General, who refused to Kalashnikov, dismissed for explosions

Chief Alexander Grau Romanovsky went to the hospital before retirement. According to the "News" General put aside because of the frequent bombings in the near future ammunition stockpiles.

On Tuesday, it was clear about one big retirement in the Defense Ministry. Just behind the main "teacher" Sergei Chvarkovym military department and the senior leaves on small arms and ammunition, the chief of the Head of missile and artillery control Gen.-Major Alexander Romanovsky.

As told to "Izvestia" a source in the General Staff, General put aside because of the frequent bombings in the near future ammunition stockpiles.

— As for the company meets the Grau arsenals, the last Romanowski made for participating in the near future explosions in warehouses. Although, of course, does not make the situation better parent control the agency can not — the financing of works approved by the State Duma, and nothing beyond that Grau can not do — explained the source of "Izvestia".

On Tuesday, the phone itself Romanowski did not answer, but before Gen. confirmed that he was in the hospital.

Surrounded by Romanovsky, "Izvestia" explained that he is prepared to replace "some of GABTU" — Head Armored Directorate, which is responsible for the supply of military equipment to the troops.

First deputy chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Viktor Zavarzin explained that the issue of improving the system of arsenals, not so long ago was considered at a closed meeting in the Duma.

— Deputy Minister Dmitry Bulgakov presented the scheme of modernization of military depots and announced the amount that is required to end the cycle of work — about 90 billion rubles. This is a harsh means, for the moment we will work on their evolution, as it is very harsh question — since majestically Russian war remained thousand and thousands of tons of obsolete munitions that need to be addressed, and the arsenals themselves — do not dangerous — explained Zavarzin.

He added that after the explosions Defence Minister signed a series of directives to tighten control over the storage and disposal of ammunition. In particular, special attention is paid to training and grounds for liquidation.

Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Viktor Ozerov, declined to comment on personnel decisions, which is not officially announced, but explained that the storage and disposal of ammunition to elevate.

— Should pay more attention to the prevention of unauthorized access to warehouses, to increase fire safety measures, so around arsenals was not even dry grass, which can transmit the fire, also exclude the occurrence at the sites for disposal of shells of random people. This should be done not conscripts, and the master, — explained the lake.

Explosions in landfills frequent in the spring of 2012. May 2 at the site Moulineaux near Nizhny Novgorod in unloading ammunition exploded shell. Six soldiers were killed, four were wounded. May 18, 280 km from Vladivostok detonated 100-mm projectiles, two injured soldiers were evacuated to about 1.8 million local residents.
May 25 at the firing range in the Astrakhan region Ashuluk "KamAZ" blown up 145 boxes of grenade. 11 fighter had to be evacuated out of the car. May 28 came on a truck with ammunition for disposal at the landfill Tsugol near Chita.
On May 30 there was a testing ground near Khabarovsk explosion when disposing of ammunition. Three soldiers were injured by shrapnel.
Noteworthy that specifically Grau running Romanowski in the past year declined from purchasing at the "Izhmash" Kalashnikov AK-74, explaining that the overcrowding in warehouses and low-fighting features of the machine.

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