Instead of Austrian and British sniper rifles SVD and issued a Vintorez

Instead, Austrian and British sniper rifles SVD and issued "Vintorez"Snipers "new model" had hoped get standards of modern zabugornyh rifles for vsepolnotsennyh classes. But they were disappointed in the form of old Russian SVD filled with a folding butt, and "Vintorez," reports the newspaper "Izvestia".

At this point, instructors are increasingly focusing on working out exactly firing rifles Russian production and the development of skills by the cadets of mental strength in combat criteria. But for all that they fully acknowledge the fact that in the event of a real confrontation with the snipers, which will have long-range rifle, the chances of winning are negligible. "News" released word of the 1st of the instructors conducting the training in the center of sniper units. On the criteria of anonymity, he mentioned that before class, they pinned their hopes get zabugornye best standards of sniper rifles.

According to the upcoming sniper, they wonder what will be able to choose to prepare any rifle, ammunition good optics, owning a large effective range, and at least some uniforms. In this case, could be ordered Austrian rifles Mannliche and English AWM-F, and thermal underwear, which allows you to sit in wait for hours. But in fact it was that the cadets were given only one staffing tool.

He mentioned that the standards of Russian rifles allow snipers to carry on a fire in the woods, towns, mountains, fire support for special forces soldiers. But in the case kontrsnayperskoy struggle, when the "freelancers" track each other, they are actually worthless. A soldier with a rifle Dragunov has a very low chance.

Representatives of the headquarters of the Southern Military Area confirmed the "News" that the standards of production rifles zabugornogo not put into any military unit, because they are armed with the Russian army. But with all this intelligence units of the Russian Airborne Forces have begun to master the sniper rifle Mannlicher, received by him at the end of the year. The General Staff mentioned that the drill snipers are generally not get long-range rifle foreign manufacturers.

According to the military, rifle will be tested in special units by the end of this year. After which it will decide on their statement on the alert. At this point they are only considered as a tool for departments specifically designed to work on a particular program there, and at the output of an ordinary field snipers in any case, will give the main type of weapon.

Head of the analytical department at the Institute of Political and Military Analysis Alexander Khramchikhin given comments about the situation with sniper rifles for the field. He submitted that the parade of the great rifles will not ever. According to him, "naive to believe" that the Army, which is always equipped with a residual, get the latest equipment. Only after a great rifle completely satisfy the needs of the Airborne and Special Forces, precision rifle will start to arrive in the mundane parts.

In turn, the president of the Institute of Strategic Studies and Analysis Alexander Konovalov noted that the Austrian rifles and British manufacturing cost several times more expensive than Russian. And dignity, he said, is not so clear. In conducting combined arms of significant advantages in long-range rifles are not so many. In addition, using the French or the British rifle, you can take a position on the tree and hit the enemy in the head from a distance of three kilometers. With the IRS is not to repeat the work, but these criteria have a much more fundamental tasks than the liquidation of individual enemy soldiers.

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