Victor Murakhovski: Hopefully Russian tank Object 195 was actually ready for serial production

Victor Murakhovski: "Promising Russian tank Object 195 was almost ready for series production"Even in the most difficult years of the cash-strapped Russian gunsmiths, despite the difficulties, the continued development of the most advanced weapons systems. One of them is already became famous Russian tank Object 195, which for many years has overtaken the world's most advanced development. However, in the current trial are being made to belittle the feat of Nizhny Tagil tank builders. Tossed misinformation that the development of promising Russian tank completely failed. How things are in fact, we are talking with one of the leading professionals in the field of armored vehicles Victor Murakhovski.

— The new tank was successfully passed all tests and municipal technical issues of its creation were actually solved. Let's take a look at the main characteristics that define the combat and operational characteristics of the tank. With regard to protection tank quite live up to the terms of reference and even overlaps those requirements, which were issued to the main Armor Management. Firepower brand new gun on its features is beyond anything we have had and that now there is in the world. At first there were some limitations, as it was necessary to reach the very highest specifications by kreshernomu pressure, initial velocity armor-piercing projectiles. No matter what kind of brand-new equipment requests debugging, and in recent gun at first could not fit into the requirements for barrel life, but eventually the careful work of an instrument issued all the necessary properties.

As for damaging act, then there teamwork Sverdlovsk-gunners and engineers boepripasnikov capital of the Research Institute of Machine Building is allowed to get armor-piercing shells, which now have nothing to associate. Nothing even remotely equivalent to the moment we have no, or abroad. As they say on the Protection of the best contemporary zabugornyh tanks from kinetic weapons, sometimes referred to as the apparent excessive number of marketing character. So here's piercing shells guns Object 195 punches that real, that "marketing" armor with a lot of supplies. Those people who beheld the test results obtained from the deepest memory abilities gun.

If we talk about the fire control system, then the first step of the work could not implement the initial plans for the creation of the system in its entirety. There has affected our industry lagging in some high-tech technologies in the principal component and a component basis. It is no secret that Russia is a legacy of the Russian's time to get the problem with the release of matrix thermal imaging devices, cooling systems, electronics, precision mechanics, high-end digital processing. The financial and economic "Holodomor" that occurred in the Russian industry in the 90s, only worsened the severity of problems.
But the plan was the creation of a multi-channel LMS very bold breakthrough in the technical sense. The plan was almost completely automate all the work sighting system, tightly picking up the robotic processes aiming to synthesize a single image, selecting the reference channels depending on weather and other criteria. It provides round the clock and all-weather capability of MSA with approximately equal efficiency, its resistance to jamming in the various spectra.
Let me remind you that today's most advanced fire control system of tanks and other armored vehicles provide work all day, but do not own property of all-weather and dramatically reduce the efficiency of the criteria interference.

Because at some point in the possible timing of the requirements for the MSA in full were pushed very far away and started to brake out the machine for the final step, the complex was slightly simplified, and as such has successfully passed the tests. According to its features it is not inferior to the advanced world of present day or developments.

Mobility promising paying great attention to the tank, on all the main characteristics, it significantly exceeded the performance of the previous generation of machines. At the moment, no longer a secret that he was elected option Chelyabinsk motor which known as the A-85 3. Have been performed for many bench tests, a complex of special tests (for reliability, high mountains in the criteria for low-viscosity oils, launchers), and interdepartmental and driving tests at the site.

The design of the motor A-85-3 laid the technical solutions, allows him to remain for many years at zabugornyh counterparts on the main indicators, but on overall power even exceed them. Installation of a massive motor in a limited amount of engine-compartment transmisionnogo claimed a long time to address the issues with heat transfer. In the end, all the difficulties have been removed and the power plant came on these characteristics. According to the box with a hydrostatic transmission also initially had problems in terms of reliability, and they were successfully overcome. Machines withdrew many thousands of kilometers and in terms of the power plant with a box to fit these requirements.

As for the chassis, the suspension, and other elements were calculated on the excessive speed of movement over rough terrain, including robotics through certain processes. With regard to the mobility can recall mentioned in the Russian media in the field of armored vehicles for the automatic driving of vehicles in the convoy by automatically adapting the suspension to driving conditions and so on.

The biggest advantages of the 195 is its revolutionary assembly, which is completely different from the so-called "traditional build," leading her story with French tank Renault FT17. The main elements of the modern assembly were issued weapons, crew accommodation in a housing separate multifunctional compartments.

Fire and explosion fragmentation of radiation protected habitable compartment (capsule) in front of the machine, in fact, virtually ensured the equal protection of the crew from all angles and at times increased the survival of the crew on the battlefield, even in the case of penetration of armor. This is an important indicator for the current army when it embarked on the professionalization and the cost of training and maintenance crews professor during the current cycle of AME prices approaching the technology itself. No wonder the assembly of a promising tank "Armata" virtually inherited from the 195-th object.

Unfortunately, the Russian Defense Ministry refused to continue work on the project 195, and ended their funding. But this does not mean that you need to take the car to the museum. At the current time there is a distinct possibility that this project will be continued together with one of the foreign countries with which we have a strategic partnership. It seems to me that this tank has a future.

Speaking of the tank, not to mention the people who have played a major role in its development that led the great teams of developers, manufacturers and the military: Chief Designer UKBTM, chairman of the main designers on the project 195 Potkin Vladimir Ivanovich, director of "Uralvagonzavod" Little Nikolai, chiefs Brain Armored Directorate Alexander Galkin and May Sergey. There will come a time, and of these people, the revolutionary tank of the latest generation can tell in detail.

Viktor Ivanovich, and if we compare the object with more than 195 of early machine, which was developed in Kharkov?

— In the late 80's to the door ste
p of state tests was almost ready object 477 developing Kharkiv design bureau. If you associate it with Tagil machine, we can realize that this is a fundamentally different design. 447 th object developed in the framework of the ideas of the previous generation of machines. This ideology is fundamentally stemmed from the fact that there will be massive machine with crews of conscripts, for a role in large-scale hostilities in the large body of troops, with the classical scheme of control and communication, with a full complement of military equipment, technical and logistical support. Because she repeated ideological tradition of the Kharkov school of tank development: the compact assembly with separate crew in manned volumes, which actually does not separate from the ammunition, fuel and lubricants, the principal components and assemblies of various systems of the tank.

To ensure the functioning of a very complex autoloader, there have been used kinematic design solutions of the highest difficulty, with a longish track the projectile when loading the cannon, its evolution in different planes that affected the reliability of the automatic loader, which does not satisfy the customer.

Chassis there are not fundamentally distinguished from the more developed for the T-64 sighting system on the characteristics of approximately corresponded to the level that was reached at the time in the world tank manufacturing. In my opinion, the wrong choice was loading the gun with a unitary. 152-mm artillery rounds with armor-piercing discarding sabot projectile along the length of the growth was approaching soldiers.

By the final 80's military has a very cool attitude to the Object 477. Not in vain the same in 1988 was opened experimental design work under the code "Perfection-88", which laid the base of the development of a fundamentally modern machines. Those military pronounced they Kharkov tank is not needed. The story of this machine was completed and copies are located in Kharkov, and it is in Kubinka. In the true time it can only be of a historical museum and enthusiasm. Even if it were not for the collapse of the Union of Russian, this tank would still be in the series did not go. And in a separate fine-tuning and commissioning of a series of this car today's Ukrainian tank builders I do not believe it.

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