LADA Granta has sparked interest at the Motor Show in Germany

LADA Granta has become one of the premier Middle Eastern International Motor AMI-2012, which from 1 to June 10, works in Leipzig.

The exhibition at the German novelty of AvtoVAZ, these environmental requirements, "Euro-5" is presented in picking the "norm +": in addition to the basic equipment machine is equipped with air conditioning, ABS, and a number of other options.

Now LADA Granta passes homologated in compliance with ECE and in Europe will be on sale at the turn of 2012-2013. The demonstration vehicle in Leipzig can better understand how it is interesting

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Michael Bashura fined 17.5 million

Society Today in the Soviet District Court Minsk ended the trial of an activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura. The court found him guilty and punished by a fine 17500000 rubles.

In a brief final statement Bashura Michael said he did not need to convince anyone, because all the facts of the case are well laid out on the eve of his lawyer Tamara Sidorenko. He reiterated that he did not consider himself guilty, and asked him to justify. Bashura stressed that he was wrong and that as a result of his actions was nobody no harm.

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The war in Iraq has claimed the lives of over 162 thousand people

More than 162 thousand Iraqi civilians were killed in the fighting with the role of NATO and the United States, according to the website Iraq Body Count, which systematically inciting the death toll in Iraq.

During only the 1st of last year in the country missed 4063 peaceful inhabitants. The report is based on 6828 posts from 90 different sources. Altogether during the eight-year conflict killed 162,333 people.

Since 2008, the yearly loss decreased slightly, but in 2011, died on 18 man more than in 2010. In this case, the number of those who died in the attack on

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Lada Granta in the back of a hatchback


The plant in Togliatti finalized new model Lada Granta in the back of a hatchback. This was reported in the quarterly report of AvtoVAZ. As previously reported, the production of the hatchback is planned in 2013.


It is expected that the demand for a new car exceeds supply. The car will get a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 98 horsepower, average fuel consumption in the combined cycle will not exceed 7 liters per 100 km. Disperse hundreds of about 11 seconds. The maximum speed of 170 kilometers per hour.



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LADA Granta Machine

More recently, in the pages of my site Trucker Blog have been heated debates about the quality of service in showrooms selling cars LADA. Most people worried about the fact that the car with the stated minimum price by the manufacturer simply does not. I was curious state of affairs, and I went to the nearest dealer to check how well the actual state of affairs with the LADA Granta cars in the cheapest configuration.

I hasten to assure everyone has a cheap car! We can say that AvtoVAZ cope with the rush and finally, six

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Collector of signatures is suspected of a crime

Society This is the Vitebsk activist Alexander Golovanov said last night in a police station. Man arrested after collecting signatures and collected "as evidence of" white-red-white flag.

Ales Halavan said that back home at around half past nine in the evening. In the yard of the house where he lives, he was approached by the police, said that he looks like a criminal offender, was taken to the medical examination, during which it was witnessed that the guy is sober. Then Ales Golovan taken to the police station, where up a report on all the things that were with him,

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Special fire regime abolished in Chelyabinsk region

Special fire regime introduced in the Chelyabinsk region on April 17 in connection with the complex situation in the forest fire risk, canceled on Thursday, the press service of the governor.

The corresponding decree was signed by the First Vice-Governor Sergei Komyakov, acting head of the region for the period of Mikhail Yurevich in China.

"According to the Regional Chief of forest management, through rainy, cool weather, the number of fires recorded per day declined significantly," — said in a statement.

In total, as of the morning of June 7, in the region since the beginning of the fire season

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The war in Iraq, 2003-2011

8 years ago, on March 20, 2003., U.S. President George W. Bush declared war on Iraq and Saddam Hussein. The heavens opened, the ground collapsed hail of bombs and bullets. It seemed that war will soon be completed. People were happy, Saddam fled, but has not yet been found, and Bush says the goal accomplished. But the months and years after this victory speech showed a different story. Sectarian conflict between Sunnis and Shiites, and all against the allied forces have turned Iraq into a zone of civilian war. 8 years of struggle, thousands of deaths, hundreds of thousands of

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Guge — forgotten kingdom of Tibet

December 2, 2012 2:00

Once upon a time, back in the Middle Ages, there was a mysterious state in Tibet Guge, the power and wealth of which legends. Are ancient frescoes in the mountain caves and ruins rock-cut city. This is all that remains of the once mighty civilization of Asia. The preserved remains of the palace buildings can be judged on how high a level of civilization Guge …

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Grybauskaite's visit to Belarus can not please the Kremlin

Society In an interview with news agency BNS skaat Lithuanian political analyst Kestutis Girnius. According to the politician, Lukashenko will be pleased with the visit, but during it he can hear nasty comments about the standards of democracy.

"If Lukashenko feels the pressure, it is useful to visit, despite the fact that he can hear and criticism. The fact that it may not like Russia, I do not doubt it. But if Lithuania tried very hard to please Russia, it it would bring more harm than good, "- said the agency BNS K.Girnyus, stressing that the Lithuanian-Russian relations are more

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