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Israel has shown a new draft of the corvette

Company «Israeli shipyard» showed a new draft of the corvette «Saar S-72″, which will be the largest ship in the company’s history. Corvette will have a displacement of 800 tons, will be able to carry one helicopter and construction of the first «Saar S-72″ may end in two years. Details leads Jane’s Corvette project «Saar S-72″ by the publication of disk imaging is a development project «Saar 4.5″, which belongs to the class missile boats. The length of the new ship is 72 meters (61.7 against), and displacement will grow almost doubled, from 450 to 800 tons. Increased size will

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Shock and Awe for Assad

Americans are waging war on a template, the template is always different from their Konstantin Sivkov U.S. military threats and their allies in Syria adresok sound louder. Barack Obama has declared its readiness to strike even without UN sanction. Manage Turkey with all this is not just focused on a limited impact, and full-scale invasion on the role of the Army. Configured for military anger Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Jordan provided its area to accommodate groups of American troops. For the U.S. invasion have all the necessary military-strategic bridgehead. Yankees chances to obtain the consent of the Security Council of

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Anorgasmia — the lack of a woman's orgasm (sexual satisfaction) during intercourse.

What's going on?

There are three degrees of anorgasmia:

-1 — lack of orgasm, although the sexual act and is accompanied by pleasant sensations;-2 — sexual act indifferent, sexual arousal and satisfaction are not available;-3 — sexual intercourse unpleasant, accompanied by painful sensations.

There are two kinds of anorgasmia: primary and secondary.

Aboutprimary anorgasmia say, in cases where the woman had never experienced an orgasm in any type of stimulation.

Secondary anorgasmia is a disorder in which a woman ceases to have an orgasm,

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CHINA counteract U.S. intelligence activities from their shores

China urged the United States to end its intelligence activities in their own coastal waters, reports now In the past 10 years, China vigorously opposes U.S. intelligence activities of ships and aircraft. South American media report that the South American intelligence ships often become encounter on the high seas with the actions of Chinese fishing boats that are «deliberately stand in their way, especially in the evening.» From time to time engaged in persecution Chinese warships and aircraft. It is reported that this practice resembles cool times of war between the USSR and the United States, even when their

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Deliveries UDC «Mistral» in Russia can disrupt the balance of power in the Far East, the Japan Defense

In the Land of the Rising Sun are concerned about the agreement between Moscow and Paris on the supply of Russian 2-amphibious assault ships (UDC) of «Mistral».   This June 2, 2013 in Singapore, said the Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera talks with his French officer Jean-Yves Le Drianom have passed «in the fields» Forum Governing military departments of the Asia-Pacific region in the so-called «Shangri-La Dialogue.»   This was told ARMS-TASS.   «This decision upsets the balance of forces in the Far East», — I. Onodera allocated.   In the current time on the French shipyard in Saint-Nazaire is

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Anorexia and bulimia

By eating disorders include anorexia nervosa (Not eating), andbulimia nervosa (Gluttony). According to Western psychiatric eating disorders most often affect women. Psychiatric disorders are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa have a direct impact on the physical health of the patient, leads to serious violations of physical condition of the patient.

Emerging with anorexia nervosa exhaustion and decreased immunity contribute to the development of infectious diseases (tuberculosis, pneumonia) that can lead to fatal outcomes. The lethality incidence anorexia nervosa than 20%. It is therefore important as early as possible to begin treatment. Initiative should show similar ill, because the

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The Pentagon is lobbying the F-35 in South Korea

  Last Pentagon chief Bill Cowan met behind closed doors with the Minister of Defense of South Korea’s Kim Kwang-jin. Taking into account the current situation in Korea and the imminent entry of a new president in office, South Korean newspaper «Jungang Ilbo» suggested that the Yankees tried to exert pressure on Seoul in order to assure Washington won the tender for the purchase of fighter jets and drones for the South Korean Air Force. Recall that the South Korean government under the Air Force’s own re-announced a tender for the supply of 60 new combat vehicles. Korea for a

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In Russia, as in many other countries around the world, Antibiotics without a prescription. And if on the one hand, this makes them easier to use, thenother- Because of normal human carelessness — only contributes to the development of resistance to them at various pathogens. Most drugs are treated like children especially hypochondriac parents. They feel that the temperature that lasts a few days — a tragedy. For a long time it is no secret that the cause of many diseases are microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Antibacterial drugs work only on bacteria. So use them, such as

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Possible scenario for a new confrontation

Not so long ago in northern Israel ended final mezhvoyskovye staff exercises the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), which worked out methods and options of simultaneous warfare on the Lebanese and Syrian fronts. This week took part in the exercises heads of the Ministry of Defence, General Staff officers, Land Forces, Air Force, Navy, Northern Area headquarters, commanders and permanent replacement units. Focused on the organization of interaction of various arms of the experience of operations in Lebanon and Gaza. In particular, painstakingly honed interaction of intelligence, armor, infantry and artillery units, air force and navy, logistics and communications, medicine and

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Antibiotics for sore throat

Modern approach to treatment of acute tonsillitis (angina) is as follows. Antibiotics should be used in well-defined cases where the objective methods (bacteriological examination of throat swab) confirmed that the causative agent of the disease is bacteria. In practice, antibiotics are used unnecessarily broad, often without a doctor's prescription, based on their own ideas about the proper treatment of the patient or on the advice of the employee pharmacy, including in cases of viral tonsillitis and pharyngitis. This leads to the fact that bacteria become resistant to antibiotics. Thus, in Russian resistance (stability) A beta-hemolytic streptococcus A to

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