Scientists warn biohakery soon will not hack computers and the human brain

February 12, 2013 15:43

biohakery soon will not hack computers and the human brainComputer virus has infected the human brain.

Scientists warn that soon may appear so called biohakery that will not break into computers and the human brain.

American experts fear the consequences of synthetic biology. They can be both positive and extremely dangerous. Given that science is always "evil genius", all can lead to "biological terrorists."
"This is one of the most powerful technologies in the world. Cells — a mini-computers, and DNA — a programming language. Already created a simple computer program based on it. But do not forget that DNA — a "key" to the human body, and "hacking" can lead to the creation of computer viruses that can infect humans, "- says Andrew Hessel (Andrew Hessel) of Singularity University (Singularity University) USA.
The result can be created microorganisms (programmed to determine the action of bacteria and viruses) that would "break" the human brain and control his thoughts and behavior.

In such a scenario, scientists will have to develop a DNA-anti-virus, says Hessel. The scientist noted that Bio-crime today is as unusual as it was computer crime in the early 80's, but it very quickly evolved.

All this is made possible by the discovery of genetics Craig Venter (Craig Venter) last year. He created a simple biosynthetic organism capable of reproduction. Creator named Cynthia body. "Venter opened the gates to the most cherished of human history, and perhaps, in his life. Opening in the future can be used to create the most powerful biological weapon, what you can imagine, "- commented on the opening of an Oxford University professor Julian Savulescu (Julian Savulescu).

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