Putin and Medvedev will be raised to the status of the enemies of Belarus


Aleksei Korol


Vitaly Tsigankov

Tsigankov: Information Warfare Russian media against the Belarusian leadership has not yet terminated — on Friday, as announced, will be a new, fourth series of "The Godfather." As against this background look Belarusian official media, whether they provide appropriate and adequate response to the Russian media? Chapter BTRC Alexander Zimouski recently said that "the Belarusian side is only protected, and they attack." Successfully defended a Belarusian propaganda?

Podgol: We still have to see who is protected and who is attacked. If they are protected, that would take a fact that has been given in "The Godfather" and other subjects, and refuted it. But there is no denial. Belarusian propaganda advantage of the fact that the majority of Belarusians watched these movies and do not read Russian newspapers.

We still have to see who is protected and who is attacked.

Therefore, the protection is reduced to attack on the principle of "the fool." They make enemies of the Belarusian people of Medvedev, Putin and Russian oligarchs. The second feature: not paying attention to the content of what they say in Russian media about Lukashenko, the Belarusian media takes the arrows to the Belarusian people and say that the Russian media and politicians insult the entire Belarusian nation.

Tsigankov: It is considered that the Belarusian information space is controlled by the state media, which draws information from the majority of the Belarusian population (and this is confirmed by sociologists). Can we say that the latest manifestation of the information war somehow destroy this monopoly?

King: In a sense, of course, destroyed. Even in the statements Lukashenko breaks regret that he can not deny it for a wave of hostile information from Russia. As for the content of the Belarusian state propaganda, that it adequately reflects the propaganda model of any authoritarian regime. It should present the image of the enemy. And now there was almost complete replacement of the enemy, the enemy of the West, Russia. Substantially all of the information space of the official media riddled with anti-Russian rhetoric and accusations.

But the concrete, "symmetric" there is no answer. And I think there are two things. First, the chief propagandist, then beware, because they do not meet in his style, in an insulting manner. Second, they are afraid to err on the justification for the specifics, which was voiced in these three films, and sound in the fourth. And closed the specifics to the discussion on the issues that were raised in the film — who was involved in the disappearances and so on. That would be an excuse. Lukashenko is trying to avoid him, but, nevertheless, forced to swerve into an excuse.

Tsigankov: Should we expect a further narrowing of access to Russian media Belarusian information space? Has actually carried out prior censorship of Russian programs on TV. Will there be any more radical formal decisions in connection with the election campaign?

King: Narrowing and further restriction, certainly will. This is also the ABC propaganda of any authoritarian regime. But, I suppose, at the official rate is unlikely to come out, will continue creeping circuit constraints.

Chief propagandist, then beware, because they do not meet in his style, in an insulting manner.

Tsigankov: How will the work on the Belarusian propaganda machine? Will it continue in the framework of the matrix that you have described, will come up with some new moves?

Podgol: They will be refined in the existing schemes. I'll add one more important activity of counter-propaganda — the use of the Russian opposition in the formation of an enemy with Putin and Medvedev and Russian journalists use to magnify Lukashenko and the image that exists in Belarus.

Let me remind you, as the official media published a report about Putin Boris Nemtsov, where it was said that Putin — the oligarch who has clandestinely shares and so on. And during the last press tour Russian journalists every day on Belarusian TV channels shows their interviews about the Belarusian heavenly life.

Tsigankov: Do you think that the Belarusian audience will be a great confidence in the opinion of Russian journalists?

PodgolCertainly. And go weekly reports, the Russians are coming to Belarus, buy cheap products here, or about how we helped the Russians to remove the bread and so on — it all works.

I expect that Putin and Medvedev as a result of counter-propaganda will have raised the status of the enemies of Belarus. I do not expect new forms, but the Russian strategic guidance will be drawn as enemies of Belarus. And according to all that they say or tell their servants, their NTV, owned by "Gazprom" — it's all nonsense, that is not to be ignored. This will be the main direction of propagation.

King: I would have said that such propaganda is always a limit. About her once well said Sergei Dovlatov: "When they say 'yes', read 'no'. Most of the population is not looking BT, so turns away from the tone and content that is there. I think the official propaganda almost reached this limit.



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