Time history of configurations for the Bundeswehr

Time of historic change for the Bundeswehr

Bundeswehr waiting for constructive reform since its founding in 1955. German forces will be smaller, and their management structures will be slimmer. On Wednesday, the German government has approved plans for the appropriate Department of Defense.

Obsolete clumsy structure, which also are very expensive for the country — is the main reason that the year before last minister German Defence Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg began the process of reforming the Bundeswehr. The first step in the direction of large configurations in the German armed forces was the suspension of mandatory military service in March of this year.

The forthcoming reform progress is on Wednesday the government of Germany's leading military and the general public minister Defence Thomas de Mezieres. He changed a lot in terms of reforms, which left his predecessor. And if we start from the first, fairly low-key estimates opposition professionals on military matters, these configurations — to the best. Bundeswehr hereinafter shall become effective armed forces, better meet international standards.

Conserve, reduce, promote

Priemuschestvenno concept of reform of the Bundeswehr in the form in which it has minister de Mezieres, reduced to four important Sat. We are talking about reducing the number of troops from 220 thousand to 175 — 185 000 soldiers. Accordingly, the expected savings funds in a few billion if zu Guttenberg at the time it was about 8.3 billion euros by 2015, his successor de Mezieres, of course, was able to achieve in the negotiations with the Ministry of money lowering this number. In general, the Bundeswehr to save constructively and on. One of the austerity measures will be, namely, a reduction of one third of posts in the Ministry of Defence.

One of the most difficult tasks of the reform of the Bundeswehr, is verbovanie volunteers to serve in the army. If at the time of the previous Secretary of Defense planned to seek out once a year to 15 thousand young people who have joined the ranks of the German army, at this time palpably more modest plans. It is a question of just 5 tyschah volunteers a year. It's not much, convinced the opposition Social Democrats. Their experts on defense issues based on the fact that a good goal would be to seek out once a year for the Bundeswehr about 7.5 thousand volunteers who are willing to perform military service.

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