Christianity, too, was dividedby as much as several parts: Eastern Christianity — Orthodox Church, and the Western — Catholicism; Arian church, which in the Crimea, and in Europe, and in Egypt, and Morocco, there is still a kopskoe direction — the Copts, Egypt, the Middle East. And then departed from the Catholic — Lutheran, Protestant, Anglican, Huguenots, and others

 Orthodox orthodox Christianity also divided. Ie knowledge sharing in the 13th century, when the common people forced upon Christianity, and the tip of practicing Judaism, called — the heresy of the Judaizers. Then during the Old Believers split Nikon and Nikonians. Believers then began to break up. And officially remains Nikonianism also shared in the early 20th century in the Russian Orthodox Church, which in Russia and the ROCOR, that is abroad. And then in the 90's there was also a True Orthodox Church.

Then we will analyze all this company to the stone in order for you to know what people breathe, how they talk. As not to affect their self-esteem. Because it's all — children. A Slavs tried not to hurt children. Well, that they take, if they — the children? And plusSlavs have always been tolerant.A law: Do not reject the gods, unknown to you, everyone is free to believe their gods. What is meant by that phrase? I — my father, you have — your father. Here we were sitting and arguing whose dad is better. For you, your dad is better for me — my. But for us they are the Gods — the Creator. So why argue about whose dad is better?

Many people ask:Why are Muslims (Palestinians) are howling with Jews, Muslims and Christians are fighting, all fighting each other, if you say that they have the same faith?So, they all have different belief. I answer: Not at all, they have the same faith. Andthis confirms the QuranSura (ie head) 5 Meal verse (ie verse) 50, 51: and note, though Islam and separated himself, but he's bound and religion Sheth, where polytheism, so Allah for Muslims, though one Lord, but he seems to be the One in the Many, and therefore his translation is in the plural form — We:

50. "And We have sent in the wake of their Isa (ie Jesus), son of Maryam (ie Mary), confirming the truth of what was before him in the Torah (five books of Moses and it is), and We bestowed on him Gospel (and this is the book "The New Testament"), in which — the manual (ie instruction, how to live), and light, and confirming the truth of what was before him in the Torah (ie, the gospel as it confirms what was before him in the Torah), and the guidance and admonition for the God-fearing.

51. Let the owners of the Gospel judge sweat that Allah sent down in it. And who does not judge by what Allah has sent down, those — transgressors "(here fucker not in the modern sense of the word, as in the old: there is a traveler who knows his way, and there is a libertine, is someone who can not decide on what way to go, and he tosses).

Thus 50, 51 verses of Surah 5 MealsThe Quran says that the Quran, the Bible, the Torah — it's all one and the same doctrine. And the sameThe Bible says, when all they have splitin Kratz, Abraham and Sarah. Sarah could not bear and gave her Egyptian maidservant Hagar to her husband as a concubine. And she gave birth to a son, Ishmael. And then Sarah gave birth to her. Now, Abraham, he blessed the two sons. And according to Judaic law blesses only original senior or the one who chose, and he had preimuschestvomi supremacy, though Abraham and blessed them both. And it turns out that the Ismailis ie representatives of Islam, the Arabs, as if they are descended from Ishmael, the elder son. And they believe that all the laws, which are described in the Torah, the Koran, the younger brothers must obey the elders, respect for the laws. And the Jews, as the younger descendants of Abraham, too, but only in younger, declare: No, we — Thoroughbreds, and you from a slave, so we pozhchinyatsya you will not, you have to obey us. But while they have the same system.

And note, now write that Jesus was an Aryan, which beat almost all of Russia, India, China, Japan, and been everywhere. No one can write anything you want. Not the point. Who he was no nationality should never guess this is the Bible, where the first verse of chapter 1 of the gospel "Genealogy Iisusa.Hrista, Son of David, Son of Abraham." Ienot God, but the son of David, son of Abraham. The Aryans were never sons of David and Abraham.

Therefore, Jesus in the same Gospel of Matthew chapter 10, Article 5, 6, said the way of the Gentiles, and do not go to the city of Samaritans enter ye not,. But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. In gl.15 Article 24, 25, when the disciples asked him to help a woman whose daughter was ill, he replied:I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel;. Ie no one more, just for them. And so: Go into all nations, baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! Jesus said it is not. Paul said it. Ie he simply used the system to subject people to create another structure. The Bible explains how there was a division among them.

And so: first in religion was one thing, but coming after people gave their interpretation. Note, often write about the prophetic gift of various writers. There are some lines in Blok, ponder the meaning: "Of the twelve twelfth Judas of thirteen thirteenth — the Christ."

ie as if out of all the 12 apostles the most outstanding was Judas. And out of 13 from across the company — Christ himself. Many people say, Judas betrayed. But who wrote it? Matthew in the first place, because it is the gospel — the first. But notice. Gospel of Matthew, chapter 9 verse 9:

"Going from there, he saw a man sitting at the tax office, named Matthew, and saith unto him, Follow me. And he rose and followed him. "

Only in the ninth chapter, verse 9 Jesus called Matthew. All that is described before, Matthew could not know. It means he is someone assigned. Or written about him. Think of Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita". Court at Pontius Pilate: Do you know a man named Matthew? — Oh, it's the man who called me a son of a dog? He looks after me and writes something, but there is no truth.

"Gospel of the Kingdom (?) In heaven" there is also the apostle Judas Simone also said that when Jesus passed by Matthew, who was a tax collector, Matthew, Jesus the son of a dog called names, rootless. Ie son of a dog means — that is rootless one that has a mother, but his father is unknown. "You call yourself the king, and who you really are?" Then Jesus said, Arise, go and listen. And you will know who I am.

But back to Judas. Gospel of Peter, the Gospel of Andrew, the Gospel of Nathaniel, the Gospel of Philip, all said that when the soldiers came to take Jesus in Rome, all twelve drew their swords. But Jesus stopped them. Ie what? Judas not brought them. Or what? He brought them and then stood on the side of Jesus with a sword or something? So, the picture changed completely. And at the Last Supper in the Secret Book of John Jesus said: One of you will betray me elected. ELECTED, because that is written in the prophets. And the first Peter: Is it I, Master (?), A teacher elected? — Not you. — Why not me? — Because no time to cock crow three times, how do you deny me three times. And John then asks Rabbi, but who? Jesus answered: He who with me dipped his hand into the bowl of the Holy Grail. Ie in Western movies — the Holy Grail, the cup Grayalya. But where in the Bible says about it? How not. And those — there is mention. And Jesus turns to Judas and says: What was told, do it. — What should I get? Jesus answered: You'll get 30 coins and they will buy the potter's field.

Ie for what should have been a potter's field? That there, the first community, bought land and started to work on it. Because think about it, Acts of the Apostles Chapter 1, verse 20:

"In the book of Psalms says," so be it yard desolate, and let no man dwell therein, "and" to take advantage of it so different. "

If Judas was a traitor, what could be the advantages of a traitor? And who ought to let him be his yard is empty?

Article 21: "Wherefore (who seek? Molchok, huh?), That one of those who were with us all the time stayed and talked with us the Lord Jesus. 22. Beginning from the baptism of John … "

And who was baptized with Jesus? All students? No. he called them after baptism. Took only two students of Jesus. Took what? Judah and took Arius. Two students. Therefore, in the Gospel of Matthew in chapter 10 to Article 5 (? Error?) States where, who, how Jesus called. And then he wrote: And as Judas Iscariot, who betrayed him. Ie not have time to call, already delivered, right? Signed. But no one says, when he was drafted. Because it was originally with Jesus. Matthew And what Judas did not vzlyubil? In the Bible it is said: because Judas was, as would say today, the treasurer or the clerk of Commons, and it had all the money. And Matthew wanted to get it myself. But he did not give. Why would he want to get yourself? First, he was a tax collector. But the tax collector to collect taxes and to the owner, and do not forget yourself. Ie He has a habit, so he did not give because he would still spend the money on themselves.

Art. 22. "Starting from the baptism of John until the day that he was taken up from us, was a witness with us of his resurrection."

Ie In the Gospel of Peter says:

"And he came and resurrected Jesus and all … (?)"

ie to his disciples. And in the Gospel of Matthew it invented it, Judas hanged himself on an aspen tree. But the branch broke off and fell into the abyss, and there crashed and crows devoured his, well, head and share. Well, first of all, well, not in Israel is growing aspen. It is time. Second, even if he is hanged, yeah — a Jew and for someone and hung up, right? Let it even mentor. It can not be this. Hanged himself, and Jesus came: Hello student. Well hang on aspen. Yes? Absurd? Absurd. Ie something they have not fused in the Bible.

In free translation of the Last Supper, Jesus comes, and there is a banquet, all the fun, half drunk, wine obpilis who sing, who dance, who Mary Magdalene embraces. Jesus asks Peter, what's going on here? Where the money for all this? — And, Judas sold something.

Acts chapter 2, I do not say nothing, as Jesus, and the Qur'an says that he came only to the lost sheep of Israel. Therefore, Ch. 2 Article 36 reads as follows:

"So know assuredly, all the house of Israel, that God has made (ie appointed) Lord (ie the ruler) and Christ (ie the Savior), this Jesus whom you crucified."

IeJesus became the Lord only after the crucifixion. He was appointed. Therefore, all the previous ones, as to him, and as a young child and as an adult, "Lord" address — it's all fiction.

First Epistle to the Corinthians, Chapter 12 Art. 3, it says here: "No one can call Jesus Lord, but by the Holy Ghost."

And we have on TV in the morning to 8 of 12 channels: Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus. Mistaken: the Holy Spirit.

Many argue thatThe Bible, Christianity — a monotheistic religion. While God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit — it is like a single person, a kind of holy trinity of the three goals, but the Lord is one. And at the same time we read the Lord Adonai, the Lord Jesus, the Lord Jehovah, in any chapel, even the village, under the dome painted grandfather on a throne on Tuchke is written: The Lord Almighty Warrior hosts. So excuse me, Lord have one, or all the same set?

And in Acts chapter 2 tbsp. 34 says, "For David is not ascended into the heavens, but he himself says:" The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit at my right hand "

ie on your right. Ie two gentlemen talk to each other, or the Lord says to himself?

Genesis Chapter 3 st22: "And the Lord God said, Behold the man is become as one of us, knowing good and evil."

He did not say, "As I". He said: As one of us.

I want you to understand that we will detailstudy all of these religious movements and systemsnot to make fun of someone, no! And in order to know how they think, how they live, and the people around you breathe. Knowing the enemy doctrine, our ancestors said, we are already half-armed against them. To protect, and not to attack. It's in their Christianity: hit on one cheek — turn the other. And we have another: hit on the cheek — may change. Or as it is now the youth said, was hit on the cheek — cut off the hand of shock: the next time there will be nothing to beat.

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