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The collapsing magnetic field of the Earth. Promise and peril for humanity



Despite the fact that another "end of the world", which was "appointed" by 21 December last year, and remained at the level of scary predictions and, according to many scientists, the planet is now there are processes that can carry a a significant threat to all life on Earth, as well as lead to its complete disappearance. One of these processes may be the loss of the magnetic field of the Earth, and the current data suggest that the likelihood of such a development over the years increased.

Change of poles is underway. Where will this lead?

As you know, our planet has a magnetic poles due to the peculiarities of a solid and a liquid core of the Earth. Their interaction is based on the principle of the core around which the copper wire windings lined. The impact of facilities on each other, is known to cause magnetic stimulation and the presence of a magnetic field. In the global scale such interaction ensures that the magnetic field of the Earth, which protects us from solar radiation, and is the key to having a life on it. However, scientists claim that a violation of the interaction of these two components, which occurs periodically, and has, in general, objective, leads to a significant weakening of the magnetic field, and if not, to its complete disappearance.

Across the Earth, such changes can be determined by fixing the changes of the magnetic poles. A comparison of the available evidence, the analysts in "Science" magazine "Market Leader" may indicate the beginning of the process of change of the magnetic poles of the planet. In particular, according to Professor of Geology and Geophysics, University of Oxford Conall MakNiokayla, over the last hundred years, the magnetic north pole has moved more than a thousand miles, and, in the last twenty years, he "ran" for 220 kilometers. At the same time, the main focus is drifting south. Everything indicates that the dynamics of the drift of the magnetic poles of the Earth increases, and the prospect of losing our planet's own magnetic "shield" is growing.

The consequences of the loss of the magnetic field

What can cause a loss of the magnetic field of the Earth? The consequences of this, as already mentioned above, can be catastrophic. The fact that even in the field weakening selected areas of the world have abnormal leads to various troubles. As an example the situation in Canada in 1989, when as a result of the weakening of the field to the surface of the Earth "broke" the rays of solar radiation. This led to what came out of the building electrical circuits, intermittent working relationship. Globally, the loss of the magnetic field and the effects of solar radiation will, above all, to the technological collapse. Stop working power system will disappear bond will break down communication systems. No less damaging and will impact on all life on Earth. Radiation exposure to lead and cause disease mutation, and eventually to the disappearance of mankind.

Scientists emphasize that the change of the magnetic poles of the Earth occurred at an average frequency of 500 thousand poles. It is possible that the processes of extinction of species that have existed on Earth that we know when the dying out of 50 to 90 percent of the Earth's flora and fauna have been provoked precisely such processes. However, according to one hypothesis, which is supported by the analysis of the polarization of ancient volcanic rock crystal, the last change of the poles of our planet took place about 780,000 years ago. Therefore, it is possible that began drifting poles already led to a weakening of Earth's magnetic field by 10 percent over the past 150 years, is a harbinger of more global processes, the duration of which scientists have predicted not taken, however, the period of weakening or complete loss of the magnetic poles of the Earth, can amount to several thousand years. Experts continue to monitor the magnetic field, and, quite possibly, we will soon get the new data, which can either calm or, in contrast, cause a lot of anxiety.

Rostislav White