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Curse of the F-22 or blatant incompetence?

  F-22 Pilot Jeffrey Haney, crashed on November 16, 2010 Weird cough is already very long pursues highly maneuverable aircraft pilots ultramodern F-22 after each flight. This is puzzling at first, and later used to. Evenly, with increasing numbers of cars and flight intensity, we add to this dizziness and partial loss of orientation in space. Were noted several cases where even during the run-up to the runway the aircraft at one point changed direction and rested on trees or buildings airfield. In 3 cases, pilots at one point lost orientation came to himself only in unsafe proximity to land

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Yak-130 has always come from the spin

This aircraft is recognized by the international prototype of the best professional training and military equipment As of September this year, 34 new Russian training planes (TCB) Yak-130 arrived in Borisoglebsk Higher Military Aviation School Chkalov. First edition, prepared for these CF, held this year. Students confirmed that the car is ordinary in the management and operation, and its just a master. «Experts have tried and made the plane» learning party «- while student does not meet the sequence of actions required annotation or control of the flight manual, the upcoming piloting his plane does not allow itself gives a

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Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS)

What is it?

In some diseases (systemic lupus erythematosus [70%] cases, systemic scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, malignancy, chronic infections, etc.) developed antibodies capable of attacking phospholipids — components of cell membranes. Attached to the vessel walls, platelets, directly entering the blood coagulation reaction, such antibodies to phospholipids lead to the development of thrombosis.

Moreover, some researchers believe that perhaps direct "toxic" effects of this antibody on body tissues. The complex is manifested with symptoms called antiphospholipid syndrome (APS), and in 1994, at the International Symposium for antibodies to phospholipids were asked to call APS Hughes syndrome (Hughes) — on behalf

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«Sea Jet»-experimental vessel (AESD)

«Sea Jet» — Experimental vessel (AESD) bylo postroeno shipyard Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes, Washington. Ship (AESD) was baptized August 24, 2005. The ceremony was accomplished at the Center for acoustic research in the Bayview. Chief of Naval research Rear Admiral Jay M. Cohen spoke at the christening. Sponsor vessel Kathleen Harper, wife of Thurman Harper, vice president of engineering for the company’s Rolls-Royce, the tradition broke a bottle of champagne on fortshteven. Ships of named «Sea Jet». Elaboration and follow-on research project funded by the Office of Naval research (ONR). Essentially, this is reduced (1:4) model class destroyers «Zumbalt»

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FIGHTER F-35 are still faced with organizational and technical problems

  Fighter F-35 Lockheed Martin’s graduated more than a third of planned flight tests, but as before encounters with neuvvyazkami helmet Pilot system, software development and integration of weapons, according to a Pentagon report of 18 pages. Now this report agency Reuters.   In 2012, the number of flight tests and special tests onboard systems exceeded the planned schedule, but still remain some old prepyadstviya newly identified and fixed bugs. Within applets made more than 20 thousand special test structures and equipment, but you must perform another 40 thousand tests.   Lockheed Martin is building three versions of the aircraft

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Against the U.S. scrap no reception Syrian

Air campaign against the regime of Bashar al-Assad will be more like the impunity beating than the military campaign Currently in Russian and global media publications shaft just about impending military campaign of the United States against Syria. Counted the number and types of aircraft, cruise missiles sounded TTX sea or air, lists various aeronautical lesions are forecasts beginning and development of military conflict (mostly very long life). Professionals listed numerous forces and air defenses available to Bashar al-Assad, serviceable Air Force planes armed forces of Syria and sometimes concludes: Syrian regime is able to give a powerful rebuff a

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Anticytokine therapy for psoriasis

In no other disease except for psoriasis have been introduced into medical practice as many different means and methods of treatment. Preparations were tried mercury and phosphorus, iodine, arsenic, sulfur, tar, salicylic acid, carbolic, lactose and hematherapy, insulin, and antiarrhythmics.

Modern tools and techniques of a total treatment of patients with psoriasis include photochemotherapy (FHT, PUVA therapy), methotrexate, cyclosporin A, aromatic retinoids, corticosteroids.

PUVA therapy

The first reports on the application of FHT in the treatment of patients with psoriasis have appeared in the literature in 1974-75. The method of treatment is that the patient ingests or

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Truxtun — U.S. Navy destroyer entered the Black Sea on the teachings

South American guided missile destroyer with a weapon Truxtun entered the Dark Sea, where apprehend role in joint with Romania and Bulgaria teachings and actions of security, reports the U.S. Navy.   «In the Black Sea ship to visit the port and plan in advance the planned maneuvers with allies and partners,» — said in a statement, according to RIA Novosti.   Navy emphasize that the campaign was planned before the events in Crimea — even before the destroyer from a base in the United States. The ship is part of a carrier strike group led by the aircraft

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Aorto-coronary bypass surgery, or surgery presidents

It just so happened that the treatment of various diseases are beginning to be discussed in the press only when in the hands of doctors gets a celebrity worldwide. The next "culprit" spike genuine interest in cardiac surgery has become Ex-President United States Bill Clinton (Bill Clinton), lain 7 September 2004 on the operating table at Columbia University.

This is not exotic, but rather the bulk operation aorto-coronary bypass grafting (CABG, coronary artery bypass operation — Eng.) made such a well-known politician, instantly becoming the world number one news. And the fact that this surgery safely carry several

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Tomorrow Russian military space: it will

On the Russian Cosmos soon adopted read in the past tense, remembering the glory and success of past times and paying attention to just a day or current woes. Yet, of cosmic Russian programm is very ambitious and, as in the beginning of space exploration, first associated with military needs. It develops and makes its first successes. These successes, maybe not so noticeably as flights to other planets, but they have tremendous value for the future of our country. That’s why the current sample silent merit and drown them in a stream of negativity, replicable based on individual failures —

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