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Dr. Raymond Moody became world famous after the publication in 1975 of his book "Life After Life" in which he analyzed the stories of people who have visited almost on the light and come to life when the doctors have stated their death. The book became an instant best seller worldwide, and Moody has begun to explore another curious phenomenon, the so-called traveling in past lives. What was the result? Judge for yourself.

Through hypnosis a person can be returned during childhood or adolescence and determine which event the past traumatic his mind, had a substantial impact on the mental and physical state and beyond. "Beating" along with a patient traumatized by this situation, the therapist often achieves a significant improvement in the patient's condition, and even its complete cure. This practice is called hypnotic regression. In this therapy, the patient is immersed in time is not on your birth date. However, during these journeys into the past it sometimes happened that a patient would have slipped as his life and suddenly moved through time and space, feeling like a merchant in ancient Egypt or a witch at the stake Inquisition.

This unusual phenomenon was seen as some evidence of reincarnation, the belief that since ancient times is the central idea of the basic beliefs and religious practices of the East. Reincarnation provides the immortality of the soul, which again and again reborn in new bodies. Each new life is a kind of a lesson in which the soul of man is becoming more and more harmonious. It is worth noting that believed in reincarnation and the wise Plato, and the great mathematician Pythagoras even claimed that he had spent quite a lot of lives, including the life of the Trojan warrior, a shopkeeper, and even … a prostitute. According to some researchers, using hypnotic regression people just got in their past lives.

Many researchers are skeptical of travel in past lives through hypnotic regression, considering them simply daydream fantasies or hidden patients. About the same attitude to this phenomenon and Raymond Moody, however, after the publication of his famous book "Life After Life" began to come to him hundreds of letters in which people shared with him their memories of past lives. These letters and forced the scientist to take seriously the issue, but a personal experience researcher gave a powerful impetus to the beginning of the exciting two-year study.

It's one thing to hear about travel in past lives, ironically claiming that every certainly is found to be Napoleon or Cleopatra, and another thing to experience such a regression for yourself. When a friend of Dr. Moody psychologist Diana Denholm invited him to visit their former lives, the scientist could not even imagine how exciting and vibrant prove his impressions of the trip.

So Moody's is conveniently located in the chair, and Diana Denholm plunged him into a deep trance. In its first incarnation was a kind protogumanoidom Moody, a kind of transitional link between ape and man … He lived in trees, along with their relatives, pitching them on the huge nest. "I was moving in bent position, with hands dangling from the feet. I could barely stand up straight, but if you needed speed and agility and was moving around on four legs "- Moody writes in his book. Talk to these proto did not know how and experienced some fear to life at the bottom, out of trees. The feel of this incarnation was so bright that Moody literally felt like his chin juice flowing from bite them in the distant past of the fetus …

In his next life scientist turned black teenager in one of the African tribes, the historical period it was difficult to determine, it could be like BC, and in the relatively more recent times. In a third embodiment, Moody saw the old man himself, a shipbuilder. He was busy in the studio with his little granddaughter, telling her of the appointment of the various instruments. Then he took her to a ride on a boat. And then the unexpected happened: suddenly a huge wave hit the boat and turned it over. Leaving the bottom, Moody felt a nagging sense of guilt for what was responsible for the death of her granddaughter.

Immediately after the disaster was a scientist in the unit of primitive hunters, desperate attacking the mammoth. Animal skin covered only the chest and shoulders, it was cold and scary, especially when caught mammoth trunk of one of the hunters and crushed his skull … Do not dwell on the incarnation, in which Moody was a laborer at the dawn of civilization and literally starving to death along with his wife , proceed directly to the sixth embodiment, which is probably the most impressed traveler in past lives. This time he found himself in a civilization that was finally able to find out, it was ancient Rome, Moody found himself in a hole, which was about to be run lion … In this life, the scientist was a prisoner of the Romans, from the pit, he looked at the audience , who was looking forward to the bloody spectacle. That's a heck snapped, and the lion jumped …

When the terrible beast has gripped the jaw to the skull of the victim, Moody was transported to his seventh life. She also took place in ancient Rome, but this time he was not a prisoner, and noble man, this was indicated by the magnificent apartments. However, even in this life, the end was obviously frustrating when Moody in a white toga, enjoying lying on a couch, ran his excited son and told the crowd of commoners eager to get into the gate. He began to calm him down, but when looked out the window, he was seized by a genuine fear: a huge angry crowd could not hold back a handful of bewildered guards to terrible end clearly had not much …

In another embodiment, the scientist felt like a trader somewhere in the Middle East, he had his own small jewelry shop. Trade was good, but it is especially proud of his red-brick home, which is a wall abutted directly to the mountain. One day, when he returned home, he felt a strange oppressive silence gripped the heart of foreboding. Upon entering the room, he saw his dead wife and three small children and killed by robbers. The feeling of grief was so shrill that it became clear that his life ended soon after the tragedy.

The latest incarnation of Moody presented another surprise, this time it was … a woman, a Chinese artist. The creative joy, delight the magnificence of nature, close relationships with friends and family — it was all in this life, but in the end it was too scary — the impoverished old artist strangled a young rascal. He did not take anything in her house, killed just for the sake of the process of killing …

When Denholm led Moody of hypnotic trance, it turned out that the journey in nine of their past lives he spent just one hour. Impressions from the experience proved to be so bright that for some time the scientist simply stunned silence, and in his head emphatically sounded the issues raised by such an unusual experience for him. "Regression like no dreams, nor by dreams. They carry with them a sense of love. I seem to recall them, but did not invent "- this is what most puzzled Moody. Struck by the scientist and the fact that in some incarnations, he is sometimes seen as a whole from the outside, but from time to time with yourself in the body of the next incarnation. Curiously, even though he has experienced such an unparalleled journey into the past, he did not find it convincing proof of reincarnation, but only decided to conduct their own research on this phenomenon.

"Fifty psychology students who were engaged in Moody, enthusiastically agreed to participate in his experiments. As a result, a 2-year study, the scientists managed to identify 12 attributes that somehow characterize hypnotic regression to past lives are just a few of them: images of past lives, as a rule, visual

Believed to Raymond Moody after his studies in reincarnation? According to the scientist, we still know too little about his brain, perhaps past life regression — it's a fantasy of our brain, which he fills the rest phase, when the hypnotist as it disengages it from the problems associated with the current life.

Yet the title of the book "Life Before Life", which eventually reflected all Moody conducted research on the topic speaks for itself. And the attitude of the author to the reality of past lives most characterize his following lines: "I was asked recently," If held a hearing at which it was necessary to decide — whether there is reincarnation or not, I decided to trial by jury? "I think he would put the decision in favor of reincarnation. Most people are too mind-boggling their past lives, so they can explain them differently. "


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