Were the Russians in the Grand Duchy?

In Grodno was a presentation of the collection of contemporary poetry in five languages — Belarusian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian. Authors — modern, but they live today in those countries that were once in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Book released in Vilnius, it is called «Magnus Ducatus Poesis», on the cover written in several languages as well — "overcoming borders." The presentation took place at the Museum of the History of Religion Grodno.

Lithuanian poets came to Grodno — it must be said, looked unusual.

Led the party Evaldas Ignatavichus— Deputy minister Foreign Affairs Lithuania, the poet himself. And immediately felt that the language of the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania can not unite today in an interview with the Lithuanians, Belarusians, Belarus and Lithuania certainly not possess. Of course, guests will be forced to use Russian, sometimes not quite true.

They offered their poems read in Russian translations. But Professor Alexei Piatkevich, a member of the Writers' Union, suggested that they first read in the original, since it is necessary to listen to poetry as music, he said.

By the way, have been invited to the presentation of it was the members of the Union of Belarusian Writers — unofficial that today also rare. On the stage sat poets Yuri Golub andDanuta Bichel, and Professor Piatkevich and poets from Lithuania.

Those who came to the meeting, said that the Lithuanians have implemented a good idea. But sounded and the critical remark. Professor Piatkevich noticed that it confuses the participation of Russian poets in this book. The Russians also were not residents of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania … Lithuanians are referred to the fact that the Russians talk about Smolensk shelves in the Battle of Grunwald. But in the Smolensk had a Belarusian ethnicity, said Professor Piatkevich. He recalled that in Grodno Belarusian writers met with Lithuanian only in Soviet times, these meetings have not been, so he takes the book and its presentation — as a symbol of rapprochement, saying: "We have to stay close to some one, what were once in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. "

By the way, at the presentation of the book «Magnus Ducatus Poesis» Grodno played guitar Vladimir Zakharov. Starting with the Polonaise "Farewell to the homeland" Oginski, he ended his own works from the series "Nostalgia for the Grand Duchy."

Opening remarks at the presentation said the Consul General of the Republic of Lithuania in Grodno Rymantas Latakas

Evaldas Ignatavichus lays out the books for the participants of the meeting

Alvydas Shlyapikas (left) and Yuri Golub

Compiled books Vladas Brazyunas


presentation of the book

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