Authorities impose special fire safety in 8 districts of Tuva

Tuva authorities have decided to introduce a special fire safety in the eight districts of the country, where most forests are burning, according to the regional government.

According to the Republican Ministry of Emergency Situations, Tuva on Tuesday there are 15 forest fires in the area of 1,3 hectares. Of these, two major fires in the area of 800 hectares.

"Protocol decision of the heads of Tandinskogo, Ulug-Khem, Kaa-Khem, Kyzyl, Sut-Khol, Todzha, Dzun-Khemchik and Bai-Taiga district recommended period until August 1 to enter the territories of their municipal special fire mode, providing for additional preventive and prohibitive measures, "- said in a statement.

Republican authorities delegated to the regional Office for the Protection of Forests to urgently prepare a draft law on the introduction of state of emergency on the territory of Tuva and submit it to the government of the region.

Previously reported that the authorities in the region on July 18 shot mode disaster, which operated in the country since June 6.

Republic also asks FFA Assist the region in forest fire fighting and sent to Tuva paratroopers parachute.

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