Saturn — Gas Turbine is building a versatile production test stand

Such an object is unique for Russian machine

"Saturn — Gas Turbine", which is part of United Engine Corporation, is building a universal test bench production tests (CPD).

The stand is designed to test a wide range of high-performance power units capacity. The tests may be carried out as the nominal modes, and in the manufacture of a full-sized units. Experts note that the comprehensive tests allow for future developments and new research in the field.

"Saturn — Gas Turbines" and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation signed a contract under which the company will carry out research and development work. JSC "Saturn — Gas turbine" has committed itself to a number of power plants and build a modular stand CPD gas turbine power generation and gas units. The successful solution of this problem depends build-up of modern-generating base of small regional power Russia. 
By the technological capabilities of gas turbine and gas compressor units to meet high demands. Therefore, universal stand CPD promotes the function key element in the system of objective quality control equipment, manufactured by JSC "Saturn — Gas Turbines."
Checking the stand will be held during the real test of gas turbine unit GTA-10GT. Universal test bench CPD allowed into operation in April 2014.
JSC "Saturn — Gas Turbines" produces equipment for nuclear, chemical, natural gas-fired and gas turbine power plants, gas turbine and gas compressor units, gas turbine power plants and combined-cycle plants, equipment for power plants. The company is part of the DCS and determined the general contractor for the construction of objects of power.

United Engine Corporation (UEC) — Integrated structure, which produces engines for commercial and military aircraft, space programs, the installation of various capacities for the production of electricity and thermal energy, gas compressor and gas turbine units ship. "UEC" is a 100% subsidiary of the holding "Oboronprom",
included in Rostekhnadzor.

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