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Sharpening talons

Anatolian Eagle 2013-2 (or ‘Anadolu Kartali’ in Turkish), at Konya from June 10 to 20, was the latest training exercise in a long-running series hosted by the Türk Hava Kuvvetleri (Turkish Air Force). Three Anatolian Eagle exercises take place there each year for Turkey’s and NATO air forces to sharpen their war-fighting skills.

First held in 2001, Anatolian Eagle was conceived and arranged to mirror the US Air Force’s Red Flag exercises. It aims to verify and evaluate the combat readiness of the Turkish AF’s tactical flying units and its capability to manage the development of tactical air training, and

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Share creative photo messages with friends

Use Wacom’s Bamboo Loop app to draw on your photos and share them with others

When you’re taking photos on your smartphone, it’s easier than ever to share them with friends and family.

There’s always the opportunity to post them to social networks directly from your device, but sometimes your favourite photos are the ones you might only want to share with one or two people. Fortunately, photo sharing apps like Wacom’s Bamboo Loop are designed to solve this exact problem, allowing you to take any photos you’ve shot, draw on designs and annotate them, and then send them to

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Share a collection of your shots on SlickPic.

Giue your best images the exposure they deserve.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of capturing a head-turning shot. While you’re learning the ropes of photography, that feeling will occur more and more often as your skills constantly improve. But it’s a huge shame to get so much satisfaction from taking a photo without sharing the beauty of it with other people. When you’ve got something to shout about, why not tell the world?

This is where the photo-sharing website can help you out. It’s completely free to sign up to and provides you with a versatile and intuitive

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Shaping dreams.

Today when the design of most offices is based on minimalism and functionality, Hablani Architects have redefined the workplace as a place that will induce maximum productivity. Their own office is a direct result of this mantra. Modernism and functional components mesh seamlessly with comfortable and comforting features to lend this space a sense of serenity and make for a relaxed state of mind.

Located in the busy Narayan Kothi Square, the four stored building, where the office occupies the top two floors, is placed on a triangular plot. A common lift and staircase lead you to the reception room,

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Shaker Maker

To the fore on two rock’n’roll classics and more besides, the late Joe Moretti was one of British pop’s ‘guitarist’s guitarists’. Profile by Alan Clayson.

Prior to British beat music’s subjugation of the planet in the mid-1960s, only a handful of native recordings were really on a par with anything in the annals of US classic rock. Among these were Vince Taylor’s Brand New Cadillac and Shakin’ All Over from Johnny Kidd. Each song lived in their riffs – and the guitarist who played both of them was Joe Moretti, a man who rippled across the decades as an influence

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It was the high ceilings and large rooms that attracted Charlie King to a run-down property round the corner from her flat in southwest London 18 months ago. ‘My partner Andrew and I saw past the dated decor and the strange layout,’ says Charlie, ‘and immediately had ideas about how we could change things around. We wanted to be able to put our own stamp on things.’


Keen to gain an extra bedroom and a proper garden, the couple got down to planning and decided on a layout that would suit them and daughter Honor, 11. ‘We

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The Monster Energy MX Nationals circus hit the Raymond Terrace MX Central facility in preparation for the 2013 season. It was a chance for teams to have a hit-out on the track that will host the first round of the 2013 season and for the media to see the teams in action. Promoter Kevin Williams officially introduced the 2013 series with a press conference before the teams took to the track for the first time. Monster Energy Kawasaki debuted its new-look machines as well as new rider Adam Monea. Jay

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Shady gardens

What to plant in a shady garden is only a dilemma if it isn’t thought through properly.

Many options exist when it comes to manipulating the amount of shade in your garden. But, how shady is the area to start with? Obviously, a shady garden is one with limited light. Solid shade, where light is quite dim, is often caused by tall buildings and walls, and is common in urban areas with high-density housing. Tall screening shrubs and hedging, or all-weather pergolas, also create low light conditions. Such garden areas are often in shadow for most of the day.


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Кто делает эту игру — вопрос неоднозначный, и простым смертным узнать ответ вряд ли удастся. Даже сама фирма Acclaim, которая собирается публиковать Shadow Man, по­хоже, имеет на этот счет сомне­ния, и в разных местах называет разработчиков то Acclaim Studios — Stockton, то Iguana UK. Если это и в самом деле Iguana (помните милую ящерку на зас­тавке Turok и Turok 2?), то нас вполне может ждать Зрелище с большой буквы.

До выпуска осталось немно­го, летом наш «теневичок» (Shadow Man) должен появиться на прилавках, но детали пока известны скорее описа­тельного характера, чем техни­ческого. Главное разочарова­ние — пожалуй, «третье лицо». Особых трюков и

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Transform your patio into a first-class luxury oasis with an automated shade sail.

C4sun strives to provide you with the best possible functionality every day with its extensive range of automatic shade sail systems. The company insists on using only first-class materials and the best production processes to ensure you get many years of enjoyment from your shade sail.

The electrically-furling shade sail systems are custom-manufactured and provide high-quality solutions for protection against the sun and rain, all year round. This new-release product, engineered and manufactured in Germany, is now available in Australia for the first time.

Every sail system

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