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Great white city, floating in space. Sensitive pictures Hubble


December 26, 1994 the largest space telescope, NASA's "Hubble" has registered a huge star city, floating in space. Photos on a Web server, a telescope, for a short time made available to Internet users, but then were classified. You can easily naguglit background events. The point is — is being hidden fact of the cosmic civilization. And look at the pictures and videos. People in the know are aware that at the center of galaxies harbor supermassive black holes. Aliens can use a black hole as a gravitational perturbations for energy unimaginable scale? The authorities are afraid to disclose it, because they are powerless, why people worry for nothing.

Story from the beginning: The main telescope is a planet orbiting NASA space telescope "Hubble" opens for astronomers unprecedented horizons far space. But, along with the great discoveries, "Hubble" and presents the greatest mysteries.

In January 1995, the German astronomy magazine published a short message to which you responded immediately all the scientific, religious and popular publications of the planet. Each publisher drew the attention of his readers to a completely different aspects of the message, but the essence is the same: in the universe discovered Abode of God. December 26, 1994 in the U.S. space agency (NASA) has risen much noise.

Great white city, floating in space.

After decoding a series of images transmitted from the telescope "Hubble", the films clearly showed great white city, floating in space. NASA representatives did not wait too long to disable free access to the web server telescope, which contains all the images taken with the "Hubble" to study in various astronomical laboratories. Thus, the pictures taken from the telescope, then (and still are) highly classified for a few minutes made available to users on the web.

But nothing like this, until recently, astronomers noticed. And a clear man-made objects of galactic proportions. It is possible that the City, found "Hubble" on Christmas Day at the end of XX century, it was so desired engineering construction unknown and very powerful extraterrestrial civilization.

Size of the city are amazing. Any known object in the sky we can not compete with the giant. Our Earth is in this City would be just a grain of sand on the dusty roadside space prospectus. Where is the move and whether it is this giant? Computer analysis of a series of still images, obtained with the "Hubble", showed that the city's traffic in general coincides with the movement of the surrounding galaxy relative to the earth That is all happening in the Big Bang theory. Galaxy "scatter" redshift increases with distance, no deviations from the common law is not observed.