, in the Russian city of

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N ALL-TOO-RARE success story on the troubled African continent, Botswana gained its independence in 1966 through the peaceful transition of power, having been the British protectorate of Betchuanaland since 1885. Covering an area of 582,000 sq miles (54,000m2) and with a population of only 1.5 million, much of the country is a vast wilderness of desert and grassland, with some of Africa’s finest wildlife reserves. A well-regulated tourist industry provided the greater part of its foreign earnings, but the discovery of diamond and mineral reserves shortly after independence ensured Botswana’s long-term economic security.


With a peaceable, democratic government in



Vacation added a couple of extra kilos? Do not despair, home intensive help for 3-4 weeks to recover lost form

From a standing position, feet shoulder width apart, do 10-15 attacks right and left, lifting his hands up. Pay particular attention to the stop.

Knelt. The slope of the body to the side, leaning on his right arm. Straighten the left leg and place the back of the sock. The left hand lift up over the head and well-Stretch the left side. Repeat to the other side.

For best results, is engaged in the daily and not through force

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Brain Dump: try the new digital-only science mag

Brain Dump, a first-of-its-kind, digital-only science magazine for iPad, iPhone and Android devices, is now available. This groundbreaking product can be subscribed to on

Apple’s Newsstand and Google Play from just £0.69 ($0.99).

Built on a new digital platform designed by world-leading agency

3 Sided Cube, Brain Dump delivers a flurry of fascinating facts every issue, reducing tough-to-grasp concepts about science, nature and lots more into bite-sized, easy-tolearn articles.

“Brain Dump is a milestone product for more than one reason,” said Aaron Asadi, Head of

Publishing. “This is a brand-new digital publishing initiative that will make everyone sit up and

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Hemingway House.

Jude Law, someone is looking for. «Paolina ??? Paolina ?? !!! Paolini !!!! «His plaintive cries grow into a furious roar, when the actor is trying to drown in buckets lashing rain. Lowe yelled so loudly that his bizarre cries echoed from the nearby forests and valleys. We are on the set, which was once the estate of the designer Laura Ashley in the vicinity of Saint-Tropez, the French paradise for millionaires. It is a glamorous resort, but Lowe did not glamorous. He did not look like a hero-lover, whom we used to see in movies.

In 2005, Richard

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Home and Interior.

General rule: designers recommend to keep the distance between the carpet and the walls of 45-60 cm.


If you want to roll out the carpet for the whole area, subtract the size of the room of 45-60 cm, it will be the size of the carpet. When the room is too large, it is divided into zones, each of which is a carpet or trail two identical, adjacent to one another. Prefer something less? Then you need the dimensions of the sofa. The carpet must not be shorter than your sofa. The legs can stand or not

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