Volga Bulgaria

Volga Bulgaria. It was once on the Volga, in the area of the modern republic of Tatarstan, such a government. It was well over and done with, dissolving in the sands of time. No one now would not have thought of the word "Bulgaria", if it were not for bad luck. Yes, what a bad luck — a catastrophe. The large-scale, epic in scope, painfully Russian. Days of July 10 at the Kuibyshev reservoir, 3 km from the coast tourist boat sank with the same title. This tragedy was the biggest in the history of Russian river traffic, even at this point it is clear that the number of victims will exceed 100 man. July 12 announced days of public mourning.

Double-deck passenger ship "Bulgaria" sank in the Kuibyshev reservoir in 13 hours 58 minutes. According to witnesses the ship sank to the bottom for 3 minutes, zatonuv at a depth of about 20 meters. SOS signal ship did not serve because of the disaster on the bank learned with a significant delay. Only 1.5-2 hours surviving passengers and crew members picked up a passing ship "Arabella", only to its board raised the 76 people (53 passengers and 23 crew members) 3 more people were raised on some distance to board the "Meteor" .

According to the official data on the ship was to be 148 passengers (particularly as many people have caught tours), and 23 crew members, eight service personnel and 4 animator — only 183 people. But in fact, the ship was 208 man. It turns out that some of the passengers — 25 men — sailed on the ship "hares". Their existence Emergency Situations Ministry has learned during the rescue operation.

Tragedy occurred so quickly that the lower the boats on the water just do not have time. But even if they lowered, liferafts and lifeboats still would not be enough, they were designed for 156 people. With all of this inflatable life rafts and life jackets came into play all on board were 177 life jackets, including children. The flesh is triggered automatically when the ship sinking.

Passenger motor ship "Bulgaria"

Immediately after the disaster opened the picture the poor state of the ship, which, as it turns out, was in fact known to all, not including controlling the municipal authorities. That is yet another inspection of the vessel was held June 15, 2011, the ship has been found fit for use, and safety and rescue equipment meet all the requirements of the River Register. This is the company said "AgroRechTur being subtenant ship also confirmed the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. With all of this in your own last flight — ship went off without a license for the transportation of people.

The ship "Bulgaria" cruise ship belonged to the Project 785 was built in Czechoslovakia in 1955. At the time of the accident the vessel was 56 years old, with all this, the only full repair ship was held in 1980.

That's why the version about the deterioration of the ship and its equipment out on the first plan. Proof of this was the data released by the General Prosecutor's Office after the disaster. Last complete renovation on the ship was held 30 years ago, the license for the transportation of passengers missing. On the ship, there was a failure of the left engine. In its own last campaign "Bulagariya" went, with the slope on the right side, was also admitted overload the vessel. Tilting vessel could be due to the fact that the fuel was filled only with the right tank or in that the vehicle had not been released sewage tank.

Played a role in the crash and the weather, although forecasters announced a storm warning was in the region of the disaster was a strong squally wind, there was a thunderstorm. According to the survivors of the crash, wave height could reach 2 meters. One reason for the ship's sinking frisky could be that the lower portholes on the ship were open, which helped Hassle-free water into the ship. The portholes were open due to the lack of the ship Kondyukov. The low placement of the windows and the lack of watertight bulkheads is one of the features of the ships of the project.

At the current time, the prosecutor's office engaged in checking the activities of 3 companies, which have already been made seizures of documents: the owner of the vessel "Kama River Shipping Company," tenant "Breeze" and the sub-lessee "AgroRechTur", Russian River Register also responsible for issuing certificates of readiness river Vessel for use.

Rescue work at the crash site photos: http://www.mchs.gov.ru/

Already at this point it can be argued that the tragedy could serve as a prerequisite for depreciation of machinery and equipment of the vessel, the likely absence of training of the team, the neglect of safety rules. And two of these humane qualities like greed — the desire to make money at any cost and indifference, indifference of our people. Revealing in terms of greed is the fact that Kazan tour operator company "InturVolga" engaged in the sale of tickets to the ship, which has no license to carry passengers. The activities of the tour operator will also be tested by the supervisory bodies.

Characteristics of indifference or apathy of our people can find even more. About the deplorable condition of the vessel knew many of the team to the people who had the opportunity to swim in this boat. At the moment, the web can be found much evidence of people living and in paints describe the condition of the ship and its "comfort". But on blogs and forums dealing so, apparently, and did not get. Some people have splashed out a plainclothes position on the web, in fact, making only half-step, which could not prevent the tragedy, I do not read our forums and regulatory authorities do not conduct checks on such posts, if they are not "extremist" nature. Other people podmahnuli conclusion of Fitness for the operation and now they are likely to be very interested in the prosecution and investigation committee. Still others have shown just the height of cynicism. According to testimony by survivors took them at least 2 vessels — barge and tanker that are not even made attempts to rescue people in the water. At the current time, these vessels are installed and their captains have already done the work. According to the Minister of Transport Igor Levitin, the captains of the data will be taken most formidable measures the likely punishment.

It creates the impression that in the modern Russian Federation completely forgotten about this concept of prevention. Now we readily heroically overcoming the consequences of various man-made disasters, without thinking about how to do so, to reduce their number to a minimum. Opening is in the process of investigating the facts forced to question the effectiveness of many ministries and departments, as normality existing reality.

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