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Experiments gray aliens on Earth

Experiments "gray" aliens on Earth

In the late 40's in New Mexico are often seen UFOs. Then have been marked and frequent crash landing alien aircrafts. The most famous case — is an aircraft with the bodies of the aliens, which fell on a ranch near dawn in New — Mexico in 1947 But then began a campaign to withhold information. The next significant event occurred in 1954, when the U.S. government made contact with the so-called race "gray" aliens. They landed at the air force base "EDWARDS", where they were met by President Eyzenhaurer. There and signed an agreement, as evidenced by B. Cooper, a former officer voeno-Navy intelligence command of Admiral A. Clary. He claims that in 1972, read two government reports on concern the government of neglecting the gray of the contract.

According to the minutes of the conference and approved MAJORITY B. Cooper, the agreement states that the aliens would not interfere in our affairs, and we in turn, will not interfere in their experiments, and will keep secret the fact of their presence on our planet. According to the same agreement, the U.S. government will provide the aliens advanced technology and will not enter into similar agreements with other earthly nation. They can kidnap people for a short period of time for medical research, provided that the latter will not be harmed, and they will be returned to the same place, do not remember anything about the accident. Under the same agreement, stipulated that will be built underground bases to be used with the U.S. government and the aliens, where they will be sharing technology.

It soon became clear that violating the conditions, "gray" were abducting more people than stipulated in the agreement. Also, they have mutilated people and animals, justifying the need for the genetic material to continue their kind. Since our weapons did not go to any comparison with weapons and capabilities newcomers encouraged to maintain the appearance of friendly relations to better times. (Actually, that's what the aliens had expected. Naive to think that weapons can win a race, have mastered time and space.) But what is the problem of gray and what they want? Gray represent a descendant of one of the Martians and alien races. In the course of evolution, they have lost the emotional body and as a result, the concept of love, and all of this stems. Reproduction ceased to be a natural and desirable process. Undertaken business science, resulting in degradation of the race followed. Selfishness prevails over all, resulting in the constant conflicts and wars, eventually destroying the ecology of the planet.



The remains of the Martian race, numbering about a thousand individuals, creating a car space — time, learned to travel through time and space. Using their cars, Martians looked into the future, in our distant past, and saw the blessed planet Earth since Atlantis. Sixty-five thousand years ago, they landed on the young, the rich life of the planet and began to settle. Fifty thousand years, assimilating, they were part of the evolutionary structure of our planet. Atlanta had tremendous growth, reaching sixteen meters, but very emotional, voluptuous and good-natured. Martians, using kindness and innocence of Atlantis, tried to take the upper hand, but they were few.

However, invading our evolutionary pattern, against our will, they eventually raped Atlantis, bringing syndrome Lucifer. Although conflicts have occurred continuously for a long time everything went smoothly until sixteen thousand years ago on Earth, in the area of the current Southern California, where the majority settled Martians — not a meteorite fell. Martians had strong scientific potential to destroy the meteorite still in space, but they were prevented Atlanta, considering it interference in God's plan, and what to be, will be. As a result, a powerful explosion sent the water most of the continent and almost completely destroyed the Martians. The remains of Martians trying to save his race, talking to another alien race, called Hibru whose descendants we call — "gray."

But it's not over. Now the gray is not left alone humans. In trying to solve their problems through Earthlings, "gray" and to this day hold their experiments, not thinking about us. Even when he was in the lands of Atlantis, the Martians did an experiment, trying to rebuild the shattered meteorite car space — time, but from — for the loss of technology and adequate skill surviving Martians, the experiment is out of control, and opened other spatial levels, destroying the "Akashic Record "of our planet. As a result, formed a temporary loop. Trying to pick up out-of-control experiment, the Martians had a number of similar experiments in time: 1 million years ago, in 1943 — Philadelphia Experiment, in 1983. — Montounsky project and the last experiment in 2012. As a result of these experiments, formed a temporary loop, and while the earth civilization has 500 million years old, can be seen only from 5.5 million years before Christ until 2012.

For the same reason, the linear chronology simply does not apply, and the predictions of Nostradamus are only valid until 1972., And the development of mankind has been distorted and discarded. Since the lower limit of the breakdown is 5.5 million years old, apparently they conducted an experiment and then, but I do not know about. And today, we are under the constant supervision of aliens. Interest of humanity and the planet warmed anticipated events of universal significance. Comes the climax without us fighting aliens for the preservation of humanity and the planet Earth. With the universe were representatives of different races and entities. Alien bases scattered throughout our solar system and busy all the overtones of the coming of the continuum. Such pandemonium universe has never seen. Some came to help us at a critical moment, the other — to satisfy your interest. At times, the entire armada pronikateley different races punch overtone and visit our planet. www

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