Июнь 2009
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«Boeing» looks to the future. As helicopters will look in 2030?

«Boeing» looks into future. As helicopters will look in 2030?

Not so long ago in Washington, DC company «Boeing» The images shown, which depicts four helicopters, presumptive release is scheduled already for 2030 year. This event came at a meeting of the American military associations (Association of the US Army's, AUSA). And although the estimated life of the publication of these helicopters a bit less than 2-decades, some of these prototypes are undergoing preliminary flight testing.

Demonstrated the first of the helicopters — high-speed general-purpose transport helicopter, which will change «MH-60 Blackhawk». Overestimated the speed and efficiency of the helicopter provides a horizontal traction screw, and small wings increasing its capacity.

For the layout of the new helicopter has served «Piasecki X-49« SpeedHawk », the creation of which began in 2007 under a contract with the U.S. Navy. At the current time «SpeedHawk» participates in the program of flight tests.

The outlines of the coming of the second helicopter familiar. Its layout served as a transport helicopter «Chinook». Is that the new helicopter, seems to have become even more capacious and more.

Active readers are also well aware of and follow-up project. He participates in the program «DARPA DiscRotor» Control promising research programs of the U.S. military. Specialists of «Boeing» at the present time working on the design of 20% of th full-featured model helicopter flying «Boeing».

And the fourth (and last) project. It is refreshed helicopter-plane «V-22 Osprey». Representatives of the company «Boeing» in the very near future, promised on this project to provide more information.