Humanity is stripped of the last chance for salvation


The French authorities block access to the mountain where the aliens were to arrive. French authorities on the eve of the end of the world, which, according to the Mayan calendar, must come December 21, block access to the mountain Byugarash. It is at this peak, as stated believe in supernatural powers, it will be to survive the apocalypse.


The prefect of the city Carcassonne, located in the foothills of the Pyrenees, has closed access to the peak from 19 to 23 December, according to Le Monde. The reason for such a decision of the authorities were fears that by December 21 at the mountain will come to 100 thousand tourists and religious fanatics. In this case, located at the foot of the mountain village of the same name Byugarash in which to live of 176 people, just not able to take so many guests.

Protect the mountain from those who survive the end of the world will be hundreds of police officers and firefighters. They will block all approaches to the peak and mountain trails. In the event of an excessive influx of tourists and the authorities are ready to close the entrance to the town.

In addition, together with the police on duty will come cavers and air space in the Mount will be declared a no-fly zone. Thus, the city authorities expect to ensure the safety of people and to prevent a possible stampede.

Mountain Byugarash for centuries has attracted the attention of occultists because of its unique properties. It is believed that there are hidden treasures of the Order of the Knights Templar. According to numerous testimonies of the many caves regularly hears strange sounds, and over the top is often seen strange light effects.

Some believe Byugarash "UFO underground parking." However, they believe that the Day of Judgment aliens descend the mountain. The aliens, in their view, be allowed to board their ship for those who want to survive. However, the chance for salvation is only in pieces.

According to the mayor, Jean Pierre Byugarasha Delorda, his village and the mountain always attracted people who believe in the esoteric. "They've been here before, they will continue to come," — he said The Guardian. As the Delord, the number of tourists in the area Byugarasha growing year by year. If in 2010 the village visited ten thousand people, in 2011 — already twice the size.

Sam Delord is trying to put an end to the pilgrimage to the mountain since 1995, when its surroundings were committed ritual murder. But he did not rule out that the fanatics, yielding universal psychosis, can go to the Day of Judgment for reckless acts.

Sergei Bobchinsky

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