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Pew Research Center: In the world of anti-American sentiment grows

Compared with a similar survey conducted five years ago, world population 47 countries in the world has changed significantly. Increased concern about the prevalence of the world’s huge: the USA, China and Russia. Over the last 5 years in the world right intensified anti-American sentiment, even in the midst of Western European allies. Better relate to the United States, African countries: Cote d» Ivoire, Kenya and Ghana, and most importantly — Turkey, Pakistan and the Palestinians. Relatively good, although worse than 5 years ago, belong to America, "new" EU members, the former communist countries, unlike "of old" EU members. Distrust

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I meant it Kolos died in a hotel … It turns out, Yanka Kupala

Woman: "Where are the buried Yanka Kupala? No, I do not know. "Guy: "No, I do not know where he is buried."Woman: "Yanka Kupala in Minsk is buried in the Military Cemetery. There is a monument."Man: "I’m not sure.’s Hard to say. I think somewhere here, close. At Minsk district — that’s for sure. And where, I do not know."Guy: "I do not know."Woman: "It is hard to say, I do not know. I heard about it, but I do not remember."Guy: "Yeah, I know. Near the cemetery are Kozlova street. Buried there and Yanka Kupala."Lady: "Oh Yanka Kupala almost

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If the Belarusian-Russian affairs were better — at the moment, or 15 years ago?

Man: "It is hard to say. Necessary to analyze everything. I think even 5 years were reversed warm enough business, not like at the moment. This economic and political confusion."Man: "Fifteen years ago, things were better. At the moment, a very complex political situation. And this tension affects. A was thenof easier. "Man: "Fifteen years ago. Then there was the friendship and brotherhood, and at the moment between our countries the market. "Lady: "Fifteen years ago, it was better. Now prepyadstviya gas and fuel. "Reporter: "Fifteen years ago, were established diplomatic relations between Belarus and Russia. If the Belarusian-Russian affairs

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Ended opposition delegation visit to Germany

Summing up the trip, one of the co-chairs of the Political Council of 4 united democratic forces Vintsuk Vyachorka in an interview Radio Liberty said:"We basically had to hear from the main figures that define the eastern policy of Germany, and their desire to build Belarus in European civilization, values, economic — and eventually political — the family of nations.Fundamentally also that persists fundamentally German position regarding the release of political prisoners, the democratization of the electoral law and practice for the harassment of political activity.There will also develop the German, European decrypt the message to the government and the

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Presentation of the ABC Night in Minsk — photo report

Victor Shalkevich hurry to leave Grodno, but managed to sing a few songs. Recorded on the disc 5 of his satirical mini-plays.Pavel Morozov read about the dying of the printed word, and the ability to give literature new technologies.Misha Anempadistov for "Night ABC" wrote his poems, many of which were texts of favorite rock songs. But he decided to limit the presentation of funny stories.Sergei Balakhonov read an excerpt from a new work on behalf of the teacher, which is surrounded on all sides starshaklyasnits temptation.Adam Globe examines the list of creators on the CD "Night ABC." Specifically, he suggested

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Requests from Belarus Russian mutual respect

And in dealing with the minister of foreign affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov, and later, during a conversation with Alexander Lukashenko, the head of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov emphasized: Our homeland is ready to create the union of the country with Belarus.Though what Russian President will "integrator" According to Lavrov, at least some of the RF President will work for integration with the adjacent Belarus.Belarusian management divides the idea of building the Union Countries (by the way, last year the union process was 10 years old), but with certain unguarded.That’s what Alexander Lukashenko said:"We are always committed to the

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KGB acts against young activists in Pinsk

Already several days BPF members and the organization "Youth BPF" work as volunteers in Pinsk in the cemetery down the street Measured.For order on the grave Skirmunt — police harassmentChairman of the Department of the BPF Alexander Romanovich reports that even here watching them:"We walked on the grave Skirmunt. Already after, justweighed wreaths, we stopped a police car. Came a police lieutenant. He said that in the adjacent village of unknown stole large. We suspected this Tipo. What does he need to rewrite all of our families. "But that claims harassment by the KGB Dmitry Bodevicha:"Calling offer encounter. As if

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UNFPA: Belarusian people live longer than in Russia and Ukraine

In the U.S., men live on average 75 years old, and the ladies — 80. In countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark, these characteristics are, respectively, 77-78 and 82-84 years.In Russia, the average life of boys is 58.7 years. They live 16 years less than the representatives of their sex in the United States. Russian ladies also live almost nine years less than American.Ukraine ladies live on average 72.5 years, and men — 60.5.In Belarus, these characteristics are, respectively, 74 and 63. So makarom Belarus men live 12 years less than in the U.S., and the ladies at

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Hugo Chavez will visit Belarus

According to BELTA, negotiations take place in the narrow first, and then expanded. Will discuss issues of bilateral cooperation Rhone also stepping up trade and economic relations and cooperation in the energy sphere."You can expect that the leaders of both countries at the tactical level will adjust the direction of cooperation between Belarus and Venezuela. Maybe the government will propose new mutually beneficial projects," — said the Presidential Administration Belarus. Disk imaging on Russian newspaper "Kommersant" in Moscow canceled some festivities planned for the visit of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. At the last moment was canceled speech by President of

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Pinsk KGB pursues youth activists

According to the activist, the other day he got a call from the KGB, and offered to come in for an interview. And even earlier intelligence officer visited enterprises where the guy threatened him with dismissal. As it turns out, harassment by law enforcement agencies face in Pinsk and other public activists.