Here come the mother, the mother of you … sue?

Defense establishment in the autumn call today introduced a number of innovations

Innovations that aim at a more liberalized its style in the eyes of recruits and their parents. In 1-x, of almost 7 thousand Sverdlovsk, which this fall will put on a military uniform, more than 2 thousand people will serve on the terrain of the Middle Urals — in other words, relatively close to home. In-2, parents were given the opportunity to accompany their own children right up to the very military unit. B-3, the recruit will be issued to each sim-card, with which he will be able to call his parents and a psychologist. Uzvonis, expensive defender of the motherland! All paid. And, once this mobile call, if you want it guaranteed confidential from his colleagues and command part.

Cheers, of course, the very desire to Army superiors somehow stronut business off the ground. But will it work this action "Call Mom"? Start with the fact that, if Man will begin to really torment, the mobile phone will be taken away again, if only for the sake of profit. But even if will be able to call the guy back home … Mother, of course, always ready to protect the offspring. But what she is able to do with his abusers? Come for hundreds of kilometers and slaps slapped his tormentors? Human rights activists complain? Those that? Come for hundreds of miles and …

Do not replace us in the sight of the fight against neustavschinoy its visibility? That's why, by the way, recruits were given a channel of communication with parents and the psychologist, not the military prosecutor's office or specific department of the local FSB? In which there is a possibility to punish criminals, and abilities.

Maybe it's the same army superiors should realize that the need to fight with neustavschinoy in reality, not in order to appease "hysterical-moms" (looking down on them from a significant bit of the officers perfectly understandable — they say, it's time to let the guy in life, and they cackle).

After all, every sight and tricks can bring down society into confusion only for six months or a year. Later the company sees — nothing has changed. And the youth continue to run the service. Well, even if you pull their socks up and block all the loopholes and catch fugitives on Forests … We will seriously believe that normally can wage war army, in which a significant portion of a fighter humiliated, angry and at a comfortable if the machine does not drain your enemy in, and tormentor, an older conscript? Battleworthy army — An army without a limitless bullying after curfew, no rape in the toilet and no soldiers' corpses to cut internal organs.

The military prosecutor's office, then the procedure is trying to put things, no question. According to the military commissar of the Sverdlovsk region Igor Lyamina first 8 months of 2010 thanks to the staff of the Army of Themis number of reported crimes in the armed forces was reduced by 10%, … but the number of cases of violence in front of the barracks, has increased by almost a third part. To explain this nonsense arithmetic is only one way: most of the episodes do not regitsya. Or the victims themselves are silent as fish on the ice. They are after all, the victims, dosluzhivat later in this section. With the stigma of "snitch." Even if transferred somewhere — stamp follow them.

Moreover, now require the applicant to bring witnesses. Logical demand, but who would agree? Peers beaten? And they need it? Sergeants? And why should they quarrel with the "old"? Officers? Most of barrack life passes by them. Well, do not they need the scandals in the assigned unit …

This, incidentally, is not idle speculation. Two years back in an interview with "BE" then military Attorney Yekaterinburg garrison, Colonel Yuri Justice Landak had to admit that the facts of certain violations of law in the military is very hard to justify. For example, coercion "conscripts" to signing the contract. On the old days, such as "Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg" lamented ancestry Internal Troops of 3526 (the settlement Lebyazhe, Leningrad Region): say, their sons against their will try to translate the contractors to send in Dagestan. Deputy Commander of the Leningrad Military District on the MIA Gennady Marchenko, this information is not denied, but assured that the yearlings are sent not to wage war, and … build the Olympic facilities in Sochi. I do not know that the Deputy Commander in school was geography, but the city of Sochi is not exactly in Dagestan.

And because of this, there is regular and hard-hitting question: would it make sense to "generous" innovation of the Defense Ministry, if a personal call on sim-card will be able to recruit her mother, but mother, even came to the part of finding the truth, that truth is unlikely to achieve?

It would be logical to call for the empowerment of public organizations. But we will solve the problem of, and that? Is it time to be honest: the root prepyadstviya — the fact that so many in the army, and even in a society in fact does not consider "neustavschinu" something criminal and shameful. Say, cuffs and toilet rape — relevant part of manhood, instilling discipline. And what the young man if he could not go through with it?

Beaten, raped people for life shall lose respect for themselves and for the ability to independently think? For enthusiasts of "manhood" and it's not bad, they are even happy about it — they behold the human cog in the machine group or country.
And while we do not get to cope with these medieval attitudes, we have no army will not be today, nor society.

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