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Bobruisk: pickets for liberation A.Kozulin not allowed

City Council explained its decision by the fact that where had pass pickets, very crowded, and the protesters Tipo would prevent people to walk.One-party Alexander Kozulin going for 5 days, from 4 to 8 July, hold pickets 2-areas Bobruisk — Lenin and the Central. Pickets are timed to the anniversary of conclusion favorite Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk), the former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin.Recall that on June 26 Mogilev City Executive Committee also not allowed to hold the pickets local friends of the Social Democratic Party "Hulk."Mogilev pickets for liberation Kozulin not allowed, 26.06.2007 In Bobruisk filed an application for

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People on Freedom

On the new economic conditionsIvan Snapkou, Gomel:"Something I do not notice those Chertovskih consequences, about which so much had read after the New Year, when our country has raised the price of gas and oil. Thus, prices in stores gradually grow, but they grew before. A dollar rate — in one place . And ice rinks as we built and continue to build.Certainly, our opposition, as usual, all summarized, issued wish for reality.Lukashenko — intelligent and farsighted politician, he calculated the probable consequences in advance and prepared for market. We, for example, has long been paying for gasoline is more

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In the House of Writers Olga Ipatova Anatoly Sidorevich Severin Kwiatkowski

LITPRATSESOlga Ipatova "come to the graves of freedom fighters""Freedom to the last breath" — the so-called newcomer Olga Ipatovoj book. It includes travel essay writer. But this is not just a literary notes of memories coming, and notes about the final resting place of public figures of culture and history and the fighters for freedom and independence of Belarus. This book — a special state necropolis visiting writer who encourages readers own. With Olga says our correspondent Ipatovoj Valentine Aksak.Valentine Aksak: "Olga, genre own recent book you have chosen not just travelers notes, and invites the reader directly for the

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Or revoke regulations sun or punish the guilty

Statement by the Prosecutor General has taken the political council of the United Democratic Forces of Belarus.Personal responsibility for beating people on September 16 favorite opposition conferred on the Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Misha Pavlov, who personally was on the stocks, and the Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov."We need to put some point, either to cancel the two rulings Supreme Court Belarus, under which the signatures of the chairman of Sun Sukala Valentine and his then deputy, and now — the President of the Constitutional Court of Belarus, the sovereign Miklashevich. In these documents, written in black and

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End quote: 23.06.2007-29.06.2007

"I’m so independent, as it may be, to defend the country’s interests, besides, is the managing party and a deputy.", Owed, the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, was appointed special representative of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry in talks with the European institutions — in an interview with "Freedom." "The program Kalinowski obviously not designed for classroom training programmers or economists, on the other participants would not store the database for organizing terrorist attacks … Preparing militants in a European country — very specific occupation. Hence zasakrechanasts Kalinouski disk imaging and demand control applets Jan Malitsky not disseminate its results.

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Freedom Night with Olga Karatkevich. June 29

Part 1:• News Digest forward to. • Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski• Talking with a friend about the political council of the Joint» civilian party Lyudmila Grjaznova.• In Minsk ended presentation "Night ABC"2nd part:• stroyotryadah BRYU will work in the European Union• Poll: Should the democratic countries to employ members of the Youth Union?• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." "Polotsk notebook."• Anthology "Night ABC". Yugasya Kolyada.

Artur Finkevich builds agro Dawn

This weekth Artur Finkevich remained favorite news midst of political prisoners. It began with that special settlement in Mogilev, where they hold Finkievich, he made the remark. For that, after rebound out of the room. Arthur states that went to the neighbors to ask for medication. In this special settlement dubbed a day or breach regulations and warned that henceforth even for minor violations Finkievich send to the colony. In this case, the oppositionist threatens three years."We divided the 10 meters"Second news role Artur Finkevich was his meeting with Alexander Milinkevich. On June 28, a favorite of the "For Freedom"

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Presentation ended with Night ABC

Reporter: "Presentation" ABC Night "takes place in an atmosphere neprymusovay: placed tables, hall resembles a true cabaret. Triumph is one of the compilers of" Night ABC "Alexei Znatkevich:"Please, all of you, for all the people!"Presenter Alexei ZnatkevichVera Burlak (Jeti) — nachytvala poem for the first marketing video "ABC Night" with the baby in her arms, came to the presentation with her son Constantine, and read new poems written on behalf of the kids, and my mother, preparing to give birth:"From the series" 10 children "," Recently. "Stick out of the tower, as if nails with turnover thin boards. Usvoyu I

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BRYU construction crew will work in the European Union

In Russian the time was a special distribution list: where and how many students bring to work. Under the auspices of the Komsomol was SBA system — system of student groups. At present Belarus revives Russian heritage — the student system units. Resuscitation experience then charged Belarusian Republican Youth Union.Today Belarusian construction crew not much than resemble Russian — perhaps only as deputy commander for ideology. For example, in the Minsk regional headquarters BRYU Radio Liberty told studotryady in Minsk region essentially no or student. There recruit students and vocational school students and sent to clean the area to help

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Saturday at Freedom

Morning 6:00 * replay of the webcast on Friday from 18.00. 6:30 * Guest on "Freedom" — Your questions answered with political scientist Vladimir headrest. 7:00 * replay of the webcast on Friday from 19.00. 7:30 * "Examination of Freedom"- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in the second time makes a visit to Belarus. Friendship based on what 2-countries? What are the prospects of military-technical cooperation 2-states? Or effective Belarusian-Venezuelan economic projects? These questions are at the round table discussions are "Expertise" Liberty "international observer" Nasha Niva "Sergey Bogdan and chief editor of the online newspaper" Solidarity "Alexander Starikevich. 7:45 *

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