The U.S. Navy said that the Russian submarine was spotted off the coast of the U.S.

U.S. Navy claim that the Russian submarine was spotted off the coast of the U.S.

The naval forces (Navy) U.S. said that the Russian submarine spotted near U.S. territorial waters, reported on Wednesday a local TV channel ABC.

According to a source channel to the U.S. Defense Department, nuclear submarine class "Barracuda-2"Was found in the last month the forces of the U.S. Navy 275 miles from the South American east coast. With all of this in the ABC report emphasizes that the Russian boat Do not enter the South American territorial waters.

Following the discovery of the submarine South American warships began to lead her follow-up, and the team Russian sumbariny changed course towards Europe.

As the source said ABC, representatives of the U.S. Navy did not know exactly what purpose Russian boat came close to the American countryside, but, presumably, her team rehearsed tasks against conventional enemy submarines.

Submarine "Barracuda-2"Not armed strategic missiles and is not responsible nuclear weapon. It is armed with torpedoes and antiship missiles to destroy air targets.

In August 2012 the South American newspaper Washington Free Beacon spread information that the Russian nuclear Submarine about a month remained in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, while remaining unnoticed ships of the U.S. Navy. This information was later denied by representatives of the Pentagon.

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