General Director of Dry: Chinese copy of the Su-33 can not be compared with the original

China copy Su-33 does not go to any comparison with the Russian original, said Tuesday at air show "Farnborough 2010" CEO of the company "Sukhoi" and "MiG" Misha Pogosyan.

"We have questions to the Chinese workers on the Su-33 aircraft Sou-27 to the licensed program there, "- said Pogosyan, commenting at the request of the journalists reported that China Tipo ends tests of aircraft, which is a copy of the Russian Sou-33.

"This question We will be solved by negotiations through signed agreements between the two countries, including for the protection of intellectual background, "- he said." We are studying the international aviation market and who like working — customers and competitors "- added Pogosyan.

"With all of this, I believe that no copy can not be compared with the original. In this sense, we are not afraid of competition, "- he said.

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