AvtoVAZ began to develop a new Lad

Executive Vice President, Operations and Technical Development of "AvtoVAZ" South Demarchelier shared information about the new models LADA, which is currently working on Togliatti auto giant.

"There is a project that we call LADA B. Today the Russian market, we have a strong position on the car "Priora», LADA B should further strengthen this position. Personally, I think that we will be able to offer a vehicle that will be of interest and costs, and in terms of consumer qualities. BM-Hatch, B-Cross and LADA in — our forward-looking cars on the years 2015-2016, these projects are already being implemented, "- said South Demarchelier.

According to a top manager of AvtoVAZ, after upgrading the third line of the main conveyor it will assemble models of different platforms — LADA B and B0.

"Now we begin the third phase of development. The first is the "grant", "Largus" and the second generation of "Kalina", and in the future — with a hatchback "Grants". The second stage — LADA In, BM-Hatch and B-Cross. Third — A few years — development of class. But it is important that all our new offers should continue to be attractive for the price, and consumers need to be confident that the quality of LADA is not in doubt, "- said Demarchelier.

In addition, the alliance AvtoVAZ-Renault-Nissan is considering expanding the range of engines of the cars: a 1.6-liter engine can be added the power unit of 1.8 liters. The development of the new engine is already underway.

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