Victor Murakhovski of Centauro, Freccia and Russian defense industry

Victor Murakhovski of Centauro, Freccia and Russia's "defense industry"Now his own village to Facebook recognizable expert Victor Murakhovski published reflections on the situation prevailing in our defense industry in the development of new platforms and planned purchases zabugornyh samples.

I'll try the example of Centauro and Freccia again to explain the real disposition in the defense industry and the armed forces and their relation to these processes. In the past 20 years our DIC understand the socio-economic "Famine", but a few (on the fingers of one hand counted) export-oriented companies. They are easy to find on the net. As a result of the approximately 3,700 companies defense, available on the terrain of the Russian Federation to 1991, 1759 to 2011 left. Lost many 10's academic schools and hundreds of technology. Not all of them have been advanced, but, nevertheless, the criteria of separateness Russian they were very important. Then came the other times, came the realization that an urgent need to help out defense. This is a "rescue" held strong-willed ways Welding of the companies in the holdings (as of today they were 55), and often the methods are very similar to "raid". In 2012, a process completed in the main, although from time to time there are "exhausts" like destination of the concern "Constellation" Bekkieva or move under the control of the USC "Severnaya Verf". Such separate incidents should be expected in the coming.

Until nedavneshnego time global economic processes weakly affected R & D methods of orders that are common to all participants. Defense pretended that it "pays", the developers have pretended that "developing." Almost all the equipment that we litsezreem now in the army, in parades, exhibitions, developed in Russian time and often created for very different types of conflicts, the other armies that are not burning today and the future. Create a fundamentally new models in the previous criteria were fundamentally unrealistic, since the system of orders remained Russian, company initiatives (even more so — personal!) Does not provide for, and ordering the Ministry of Defense agencies quickly degraded along with the CMO. As a result, our developers have lost almost everything link with reality. In Russian time this link units provide the scientific and technical intelligence GRU and the KGB, the role of our troops in conflicts around the world. Currently these channels are still wet. The world has changed structurally. And our developers continue to cook in the ordinary and comfortable "gurgling" Russian swamp into which reincarnated once our advanced scientific and technical society. It is simply to behold at international arms shows, where we look like "old school" oasis. At these shows, for all the misery Russian exhibitions, our businesses while our journalists are seen as spies (at best), and foreign — just like spies. And this thesis — no joke humor. Tradition of self-sufficiency of our developers to change the criteria continue to faithfully observed. In the world, but a pair of 10-s major exhibitions IWT are 10's and hundreds of conferences, symposia and other events on core topics, such as: armor, ballistics, personal combat equipment, small tool, a means of communication and control, etc. . I dare to convince everyone that the vast majority of them our presence is usually not expected. At such events, is going to whole global color developer on core topics, and our there usually is not. It is time to realize that the common slogan for our company slogan "standard weapon that does not have global counterparts," has long been reincarnated as a network "meme" is a general lack of confidence, and often — Homeric "network laughter."

Our Ministry of Defense and the defense industry in the end appeared determined people who are willing to shake up Russian swamp. Maybe they do not fully understand the prerequisites and consequences, but, at least they work. We need to realize that these people — not pests, and are obliged to "vacuum trucks" to rake out the Augean stables of stagnation. Their misfortune is that their actions do not properly pay tribute to explain and not commented publicly. In Italy there is an agreement on the management of both sides of a whole package of measures, including Iveco, Chentauro, Freccia, naval artillery, and other components. Similarly, in France, where the contract is for "Mistral" has caused a string of linked contacts for communication ASUV, Xibei etc. Work is underway with Germany, Finland, BAE Sys, GD, IMI and others. During the three day or such issues are not being addressed. Takes patience, persistence and time. But no other way. Either we are equally (and with equal openness) sverhtehnologichny integrating into the arms sector, or we score, China and other "partners" in the markets AME "economy class" and the weapons "for the poor."

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