Azerbaijans military budget exceeds the national budgets of Armenia and Georgia 5 times

Azerbaijan's military budget exceeds the national budgets of Armenia and Georgia, five timesAzerbaijan has established a record for the post-Soviet states for the purchase of foreign arms: Our homeland will deliver anti-aircraft missile system S-300 PMU-2 "winner", reports According to the report, last year, the Ministry of Defense Azerbaijan entered into an agreement with the "Rosoboronexport" for the supply of 2-divisions anti-missile (SAM), S-300 PMU-2 "winner." In Ukraine were bought MiG-29 fighters and armored vehicles, Israel — modern anti-tank missiles Spike, drones and other tool, South Africa upgraded attack helicopters Mi-24. Azerbaijan will soon receive from Russia the first two attack helicopters Mi-35M ordered from the party of 24 cars. The helicopters will be equipped with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) 9K114 «Sturm-V» (AT-6 "Spiral") and unguided missiles (NAR), C-8 caliber 80 mm and C-24-caliber 240 mm. For helicopters will be installed one machine gun 9-A-629 12.7 mm machine gun or two 9-A-622 7.62 mm and one 30-mm grenade launcher 9-A-800. Helicopter can carry from 50 to 500 kg of bombs.

This year Azerbaijan will start creation 120 mm mortars. Advanced Azerbaijani spices, it tool is a versatile (able to shoot projectiles as well as mine).

Also Azerbaijan began mass production of AK-74M, APA reports. Small instrument is issued in the country under license Russian Concern "Izhmash". Machines made for the armed forces of Azerbaijan under the title "Xazri" and have a number of differences from the Russian version of the tools.

From the Russian AK-74M automatic Azeri production is different setting on it night vision devices, laser guidance systems, lighting and sights. The appearance of guns also undergone a number of configurations. With all this weight "Xazri", manufactured under the cartridge of 5.45 mm, compared with the AK-74M is not pomenyalas.V armed forces will go languid Russian-made sniper rifle ST-14.5mm Istiglal. The priority objectives of the sniper rifles can be cars, planes and helicopters are parked, communications, fuel depots, against which are especially effective in the 20-mm shells. 14.5 mm ammunition used to shoot at a protected targets, for example by armored personnel carriers or fortified structures, or when shooting at kontrsnayperskoy huge range (about 3 km). TTX Istiglal: caliber H114 14.5 mm (or 20 mm) curb weight — 29 kg, total length — 2015 mm, barrel length — 1220 mm, maximum firing range — 2500-3000 m, magazine capacity — 3 or 10 rounds, the initial velocity (14 5 mm) — 1060 m / s.

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