What today is not Talen system that does not merit Lukashenko

Our listener asks a potential presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk:

"In our country everything is possible, but the first axiom of the economy has not been canceled. Annual salary, pension, assistance may not exceed the gross domestic product in rubles or in dollars.

The average salary for a year in the working citizen is approximately about 6,000 dollars. I take the simple way 6000 dollars to 5,000,000 workers. Need $ 30 billion just for the salary. If we add to pensions, it will result in the amount that exceeds the gross domestic product. Excuse me, but what then live? . "

Yaroslav Romanchuk

Yaroslav Romanchuk responds to the listener:

"We have 6000 not everyone earns. And if you will earn, the gross domestic product in our country will not, as today 49 billion, and a hundred twenty-five

If people are earning more, the country will have more money, since the turnover will be included and the land, and 53% of the economy, which is now in the shade, if we have the private ownership of land, if the taxes are such that the capital of other countries stsyachetstsa us.

Democracy, political freedom and economic freedom — that's three reasons. And Belarus is consistent, and each will earn not only the 600, and a thousand dollars. "

Our listener after, To hear the broadcast, called for "Freedom":

"Today I listened to the two women talking:" Oh, of course, for Lukashenko. Was bad, and he brought order. Now live better. " They do not understand what it was all taken out … Meat exported from Belarus to Smolensk, and there buried under Soviet rule.

Here perestroika began, went to Lithuania for food, the whole Ukraine and Belarus all. They do not understand? It is terrible what happened. It did not Lukashenko, and Europe helped to control steel.

And he also says in Russian. It is necessary that the Democratic candidate was and talked in Belarusian. "

Sergei Kalyakin

Bell says politician Sergei Kalyakin:

"Such were the times. During the collapse of this was happening in all the republics. Today it is not — neither where there Lukashenko, nor where it is not. So I would not attribute to him any merit in that that today we do not have talennay system, etc. This is the result of other processes.

Secondly, we believe that we have a procedure — it is a prison. It's better to be where the procedure is not quite, but is on the loose. "

Students speak out on the candidacy of a potential candidate for president.

"Perasluhvav recently" Night anthology "Neklyaeva. Here is a quote: "It is unlikely that Belarus will have at least one day this kind of power that would love Belarus. Loves Belarus is destined to those who do not like the government."

Belarus, I think it is better to have Neklyaeva-poet than Neklyaeva-president. "

Students discuss the statements of the Russian President in respect of Alexander Lukashenko. When the day of Dmitry Medvedev welcomed the criticism of most of the students of the Belarusian leadership in general, the students today are analyzed in more detail some aspects of the speech:

"This is Medvedev said that Russia has no enemies. And where then the terrorists? Where are they from? It turns out that the Kremlin pays for everything? And that was in Beslan was made, with the permission of Putin? So, Putin and Medvedev, and there are international criminals. "

Here is another view:

"Dmitry Anatolyevich said that support for the duty-free gas and oil accounts for about $ 2 billion. I believe in a simple way. Here we have 6 million tons of grain. Red price it 1, 2 billion. Well, Lukashenko said that if a million tons of potatoes to take in Russia, it will be $ 300 million. So that's 2 billion to 7 million tons of potatoes to drive. This 200 echelon. That's what kind of support. In fact all of our crops. "



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