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Increasing pressure on priests and believers

Of the Presidential Administration and the Ministry of Interior waits for a response Natalia Lukasik. Mother of three kids do not ask, and asks officials not razbivats her family. "When we got married, then had the right to choose the country in which we live. After Poland enters the EU. But a conscious decision was elected Belarus. Will educate kids on there own native language. In the Belarusian historical heritage. That’s it. And suddenly such a baseless, totally groundless decision Myadel police department … "Jaroslaw Lukasik warned that up to June 7th should leave Belarus. Prerequisite for such solutions is

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The Consulate of the European Commission delayed

Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov in response RL marked than on the views of the authorities should deal with the new cabinet: "This is, first, the energy sphere. And many others in which mutual cooperation intrigued to obvious and even impartial. This — transit, border infrastructure, international crime, including trafficking. Well, and, of course, security environment. " Browser international portal «Wider Europe» Roman Jacob pays attention to the fact that the official Belarusian authorities to bypass the difficulties of democracy and Human Rights in Belarus. In his view, the authorities wish to limit the activities of the consulate, that has

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In Minsk there were leaflets calling to come to Independence Square

On the ground near the building in Minsk Philharmonic youth activists attached several leaflets calling to come to Independence Square on May 23 at 12:00. After that, the protesters are as follows. See also: May 20 youth arrange cleanup in the park of Friendship of Peoples

For the role of VIPs in Congress will vote separately

Member of the Political Council Anatoly Lebedko said:"Instead of each individual structure will exhibit a plus or minus. Whoever receives all the pros and will delegate to Congress."Alexander Milinkevich hopes that will be approved by the list submitted by the Council of the Belarusian intelligentsia:"It is natural that writers, painters, if they are in Congress, it is not only decorates the Congress, and it mattersit is prestigious, raises ratings for this Congress. Unfortunately, all thinking about the fight in which fractions for any place in the manual. I do not share this viewpoint. It would be shameful if not passed

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Opposition launches campaign Say Lukashenko — No!

Campaign directed against the abolition of benefits and social guarantees for the people. During the campaign, a series of pickets nationwide. PKB activist Lena Skrigan said that Mengarvykanam filed an application to hold a picket in the International day of protection of kids. The same shares will be held in regional centers. Ms. Skrigan said:"We plan in Minsk and regional centers to hold the pickets against the abolition of social guarantees, first for kids — this kids up to 3 years, which canceled free medicines. For students and students who plan to repeal benefits for travel on public transport. And

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Freedom Night with Alexei Znatkevich. May 17

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Talk with Colonel supplies State Security Committee of Belarus Valery Kostka.• Poll: "" Are you afraid of the KGB, and why? "• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Gomel group "Gods Tower", ".2nd part:• "Regime" Belarus: where shooting is prohibited?• Poll "What was the most successful on the picture in your life?"• Prem» EPA cartoon "Shrek 3" in Minsk.• Overview of new products from the Belarusian videarynku film critic Maxim Zhbankova.• Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski• «Night rap." Verses Anastasia Kudasova.

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Unknown robbed Khamaida

Distributor-independent press revealed that kept it all with friends — that every day carry prints in the center of town from the outskirts of Vitebsk, where he lives. Now the day he opened the shed, so pick up the newspapers and magazines, and saw there empty. Unknown thieves only white-red-white umbrella, which papakinulid Boris Khamaida normally distributes independent press about "the blue house" — the house number 28 on Lenin Street. Oppositionist says that, most likely, the thieves tracked where his "composition", and picked up the keys, because the doors were not hacked. But go to the police to report

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9 weeks pregnant


Breast increases with each passing day. Nipples become darker, they may appear small nodules. This enlarged sweat glands, do not worry.


Baby grown up yet — the length of the "crown" to "buttocks" of about 13 — 15 mm. Weight — about one gram.

This week the baby is formed cerebellum is responsible for the coordination of movements. With the help of a special device one can detecting and recording signals from the brain.

On the handle of the embryo one can distinguish between fingers. The liver begins to produce blood cells,

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Belarusian human rights activists welcomed the decision of the UN General Assembly

Vladimir Labkovich, chairman of the legal committee of the BPF Party, says that he considers it fair that such election is not held. "Since the Republic of Belarus does not meet even the lowest standards in the field of international human rights. Belarus does most of the responsibilities that it assumed in this area. That now the 17th hour was a vote on the inclusion or non-inclusion of Belarus in the UN Council on Human Rights, and at this time in Russian Minsk District Court against the organizers of the processes of "Chernobyl Way" Yuri and Valentina Zenkovich Polevikova, again

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Quote a day or May 17

"In football he plays, but it’s hard to play, because when you peel the ball, sore leg and back. Because he still tries to play the least." Daughter of political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin Julia in response to the question, whether plays her father in the bullpen in football, about than readsla superiors colony. Now Julia had a meeting with the Pope in the colony "Vitsba-3."