12 most important achievements of Russia in 2011

When people talk about "Putin's Russia", skeptics often convince us that our country is not zero at the end there was no industrial achievements. This belief helped many media, which are much more likely to write about our failures than about accomplishments. Drop the "Bulava" they are interested in much more than a good start.

So with the help of a website "Made us" we've compiled 12, in our opinion, the most important events of the past year. Of course, the event was much more, but we tried to choose the most important. They are important not only in itself, it is important that each of them — this is the result of a global strategy of development of our country to achieve independence in the various areas of the economy, the development of basic industries, on the basis of which it is possible to further the economic development of Russia. While all of these events are dated one year, but it is the result of years of hard work, decisions, laws, designed and developed projects and programs.

Projects, once again, Strategic. And last year gave the first results of this long-term, and we can already say with confidence — was chosen the right path. This gives us confidence that other projects will also be completed successfully.

1. Start of commercial operation of Sukhoi SuperJet 100

How many copies was broken around this liner, predicted the collapse of the project, said that he would not be developed when it developed, shouted that will not fly when the fly, the skeptics argued that no one will buy it … In the end, all the predictions of skeptics are broken to pieces on the liner has about 200 firm orders and serial collars in full working both on Russian and international routes. Was transferred for 6 sides, the intensity of deliveries of new aircraft is growing. A few days ago a very important event happened, the plane was  first Russian passenger airliner certified in accordance c aviation regulations EASA CS-25.

Of course, not without problems, new technology, and it is clear that the operation will be problems, breakage, which provide no real operation was impossible. Operators are sensitive to this, and generally happy with the plane. Approval of skeptics that the aircraft does not meet the published specifications have not been confirmed.

2. Starting the Kalinin nuclear power plant

It is clear that the industry needs electricity and no capacity growth in the energy sector overall industry growth is impossible. That's why a few years ago it was decided to build new nuclear power plants in Russia. Now Russia is built 8 new units, and the first signs — the fourth nuclear power plant unit Kalinino, which was launched last year.

Successful is the construction of nuclear power plants and other power units. It is important that a number of nuclear power plants being built in the open field, that is, it is not optional units existing plants, and a completely new projects. For example, several construction of Baltic NPP Novovoronezh NPP-2 and others. In addition to the nuclear power plant being built in Russia a few large power plant, a lot of small hydropower plants, power plants and other power plants. Also underway modernization of energy facilities across the country.

So the growth of our energy-hungry industries are not threatened. Enough energy.


3. Mill 5000

Even the USSR was buying large diameter pipes in the capitalist countries for hard currency in exchange for oil. Russia with the launch of Mill 5000 Vyksa completely get rid of this addiction. In a world of only 14 such mills, three of them — in Russia. Two of them were built from the ground up, one — fully modernized mill in IZHORA. It was only in the Soviet Union Mill 5000, but he was not able to produce steel for large diameter pipes for shipbuilding. Its modernization is comparable to the construction of the new plant.

What does this leave us? Very simple. Famous Soviet lines, such as "Friendship", were built of imported pipes. In fact, the West has been in the hands of the ability to control the construction of pipelines in Russia, dictate the volume of such construction. For example, to introduce quotas for us LDP. This would mean that we could not build the ESPO pipeline "Nord Stream" if it did not want the West. Now we decide what and where to build. Our pipelines, these high-tech engineering structures — now built from our own tubes.


4. Nord Stream

Construction of the first branch of the "Nord Stream" was completed. Russia is becoming more independent in the supply of gas, now no one can dictate to us the price, the cost of transit and other conditions.

It is important that the project has been built in close cooperation with foreign companies. This allowed us to save huge amounts of money, as well the participation of foreign companies in the project shows its importance and the promising.  


5. Successful test "Bulava"

Problems with the development of "Bulava" overcome six successful launches in a row, and with the regular rocket newest submarine of the fourth generation, show that the decision to develop this missile was correct. And last launch was volley, just two missiles were launched from the difference of a few seconds. It is not only the highest load on the rocket, but also on the submarine. Russia maintains its engineering capacity and the ability to create such complex weapons. And again confounded the skeptics.


6. Record production at Uralvagonzavod

Russia is actively updating its fleet. The fact that rail transit is very important for the economic development of such a vast country as Russia. During the 90's car fleet is practically not been updated, many cars have become unusable and require urgent renovation. It is possible to put URALVAGONZAVOD all-time record for the output.

However, the existing capacity is still not enough, because it is necessary not only to restore the park, but also to increase the transit-that is growing following the growth of the economy. Therefore, in Russia in Tihnvine built another huge Carriage Works, one of the largest in Europe.


7. Russia has become a major supplier of food

Even 10 years ago, Russia imported grain and other food. Now the situation has changed dramatically — Russia has become one of the largest sellers of food in the world. We are entering into the lead for the supply of wheat, kukruruzy, sugar, sunflower oil and other types of food. Even the drought in 2010 has not prevented our success in the past year, Russia has returned to the previously held positions.


8. The record for production cars

Russia has become a major automotive power. And the foundation of this success was laid a few years ago, when laws were passed to the industrial assembly, which allow our territory to attract factories almost all major car manufacturers. An
d, importantly, this is not just a screwdriver assembly, cars produced in Russia on a full cycle, from the body welding, painting before bolting the wheels. Many plants do not only cook the body, but also stamped body parts, and out of our rental, production of which has been mastered by our metallurgical companies. Now our car complies with foreign brands.

In addition to automotive industries around them, which is very important to grow prozvodstva automotive components, as foreign brands, as well as our own. That is, stimulating the production of cars for a few drags of other industries, providing people with jobs, taxes and the budget. Not only foreign brand show progress made, our AvtoVAZ also significantly increased the production of cars.

Last year was very important for our automakers were snaty the assembly line aging cars 2105-2107, which started in place and increasing production of the new model Lada Granta. The model is already common on the roads and has received positive feedback from all car experts.


9. 13 new plants RUSNANO

Everyone is critical of RUSNANO, a few years, the project seemed to us, from stalling. But the construction of new production takes time. And last year we saw the first results. RUSNANO has launched 13 new high-tech innovative industries. Skeptics were again put to shame, the project was a success and outstanding results. This year, plans to open an 30 plants. It is important that every project involving private companies and private capital, RUSNANO is always looking for a co-investor.

This means not only savings in the budget, but also full control over their spending, as a private company will not spend their money on different scams and will not allow myself to cheat — if you invest your money, it is only in the long-term projects.


10. Radioastron

Russia regained its science in space. Mega-super project, no other words, successfully started. Radioastron is a system of satellites and ground stations that will explore our universe, will give the opportunities that did not exist. With this project may be made perfect in the opening that will revolutionize our understanding of the world.

In addition to launching spacecraft was reconstructed surface facilities, which must all make, in fact, a huge radio telescope. Hubble nervously smokes on the sidelines.


11. Glonass

Russia is the second country in the world, which has its own satellite navigation system. We planned to go to the independence of other countries in key areas like the above, I wrote about the construction of pipelines, supply of resources, and in the navigation area. GLONASS already in full use in the national economy, such as most public transport is already equipped with GLONASS devices, and controllers can monitor the location of buses on the route.

Global manufacturers are also equipped with a system their devices on the market already full of navigators who work in both systems, a large number of mobile phones support GLONASS, the most famous of these iPhone 4S, but in addition has many other brands are dual-system.


12. Ice-resistant platform "Prirazlomnaja"

Another global project — the development of the Arctic shelf. Russia is actively fighting for him. We are the first who has the technical ability to extract resources in the most severe conditions of the Arctic seas, other countries have no such opportunity. In the past year, Russia has completed the construction of an ice-resistant platform "Prirazlomnaja." The platform has already been sent to the job site. This is a very complex engineering project and our shipbuilders have executed it with honor. This shows that the extraction of resources, more stvnovitsya tech industry, at least in the weather and environmental conditions in which our country is. The oil industry is not only very tech itself, but also became the driving force of many other industries, to create the most complex equipment, such as "Prirazlomnaja."

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