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A Versatile Decibel Meter

A decibel meter is an instrument I to measure levels of input signal(s) in decibel units. The main areas of application of decibel meters are audio level indicators, record level indicators, spectrum analysers and the like.

The circuit shown here provides a resolution of 20 steps. Although the steps are linear, they are calibrated with corresponding decibel value so that it suits lost of the requirements.

The circuit is shown in Fig. 2. It is based on IC LM3914 integrated circuit intended for bar graph generator circuits. The IC has 11 op-amps, out of which one is used for buffering

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20 years of «Milandr»

The company was founded in 1993 in the city of Zelenograd.

For two decades, «MILANDR» managed to do very much. Today the company has its own design center, carrying out all the steps needed to create a competitive integrated circuits: the idea of ​​the customer — up to series production. In the arsenal of «MILANDR» — a new sborochnoizmeritelnoe production, equipped with high-tech equipment from leading manufacturers, as well as a test Technical Center Microdevices, design center providing the necessary measurements, test data, removable parameters. Annual multiplication of scientific and technological potential and gaining new experiences leads to the

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2. egoism: WHAT WEIGHED?

A sign of high self-esteem — self-love, which is to be shown constantly. However, this is a case where the number of counts. The excess of selfishness hurts as much as the lack of it. In any situation. For example…

At acquaintance.

Women who have low self-esteem and ego (we call them conditional DOE) rarely get to know yourself. Feel the stress and, even if the person they like, do not offer to meet, to exchange phones. Then worry blamed himself that missed the opportunity to communicate. Those who have an excessive amount of selfishness (SE), are not familiar with.

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October 2nd, 2008 the General Director of JSC «SCHLZ» MA Waxman turned 76 years

Dear Max Aizikovich!

The team Scherbinsky Elevator Plant congratulates you on your 76th anniversary!

We sincerely welcome the opportunity to evaluate the significance of this day of your contribution to the achievement of the elevator industry. We say thank you for having spared no effort, time, health and all the best years you have dedicated work to the benefit of our factory.

We are proud of you and love you.

History Scherbinsky Elevator Plant — the flagship of the Russian lift business — is inextricably linked with your name since the mid ’70s, when you come here to work as

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What’s special about the abacus dish?

The Abacus Beads is a classic Hakka dish consisting of tiny chewy dough balls made from yam (or taro) that resemble the abacus seeds of the traditional Chinese calculating device. It is surprisingly underrated; not many people have heard of this dish until it made a comeback a few years ago, and it has since become a must-order dish at Hakka restaurants.

Hakka cuisine is generally known for its earthiness and

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100 years since the birth of Sergei Yesenin.

When there was no trace of his «chosen» a different format, its three-, five- and even six-volume wide scientific commentary, his poems were copied by hand in notebooks cherished, were learned, passed on from generation to generation, sung to a guitar and accordion sometimes clumsy, but very sincere admirers loved Russian talent. And heard on the bench in the villages, «Maple Oh my dear …» And came the shrill of the city parks: «I have never been on the Bosphorus …» And in a war, many remember when wet and cold trenches rolled up to the heart blind desperation,

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This house’s design philosophy of contemporary minimalism simultaneously reflects a sense of detachment

Sumie is an ancient Asian art form of pen and ink drawing. It is minimalistic, comprising the fewest brush strokes in monochrome to capture the essence of a subject. Sumie paintings are characterised by the contrast of dark and light and the vast empty spaces left in their composition. The pictorial emptiness represents the Buddhist philosophy of detachment while the brush strokes capture feelings visually.

Ashish Patel, Nikhil Patel and Vasudev Shcta of Ace Associates wittingly turned this Anand house into a giant canvas that creatively expresses

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May 16-18, 2013. «Crocus Expo» held the sixth International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia. The exhibition pro — vodilas in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation and allows demonstrating military products.

Russian helicopter — one of the few sectors of the domestic engineering industry, which is in the progressive development. Vice — Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov, opening the first exhibition in 2008, then expressed the hope that it will give impetus to the development of the market of helicopters. Over the years, the exhibition HeliRussia Russian helicopter production growth was 55%. At this rate of growth and the existing volume of demand, the task set before the — lead to the 2015 annual output of helicopters to 450-500 cars doable.

The current exhibition opened, Vice — Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Director

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After a lifetime of big cities, Kevin O’Grady finds himself in a village, with no traffic lights and a population of around 5 000. He contemplates what took him there, and what makes him stay.

Clean mountain air. Crime-free living. Serenity. Peace and quiet. No traffic. A sense of community. Breathtaking scenery. An exquisite conservation area right on your doorstep. White winters, splendid autumns and springs, and agreeable summers. Love.

I can come up with a list as long as my arm of possible reasons to choose to live in a village like Clarens in the eastern Free State, which

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Interior designer Fox Daniels is not afraid to use big colours in small spaces. We step inside her gorgeously Bohemian city crash pad.

When designer Fox Daniels lived in Paris, she fitted out her tiny city apartment like “a jewellery box” She has taken a similar approach to her Hollywood Road pied-a-terre slash office, thinking through every inch of the 800-sq-ft space in order to adapt to the limited confines.

“I wanted to create the idea of a loft,” she tells IIJ, as she sits in her beautifully re-upholstered pink chaise longue. First, she knocked the walls out of the

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