Uncle Slam in Minsk

In Minsk, October 8 will happen second account English-language poetry slam. Specially for the event came to my father slam — American Mark Smith. It was he who founded the slam movement in Chicago in 1986, and will now run a competition Belarusian English-speaking slemerav.

In the competition will participate Belarusian slemer Vitaly Ryzhkov, who cares about his English pronunciation and considers its competitors students of the Minsk University Linvistychnaga:

"Slam — poetry is a return to those to whom it must always belong: to those who drink coffee, beer and tea in clubs and cafes. This is a spectacular competition with stress, zavzennem — even a tote! — Where is important, not only the text of the work, but the presence of the author and how the author of the work performed, as it assessed those who drink coffee, tea, beer. "

Slam was born in the Chicago club "Green Mill" which has glory favorite place once famous gangster Al Capone. Uncle or father slam Mark Smith, who in this club in the 80th for the first time showed the world a special poetic performance, came to Belarus is not only to hold the competition Belarusian followers slam movement, and to give master classes in this the art of reading poetry to the public.

Literary critic Margarita Aleshkevich:

"One part of the slam — to include the audience in the action. Cards are issued to the public, but moreover, she is invited to participate very actively: to agree with the opinion of the jury or disagree. A jury also selected from the audience. That is, it turns out very democratic procedure and very funny. "

The jury of this slam will not only casual viewers, and the teachers and the Minsk State Linguistic University, whose names are not disclosed to greater justice competition.

Of the 20 participants, only five will slam winners who will receive prizes from the U.S. Embassy. That will be awarded to winners? Embassy officials to reveal the secret.

English-language poetry slam should be held for the 17th Friday the 8th of October in Minsk R-club, in the street Surganova 26.

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