Sevastopol authorities wish to explain the terms of the lease of Russias Black Sea Fleet bases

Sevastopol authorities want to clarify the terms of the lease of Russia's Black Sea Fleet bases
The Black Sea Fleet RF operates in Sevastopol 30 eight berths, which are not included in the intergovernmental agreement Criteria for rent. This was said Sergei Savenkov, Vice-Chairman of the Sevastopol City State Administration.

According to Savenkov, only recently found out that 38 berths operated by the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, not in the intergovernmental agreement. In this regard, the issue is now solved, or the return of these piers town or to provide for them a kind of compensation.
Savenkov said that this fact was found during the inventory. Issues related to the implementation of the berths will open a discussion on the inter-state level.

Savenkov with all this said that Sevastopol authorities are interested in the upcoming development of the town and offer RF participate in the development of its territories to invest in them, so the development of the town and the port came not only in the military area. According to him, the Ukrainian administration has offered the Russian Federation "harsh six pilot projects."

He also noted that many of the areas that are leased Russian, are not used, the terrain is not being developed. So, for example, 133 hectares in the Cossack Bay or 190 acres at the Kherson airport.

Savenkov expressed the hope that after a RF presidential elections, this question receive an additional boost.
Representatives of the Black Sea Fleet had no immediate outlook Comment out the Ukrainian side.

In 2010, Our Ukraine and the birthplace signed an agreement that extends the finding of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea after 2017 for 25 years and includes the following acts rollover agreement with the mutual consent of the parties.

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