Viktor Yanukovych hryvnia hit on the Black Sea Fleet

Viktor Yanukovych hryvnia hit the Black Sea Fleet RussianDay and night Ukrainian President soon thought about how to force the "presumptuous Muscovites" to reduce gas prices and practically abandon the earlier agreements. After all, more than 1,000 cubic meters chetyrehsotdollarovaya price for Russian gas sovereign Yanukovych looks truly frightening. And the prospect of 100% strength using the "Nord Stream" Ukrainian authorities somehow not very impressive. Thought and thought Viktor Yanukovych, but apparently got in mind. It came up with the bright idea of a common mind-boggling that it would be necessary to force its own extensive eastern neighbor to pay more for the lease of the territories occupied by the Black Sea Fleet. Before that Ukrainian top of foresight agreed that our home can continue to take advantage of the Crimean territories (in Sevastopol, Feodosiya and Cape Opuk) right up to 2042. In other words, the hook with lucre was abandoned. Our homeland, as you know, with animation adopted the "brotherly" proposal and wished it was already starting to count their expenses in the first step of the lease. According to these calculations, according to the initial agreements, the rent was a little less 100 million dollars for year. Such amount Dmitry Medvedev was named a sufficiently high, but not exorbitant. Overall, 100 million just want to multiply by 6 (6 year lease from 2012 to 2017) and to a perspective on the economical costs associated with military applets. But Ukrainian President thought about it, that 600 million for such clearance time for the rich Russia will be a very small amount. And then, as the saying goes, there's someone consultation, decided in 2013 of Russian tight purse should come to 3% of the normative assessment of the Black Sea coast, the rental fleet. Since 2014 Yanukovych had planned to charge a brother all 4%. Due to the fact that neither of 1 square meter of coastal land case is not present "Muscovites", Ukraine's parliament gave the recommendation to the authorities of the Crimea all pieces of land and managed countless new parameters rental pricing for Russian sailors.

If the pick up ordinary calculator, it can be concluded that only only one 2013 year Our homeland under the new rules should be put "on a silver platter" of about half a billion dollars, and only for the lease of Sevastopol land. And that — want to enjoy the beauty of the Crimea with warships — all right to pay a bit more, because we are brothers — is trying to assert his own vision of brotherly solution of Viktor Yanukovych. And with that, but surprisingly, it is hard to argue. Someone calls itself the course of Kiev blatant blackmail, someone — a blow to Putin before the elections, a bit below the waist. But Yanukovych can understand — he also wants to have, because one fat with garlic does not go too far. With all of this idea to the revision of the rent for the deployment of the Czech Republic Russian Crimean appeared exactly before so you should have been in a long, usually, new born throes of the Russian-Ukrainian agreement on gas supplies and transit of gas well. Ukrainian president, decided not waiting "business opportunity" from OAO "Gazprom" to show their own new ace of trumps.

It is even possible to imagine themselves as a sovereign Yanukovych has created such a brilliant idea, without exaggeration, with an increase in rent. Maybe his tortured sleeplessness, and a quiet autumn NIGHT MODE he jumped out of bed with the words of joy, "Lucy, of fiction!" Lyudmila, wife of Viktor Yanukovych, after learning that her husband of fiction, the cross over him before species and lowered her eyes — "Give it a god, then god yes …".

The Kremlin has, of course, got a "message" from Kiev, and perhaps started to, to move obmozgovat own Slavic colleagues. A little problem with this move is one — to reduce Russian gas price for Ukraine almost doubled.

In general, the wheel "brotherly" cash "offers" can twist even stronger closer to the end of 2011. How many of these feeble attempts to find places in their own partners have taken under Kuchma and Yeltsin. Later, the baton intercepted orange. And another of our heart Viktor Yanukovych also drawn to the sweet.

The Kremlin is still scratching his head and back to the negotiating table. Friendship is like a clear, friendship …

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