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Paul Seviarynets: Being a Belarusian — moral standard

- Belarusian national idea — essentially Christian. The question "For what we, Belarusians live as a civilization?" Not haunted, surely, each nationally conscious Belarusians. We heard about the different projects of the Belarusian national idea. Russian. Litvinsky. Pagans. Russian. Present red-green …But, my eyes, they delve into the most sartsaviny — Belarusian national idea. There is the usual method to find it. This is — look around, analyze the entire thousand-year history of Belarus. And if you do that, it becomes clear: the absolute majority of prominent Belarusians, the vast majority of historically important cases were unique Belarusian-Christian. And practically

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M.Zaleski: cancellation of preferences we will lose half a billion dollars

Zaleski: "The decision was made, and not in our favor. It’s very dramatic things happen. Competing such — not for people management. And through solving their own interests makes people worse. It just so I tract, so as» ; impartially I’ll take a pretty penny, others will be taken. "Reporter: "What are the real consequences for the country will be canceled if the June 21 trade benefits?"Zaleski: "In economics, everything is connected. This modern globalized economy. These floorbillion dollars, that we, in general, not immediately, not in the first day and by the end of the year to lose, these

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Your choice: more readable materials Friday

First P.Sheremet: "Belarusian revolution will take place in two steps" Second in the list of persons against whom sanctions extended, son Viktor Lukashenko 3rd Vintsuk Vyachorka: "In Shklou — political sweep!" As the fourth in Belarus popularize national cuisine? 5th K. Shatsikava: "It turns out that the tribunal is not safe to go with the children"

1 week of pregnancy


Even before you've learned that you are pregnant, your organism began to prepare for a new life. This work does not begin at conception, but much earlier, during the the last menstrual period. It is from this period (the first day the last menstrual period) And starts the pregnancy calendar.

Your organism preparing one of the eggs to fertilize. This work he does every month, and it takes about two weeks, after which ovulation occurs (yield mature egg to the uterus).


UN Council going to exclude Belarus from blacklist

As the news agency Reuters, despite the fact that the vote will take place today, the Cuban delegation yesterday celebrated the victory. In the process of working out a compromise with Russia, Cuba, China, Muslim countries, expressed its support for the abolition of Belarus claimed mandate of the Special Rapporteur in this country. Side so called "Eastern most" Rada sounded another critic in the address Rapporteur Adrian Severin. Stated that on the basis of these reports creates an inaccurate recollection of the state of human rights in young countries and implemented measures against infidels of their governments.As the representatives of

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EU deprived Belarus trade preferences

According to him, Belarus is not fully respect the rights of workers and labor laws the International Labour Organization, whereby all workers have the right to unionize and bargain collectively wage agreement with employers, reports "AP same."Standard rates will relate in some places 10% of Belarusian productsIn this regard, imports from Belarus from June 21 will be subject to standard European imported customs duties. They are 3 percent higher preferred rates that Belarus enjoys the moment. In practice, under the standard rates will fall about 10 percent of Belarusian imports EU countries. This concerns, in the main, products of chemical

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Poll: Belarusians are going to do a directive number 3?

Lady: "We pay on the counter. My kids are saving, and just light in the house is burning. "Lady: "We were so far is not affected. And for the future, if we build that savings need, then we will save. "Woman: "I’m not going to save. If I’m put off by the light, that will still be with my vision."Man: "Whole world save because they comfortably. But it is not must to harm the health, safety and the environment. If there is a reasonable, rational, which corresponds to these positions, how ordinary, reasonable person, I will keep these principles. But

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Belarus — the second case of deprivation of preferences after Burma

Yarashuk: "It was clear that Peter Mandelsan in Lately This statement was made, since it is not every day and every year the decision influential European framework perceives and if read precisely — it is only one day in Burma, where a military dictatorship reigns and where there is a fortress work. Belarus — this second case.I, too, I can tell about great regret that it happened, but for sure at the moment there is a need to focus specifically on how to than did Peter Mandelsan own statement at the end of that June 21 no catastrophe happens. Entry

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EU threatens to exit from the UN Council on Human Rights

So called "Eastern" most grouped around China, the Russian Federation and the Islamic countries, insists on the abolition of the post of special rapporteur on a similar and duplicate checks (every four years) of all 192 UN member states. In turn, the Western bloc believes that troubled countries should be checked more often. EU representatives expressed their concern that the majority will still spend their proposals.Severin report on Belarus outraged "non-aligned countries"As reported by Swiss media controversy and debate erupted after a speech today at the Geneva session of the UN Special Rapporteur on Belarus Adrian Severin. He noted that

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In Minsk, clearing the site for the capital construction business

"Moscow House" is meant to raise up the middle in 2008 not far from the hotel "Minsk", in place of the low post-war buildings. End of May 1st of their urgent evicted Center of extracurricular activities at the Minsk Central District Board.Lukashenka: "Moscow House" — this jewel of the Belarusian capital "In a festive opening ceremony of the memorial sign at the construction site "Moscow House" participated Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and the capital’s mayor Yuri Luzhkov. The Belarusian leader gave a positive assessment of the capital project. Speaking about the future of "Moscow House", he expressed the hope that

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