Povinet whether Stalin in Russian majestically terrible consequences of war

Many blame Stalin that on June 22 he did not, as the head of the country, and Molotov said Russian people about the beginning of the war. At the time, historians have justified Stalin, pointing out that he could not be sure that war began. The main prosecutor of Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev became, and it was he during the Twentieth Party Congress said the subsequent: "Moscow gave orders not to open return fire. Why? Because Stalin did not believe the facts of the natural and all actions cheated on provocation by the Nazis, and our response could become the fuse for the start of a large-scale war. "

Did Stalin to blame for the terrible consequences of the Great Patriotic War

But those who have studied the history of the Second World War, are well aware that everything said Khrushchev, nothing else as absurd, so the beginning of the war, Hitler announced on the radio, and earlier at 5:30 salting Germany to the USSR Schulenburg gave an official note of the declaration of war.

But in spite of all attempts Khrushchev accused Stalin that he did not believe in the war and failed to take decisive steps to extinguish the fire of war in the embryo, closer to the end of the 60's, this version did not find evidence not only in the middle of the historians, but and in the community. Yet it is fair to acknowledge that Stalin just loved to perform in public. On average, he spoke to the people at least once or twice a year. Second version: Stalin refused to speak, so as not to spread unnecessary alarm in the Russian society.

Generally Khrushchev could not tolerate Stalin, and with the coming to power, he tried in every way to make the last leader of not only the enemy of the people, and his executioner. Thus, in his memoirs, Khrushchev wrote that after learning about the start of the war, Stalin simply fled to his villa and refused to state management in a more critical moment. Later members of the Politburo were able to persuade Stalin slaughtered return to government, and he agreed.

Did Stalin to blame for the terrible consequences of the Great Patriotic War

But at the same time, similar information is not counting Khrushchev no one to tell, and yet apart from Beria were other members of the Politburo who could tell the truth about Stalin inflexible. One of the members of senior management since Jora Zhukov absolutely denies all allegations of Khrushchev: "In the first few hours of Stalin was confused, but he soon went back to normal again, and set to work with redoubled energy, though it must be admitted — in his actions and decisions there was some nervousness, but the horror and much less timidity was not in sight. " These are words of a man whom even Stalin respected for his honesty and candor, and I, for one, believe him even more than the careerist Khrushchev.

The fact that Stalin was not a shy 10-ka, evidenced by the fact that, despite all the requests from members of the Politburo to go deep into the rear of unsafe Moscow, Stalin refused to evacuate the war and did not leave the limits of the capital.

Of course, you can blame Stalin's repressions, and much more, but to incriminate him in turnover language fearfulness not even the most arch-enemy. He lived through the war together with the people and not thrown it, but all the speculation and accusations Khrushchev were nothing more than another as revenge for the death of his father offspring. As you know, specifically, on the orders of Stalin son of Nikita Khrushchev, Leonid tried by a military court for treason, and he was shot.

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