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Hunting equipment and reverence

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev gave his first message. What kind of trends in Russian policy can be gauged from this statement? What is the effect on the military-strategic situation in Belarus want Kremlin positioned missile "Iskander" in the Kaliningrad region? What to expect from the meeting of the Supreme Council of the Union of the country?Members: Associate Professor School of Economics Andrew Suzdaltsev from Moscow and chief editor of the newspaper "Nasha Niva" Andrei Dynko from Minsk. Trends in Russian politics

Valery KarbalevichValery Karbalevich"Today’s message from the President of the Russian Federation with a special enthusiasm expected as, in-1’s,

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President Bush now perceive Alexander Kozulin

Together with Kozulin appointment zaproshananyya "chess legend and critic of the Kremlin" Garry Kasparov, last Russian dissident Natan Sharansky and Lithuanian evraparlyamentary Vytautas Landsbergis, known human rights activists from China, Venezuela, North Korea, Burma and other countries.As a representative of the White House said, Emily Lavrymor, during the reception will be discussed "advance freedom and protect the rights of all people and the pros"Earlier South American favorite than once expressed his support to the Belarusian opposition politician when he was in prison, including Bush responded to the death of her husband Ira Kozulin and expressed his compassion family of a

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Glasses: a political prisoner Dashkevich met with parents

Zmitser Dashkevich is serving half years in prison Shklou in penal colony № 17. Favorite "Junior Front"Detained on September 15 2006 and charged with participation in an unregistered organization. July 20 youth activist in the bullpen said 26 — year anniversary. • In Mogilev solidarity rally ended, 20.07.2007 • Defenders: Dashkevycha keep the criteria comparable to torture, 18.07.2007 • Dashkevich served half term, 15.06.2007

In the United States prayed for Belarusian youth

"In the conditions of a totalitarian regime of violent youth of Belarus exposed a gap stretches persecution for the love of their own homeland, their own sacred state signs: white-red-white flag and emblem Chases, own native Belarusian language, — says Lina Saganovich from the U.S.. — Young people wish that corresponded to their country civilized international standards of democracy, more suffer from the dictatorship. They were beaten, put in jail. " Prayer for the Belarusian youth in the Cathedral of St. Cyril of Turov in Brooklyn in New York City Prayer service was held in the Belarusian and Ukrainian language.

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Vika Moroz in Italy until flew

Until last summer boarding pupil Vileika Vika Moroz once traveled to Italy for a vacation to the family-Bornachin Giusto. In Last year home the couple decided not to give back the orphan in a boarding school. Within 20 days of both spouses mother hid Belarusian orphan in the Alps, but ultimately had return. At the end of last year the Belarusian authorities in custody arranged Vick family Zhodino Vassilievo. Coupled with devchenkoy brought up in the family and her brother. In This year Giusto family-Bornachin again invited Vick on vacation. August 2nd girlfriend met in Cogoleto …Vika Moroz exactly that,

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Andrew Khadanovich: Akudovich I confessed that I was in his sight rehabilitated poetry

Listen:Kalinowski: "Andrew, I know that apart from Brno, not so long ago you visited the literature festival in Germany … How many literary festivals you have time to visit this summer?""I tried what being a wandering poet"Khadanovich: "During this summer I visited four literary festivals. One German, one Lithuanian, entitled" Lofty principality poets ", very beautiful chamber Polish poetry festival at the Masurian lakes and with great enthusiasm and pride to join a large company Belarusian writers in Brno."Khadanovich: "New experience was their number. I imagined for myself, that there are tourists poetry, poets nomadic in nature. And here tried

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Gazprom is getting a new tranche of payments for gas not confirm

Meanwhile, in "Gazprom" message "Interfax" declined to comment. "We do not comment on this report," — said the official dealer of Sergei Kupriyanov.For disk imaging "Interfax", already August 3 were prepared two bills — one in the amount of 190 millions of dollars (As our radio have reported to), 2nd — $ 110 millions of dollars. Now the chairman of the State Bank Petr Prokopovich during his meeting with Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus until the end of the week will pay one hundred percent with "Gazprom" for the debts, which were formed due to the fact that in the

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Mogilev donor left increase in their pension

Message from the Ministry of Mogilev donors, participants preemptive strike week, was seen as a victory. States party to strike a noble donor, the chairman of the organizing committee of the charity fund donors "Drop of Life" Igor Kovalenko:"We received a letter from the Ministry of Labour Republic of Belarus, in which it is said that the donor met one of the requirements — a 40% premium to the pension. This is our small victory. "Donor, but not retained benefits for dentures and drugs — now have to obtain medications by common rules for all people. Only under certain circumstances,

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Leonid Sudalenka against Gomel truth

As posted in the newspaper on August 2 article "own kids — abroad, others -" in the side of democracy "created by S. Grushenka, listing the kids Homel oppositionists who went to study or work abroad, says:" After graduating from high school went to study Poland scion Lawyer social organization UCP Leonid Sudalenka … never took the role of in the activities of the opposition, but got on a free Training program to opposition activists. " Leonid Sudalenka told that his son really gets a higher education in Poland, but there he is focused not on the program to opposition

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Lockheed F-104G Starfighter

Since the U.S. Air Force in 1958 refused to follow procurement Starfighter, Lockheed only hope remained for export. But selling plane nicknamed duralumin coffin — it is completely hopeless. Perfectly aware of this, the company has deployed unprecedented scale marketing promotion program from his brainchild. The campaign was carried out once in 3 directions. On the one hand promoted extensively real merit in the form of machine mounted thereon aviation records. Just the way, just in May of 1958, Starfighter set official world records for speed (2259 km / h) and altitude (27,811 m). In December of the same

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