The European Union has no plans to lift sanctions against Belarusian officials

October 21 in Brussels, EU diplomats agreed on the extension of sanctions against 41 Belarusian officials, including Alexander Lukashenko, said BelaPAN referring to the newspaper with EU Observer.

The sanctions prohibit high-ranking Belarusian officials from entering the EU. At the same time will be extended and a temporary moratorium on the sanctions against 36 officials from the list. There is still an exception, CEC Chairman Lidiya Yarmoshyna, Former Attorney General Viktor Sheiman, Former Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov andYuri Sivakov and the former commander of the Minsk riot militia Yuri Podobed, are not subject to the moratorium and can not enter the territory of the European Union.

The list, however, there is the former commander of a regiment of special purpose Dmitry Pavlicenco. Meanwhile, Colonel Pavlicenco considered one of the main defendants in the case of political disappearances.

It is assumed that the final decision on the extension of sanctions because of "the lack of progress in Belarus in areas such as the rule of law, human rights, freedom of speech, assembly and association" will be made on October 25.

In the document prepared by the Council of the EU, which agreed on the European diplomats, they call upon the Belarusian authorities for the presidential elections in accordance with the norms and standards of international law, according with EU Observer.



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