Hungarian anti-tank rocket launcher, Mace» (Buzoganyveto) 1944

Hungarian anti-tank rocket launcher, "Mace» (Buzoganyveto) 1944

During the Second World War developed different types of weapons and equipment and countermeasures. In the Russian Union began the creation of the sample antitank grenade launchers or rocket launcher, but Russian designers to achieve a sample of success in the development of this instrument did not bring success. With years of success the Americans and the Germans, and, as it turns out, the Hungarian designers.

Hungarian anti-tank rocket launcher, "Mace» (Buzoganyveto) 1944In 1944 he was admitted to the armament Hungarian troops, antitank Rocket «Buzoganyveto» which was used in the protection of the Hungarian capital at the end of 1944 year. The first mention of this type of weapon fall to 1943. Working title acquired in the design, — «44M dupla panceltoroveto». The idea used to develop the rocket launcher, about the same as that of the Russian designers — two granatorakety a gunner on the side, which is divided from their spetsschitkom. The main purpose of the Hungarian «Buzoganyveto» — anti-tank equipment and fortifications.

The implementation of anti-tank weapon abilities are very different. This was expressed in the use of cumulative missiles. The warhead missile had a diameter of one centimeter and carried 21.5 4.2 kilograms of explosives. 300 mm armor piercing missiles that with supplies enough to destroy at least some available at the time of the tank. To ensure the rocket engine was used with a diameter of 10 cm, after which it was carried out a nozzle with angled channels, through which the gases and pocketed the rotation of the projectile-rocket. Flight speed was a relatively small 200 km / h (according to other sources 200 m / s). Range lesions was on while solid — from 300 to 1200 m with an angle of 40 degrees starting. Completely real to kill / destroy the tank at a distance, if not the first, then the second shot exactly. Although the rocket could overcome a greater distance up to 2 km, it's manageable defeat enemy equipment was not walking.

Hungarian anti-tank rocket launcher, "Mace» (Buzoganyveto) 1944According to reports, was released less than 700 units of rocket launcher «Buzoganyveto». In 1944, they successfully passed its baptism of fire against Russian tanks. Antitank Rocket used as a portable launcher, consisting of 2-parallel set of rockets on a turntable at a distance of 35-40 cm from each other and 5 mm flap on the left side of the unit. The turntable was at 4-sliding supports the type of artillery. There were plans to install anti raketomety on the roofs of trucks and obsolete tanks (thus increasing their effective capacity), but frisky coming of the Red Army did not gave the Hungarian designers to perform promising solutions. At the time, antitank Rocket was tested at 2-captured Russian tanks languid IS-2. Its frontal armor of 120 mm was successfully stitched by a missile fired from a distance of 200 meters.

The forthcoming fate of this pretty decent anti-tank rocket launcher unknown. After the release of about 700 serial rocket launcher, a similar technique in Hungary was not issued. And after winning the Russian Union in World War II Hungary under Soviet yurispundentsiyu ran across and used in service of the army Russian standards of guns and military equipment.

Hungarian anti-tank rocket launcher, "Mace» (Buzoganyveto) 1944

The main features:
— Factory title «44M dupla panceltoroveto»;
— title in the capture of armed «Buzoganyveto»;
— the year of adoption for armament1944;
— the number of published copies — less than 700;
— missile caliber — 215 mm;
— mass of the rocket — 27 pounds;
— length of the rocket — 97 cm;
— warhead weight — 4.2 kg;
— maximum flight speed — 200 km / h;
— range of acts max / effect — 2000/1200-300 meters;
— effective penetration — 300 mm of armor;
— anti-tank rocket launcher team — 3 people.

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