Almost 600 hectares of forest burning in Siberia

Almost 600 hectares of forest burning in SiberiaThe number of fires in the forests of Siberia a day fell from 29 to 21, but the total area of fires increased from 392.3 to 583.5 acres, said on Wednesday the Siberian Center of MOE.

"Action 21 forest fires on the total area 583.5 hectares. Of nine localized fires on the area 179.5 hectares," — said in a statement.

They include one large fire — an area of 230 hectares in the Republic of Tuva.

Total registered in Tuva three fires on the area of 251.5 hectares.

In Transbaikalia, where this year the most difficult situation evolved, a day did not raise any new fire, three of the five operating fire was eliminated.

"Do not liquidated yet remain in the forest fire Krasnochikoisky area on area of 35 hectares and Akshinskom area on an area of 70 hectares. Their fire involved 54 men and 10 pieces of equipment," — said the boundary GUMCHS.

Two fires reported in the neighboring Irkutsk region. The total area of fires — 50 acres, one fire in the area of 20 hectares localized.

In the Krasnoyarsk region has eight forest fires on the total area of 93.5 hectares.

A few more seats registered in the forests of Western Siberia.

As reported, in turn, the District Department of Forestry, for the last day on the forest lands in Siberia eliminated 63 forest fires in the area of 830 hectares, including 38 fires in the area of 196 hectares was extinguished on the day of discovery.

The Office notes that the area of active fires today are three times less than the same date in 2011. Last year on this day there were 75 fires in the area of 2.190 hectares.

According to the Emergency Center of the Siberian, the main cause of the fires — the activity of the local population.

During the day, conducted 532 raids to detect cases of violations of fire safety in forests, made up 67 administrative reports.

For the next day and increase the risk of forest fires is not excluded in the entire county.

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