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Important motor system SABRE Skylon spacecraft successfully passed tests

The British company Reaction Engines, a developer of motor SABRE, said that the preliminary cooling device of air entering the SABRE, tests were successful. This device is the "thin place" design, the principal component of the system.

Recall that specifically from SABRE, hypersonic воздушно-реактивного/ракетного combined with a preliminary cooling of the engine, depends on the work-ambitious spacecraft Skylon, about which much has been written previously.

The most important engine system SABRE Skylon spacecraft was successfully tested
After a successful test of the system is very advanced preparatory cooling air at the Skylon does not remain technical obstacles to implementation. What about the money side of things? (Here and below illustrate Reaction Engines.)

Embody PRE cooling supplied to the slider Air is quite difficult, as the main task, which is facing a two-stage system is to reduce the temperature in 0.01 seconds with 1000? C to -140? C. Without a cooling at the motor will not be the extraordinarily highest compression ratio by which GVRD Skylon will be able to receive power, which is necessary for the realization of flight at speeds up to M5, 5.

He graduated with a principal component of success of the tests could not draw extensive attention. So, yesterday, at an air show, held in Farnborough, David Willetts, who is the Minister for Science and institutions of the United Kingdom, spoke about a speech. Specifically, he said that the engine of the developer company Reaction Engines, can really affect the playing field, operating in the industry gallakticheskoy. Culminating in successful tests of the preparatory cooling system are proof of the highest rated motor concept, which made the Space Agency of England in 2010. The Minister also added that if one day they will use this technology for the realization of their own flight commercial purpose, it is, of course, is breathtaking on their own scale of achievement.

In saying this, not multiplies Willetts: as they say developers spacecraft Skylon, price in orbit cargo weighing one kilogram would be approximately $ 1,000. If you manage to embody everything that is planned, it really is a "fantastic achievement" for the aerospace industries of England, and for the entire population.

The most important engine system SABRE Skylon spacecraft was successfully tested
System preparatory cooling is almost that of the same volume as in general, all of the motor system SABRE.

The Minister also noted that there is little possibility that the European Space Agency will agree to fund Skylon, because England must be ready to deal with the construction of the spacecraft for the most part on its own.

But the English slider SABRE, even outside the project Skylon, causing a lot of enthusiasm, if the developers will be able to bring it, then maybe this development will be picked up by British engine manufacturers. After all, at the beginning of the hypersonic slider SABRE planned for gallakticheskogo and outside use.

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