Time of contract

Time of contract

I have long wished to describe their own experience of joint service with this group of soldiers. The debate about whether they're needed or not, do not abate. They were called the inhabitants of manholes, recruited into the army at the beer stand on the ad. They are also called the future of our army prof. Those bones, which will allow wage war is not the number and skill.

1st contractors with whom I have come across, appeared in 1994. Just change the place of service to Yerevan on Aksai, Rostov region, I was in the 22th brigade of special purpose GRU. Brigade in 1993 was brought here from the village Perepechkyul, who was under Baku. She stood in the open field in tents.

The introduction of the first to look for contract and failed. That period was different lots of chores and almost no training. Teach their specialty spy did not seem likely. Put on the senior chores on digging ditches, cleaning and other areas was ineffective. Team capabilities they did not have, and ask how to conscript soldier, not go. Motivation was a weak, wages penny, and incentives in the form of disciplinary sanctions are effective or not, or do not apply to them. They fell out of the many activities of life of military units.

To classes that were irregular, contractors walking normally, although there are often asked awkward questions to commanders, soldiers of which does not ask. Not adored drill, found all over the rational. So if commanders were ill-prepared for classes in the presence of contractors felt uncomfortable. Contractors served for three months and quit.

Followed by a set of contract soldiers were conscripts who signed a contract for six months before being dismissed in store. In 1993-1994, the brigade units were involved in actions for the settlement of the Ossetian-Ingush conflict. Units, sometimes replacing each other out, making puzzles for the protection of Representatives Provisional Authority, from time to time in the forests was carried out search for illegal armed groups. Vladikavkaz had the opportunity to engage in military training and sports. Fighters such service liked. We were stationed in one of the barracks of the former-Arms School. Naturally, the conditions for life were excellent. We even visited the swimming pool, which has not previously beheld not only the soldiers, and officers.

Time of contract

At this time, the opportunity to sign a contract in the course of military service, and the part of the soldiers who visited North Ossetia, has expressed a desire to enter the service under the contract. They served well. All were from the Rostov region and, of course, had laid for contract benefits: living at home, walking to the service from 9 to 18.00, receive more in comparison with the men conscripted foreign exchange allowance. Company officers felt that finally appeared sensible contractors. I also thought that they would become the backbone of our company, facilitate the training of a new call themselves further enhance the level of their own profiles. Unfortunately, this was not the case. As there was an order of dismissal of their appeal, they wrote a report about the cancellation of the contract.

They just used a loophole in the law to make it easier for yourself army life and increment currency composition. Month persuaded them to continue their service, conducted educational work, even threatened criminal act of fraud, but they were firm. Confused with them, as with the military, was no more, and six weeks later they were fired.

The disaster Yurina

To illumine 1994 contract servicemen formed a generally negative outlook. The vast majority of officers believed that anything decent from this category of personnel is not expected, and tried hard to get rid of them. At this time in our company of another contractor was appointed, precisely, just one. His name was Jurin. His height was below average, thin, wheat-colored hair brushed straight back. He also wore a mustache, which was isolated as a host of other fighters. Yet he was inconspicuous, did not differ in any sport, in any combat training. Discipline and the day or did not break, because everyone left him alone.

It is not clear, like happened to him and how much he would have served, but began a few months later the first Chechen campaign had brought dramatic adjustments to his fate.

In summary grouping of 22th Brigade joined our company as a whole. Is nominated in Mozdok group located on the outskirts of a military airfield. Jurin not quit, and went with us. Here and soldiers, and officers lived in the same tent, because previously existing differences between contractors and soldiers conscripts were gone. Opportunity Jurin was more suited to be a sniper, and he became them. With the responsibility of a mature man began to study the latest own specialty. Shooter, he was quite average, but the topography, the choice of the position and its disguise, he explored very well.

Next to the grouping of 22 Brigade were other groups and teams — and Berdsk Asbestovsky. Especially liked all Berdskaya team. It was 90 percent completed by contractors. Men are strong and perfectly cooked. Even the part to be seen how smoothly and quickly they make the team. Skill felt in everything they do — from the ready position to fight to the tents. Our conscripts and Jurin not looked at their background. It is logical that the group Berdsk brigade first went on a mission in the mountains. There were several amphibious operations, in which they perform well. Series of successful ambushes and destroyed communications brought them respect among special forces and submit to the state awards.

Their success really thrashed the prestige of the 22 OBrSpN and razedupravleniya Squaw. Since December 25, 1994 by landing in the mountains near the village of Komsomolsk was planted Brigade Group, which was the backbone of our company. Problem was: exploration of ways reinforcements fighters from the mountains to the harsh, organizing ambushes and roadside bombs. Jurin was in the group.

Razvedvyhod was bad. Jurin was captured by the rebels and went through all the circles of hell. They learned that he was a contract soldier, and to them from the rebels was the attitude of a lot worse than to conscript.

Any one of the captives was filmed on camera, and each were charged according to the Criminal Code of Ichkeria in genocide, mass murders, etc. So Makarov, was a real danger of being killed or, at best, to spend the rest of their own days behind bars. Subtle bullying fighters know a lot, and the main contractor severity Jurin moved with dignity.

Everyone, including him, managed to free from captivity. After rehabilitation, he returned again to the service in Chechnya. I'm already a company commander and took him to his unit. But that was not the Jurin, who all knew before.

He became withdrawn, even more severe, and hungry for revenge. Started abusing alcohol. I thought it was the consequences of captivity, and his hopes that with time everything will be settled.

First summer began army operation in the area of n. § Agishty. Jurin, along with other contractors, who not so long ago arrived at the company, also has a role. He has proved himself very well.

After returning from combat operations under Agishty fighters needed rest
, mental unloading. Conscripts were given a chance to sleep, and for officers and contract with the permission of the commander laid the table. Everything went quiet. I already sent a note to Yurina anger and alienation from his team. Not knowing what action to take, decided to entrust it to the problem of his own deputy editor of educational work. Do this, I did not have time.
The morning of day or the subsequent shooting was scheduled to which it was necessary to take stock of ammunition on the field. They were to receive Jurin and recently arrived contractors Marin and Queens.

In the morning I woke up and the other officers of the explosion in the area of staff.
After 5 minutes, a messenger came running at headquarters and in an excited voice announced:
— Comrade Captain, there Jurin blown …
Of sleep all at one time left. Rapidly dressed and hurried to the scene. There opened a horrible scene: Jurin was sitting on wood flooring and helplessly dangling his feet, more precisely, what is left of them. The legs were cut off in the lower leg, and bloody meat sticking out from under the debris of white bone, right foot, shod in a shoe hung on a longish patch of it to his skin. With all this he was completely calm.

— Comrade Captain, two streamers I took off, and the third did not, — reported Jurin everyday voice. Everyone was shocked by what he saw, throwing off his off his stupor, stuck promedol and made an emergency bandage. Ran our doctors put him on a stretcher, and 5 minutes later came an APC, and we took him to the medical battalion who was near.

While I was Yurina fate, there was no time to analyze what happened. On his return to the company there was a question: "What kind of stretching shot Jurin, as they could be inside the battalion and why Jurin was away from the place where he should be?"
It turned out everything after I read the explanatory Marina and the Queen.

From the explanatory appeared that day Marin and Queens got up to get ammunition, and Jurin did not want to climb. They woke him and the force pushed out into the street. Force to follow them in their did not go, for some reason, he walked towards the building. There they caught up with him and, in order to bring to life, weigh a couple of slaps. Jurin then pulled from the pocket RG-42 grenade, pulled out a ring and said that would undermine all. Contact with him, and they did not go for ammunition without it. When they were in the warehouse, there was an explosion. Explanatory head stock, confirm it was right there. It turned out the subsequent: Jurin, pulling the ring, it does not reverse thrust, and held a grenade in his hand. Sitting on the deck, he fell asleep, his hands unclenched grenade fell down at his feet, and there was an explosion. Grenade, as it turns out, Jurin picked up during the last razvedvyhoda when we inspect militant bases. Because he did not pass it after returning to base.

In this investigation is over. The guilty punished himself. They cut off his leg. I met him in the Rostov infirmary, remains a painful memory. I have never left a bitter residue and the feeling that I, as a commander, something left unfinished. After so many years of experience with the current position, I understand that the reason for the disaster lay in the trauma after the captivity. He needed a long rehabilitation, and non-combat actions. Where at the moment Jurin, I do not understand, maybe heads fund veterans of the Chechen war, and maybe begging in Rostov intersections.

The Dogs of War

Yurina disaster has had a strong negative impact on his colleagues, but battle spirit did not break. In the company of contractors was 10, and have proven themselves in combat they are fine. In the main these were men from the Rostov region, all strong, all after military service, but without the experience of Scouting. Learn the tricks of the intelligence they need to be anew. Motivation for men was powerful. We had all the ability to organize high-quality training. Any ammunition in the right quantity, any mines, unlimited service life. The venue of the training were the two careers that were near the dislocation Fri squad. The only thing that it was difficult to do — courses for tactical and special training. Neither the city nor the mountain to simulate conditions was impossible. A pair of mountain combat exits with the following analysis of a broker to correct deficiencies tactical gaps. And officers had to be trained. Demanded cancellation of their different level of technique and organization of the educational process. Omission or rather weak knowledge of the subject has led to a loss of credibility. Not fond of contractors simplifications and thoughtless drill. But if you have the correct infantry training, they practiced with enthusiasm and passion. Most of all, they could not tolerate a single drill training. I myself believe that there is nothing more stupid than treading into squares lined with asphalt. Sometimes, when such employment ended in conflict. In the end, I canceled the drill sergeant. Only occasionally held classes on the knowledge of approach and to the chief of saluting military greeting and collective movement systems.

Contractors found great application capabilities that are an indispensable in the organization of everyday life. One was a stone mason, another a carpenter, third cook. In the end, life of our company has become an order of magnitude better than in other parts of the battalion, and contractors have to use reverence. They are often asked to assist the commanders of the other's mouth.

All the same, and combat training, and daily life — it's just a base for combat missions. Soon these puzzles poured from the horn of abundance.
First, the summer of 1995 it seemed that the approaching denouement already rather protracted war in Chechnya. Severe and the whole area lowland Chechnya, under the control of federal forces. In fact control was weak.

First clash with the militants came out of contract at support staff car group. Ensure the safety of three left not so long ago, we were transferred to a contractor of the 205th Motorized Rifle Brigade. They just drove away from Khankala is at the crossroads of staff car came under fire, which the militants started with the side of the road because of the concrete slabs. The first shots were injured driver and two officers in the lounge. APC support, in which contractors were slightly behind the "loaf". Because the fire started, the rebels did not know about his presence. Contractors, promptly left the armor opened return fire. A Vetochkin Inyatkin through the yards and went to the rear of the rebels and, in the dash, shot two of them. Others managed to escape.

The troops moved south where there were still hunted in the mountains of Dudayev's separatist groups. After their defeat of the war was to end in, but to permanently break the resistance of the rebels, it was necessary to kill the sign of Chechen separatism — General Dudayev and his staff. For this purpose, from the 173rd unit has been allocated a special group, the base of which were contractors of the 2nd company. Forces of the group was held complex operation, which included landing, access to the surgical site, a raid on the headquarters building, environment groups and militias out of it. Despite the fact that the expected result of the operation has not been achieved, contractors proved to be very good. Come back without losses they could through his own professionalism, coordinated teamwork and innovative solutions to problems encountered.

Part of the contract after this operation, quit. They worked fine in the battle, were not afraid to die. But they returned to base, apparently decided that the risk does not match the currency payable to the content and social guarantees. To part with some was heartily sorry.
Before us
stood a task to form the backbone of the new company. Now the selection of contractors, the focus. We do not take the ones they give us, and deliberately engaged in the selection of personnel. Much less that the commander of the group allowed to select contractors in the special squad of all departments and units of the Defense Ministry, stationed in Chechnya. But how to find a decent? Vetochkin assist us. He said that he knew at the last duty station a few good-quality contractors and advises them to us.
His "place" service was 205th Motor Rifle Brigade.

After the preparatory meetings and talk with the candidates Vetochkina the service from us, I am with the commanders of groups also visited the 205 Brigade. Our visit was unofficial and is inconsistent with the command of the brigade, but we had to think about acquisition of its own units. No commander would not voluntarily intelligent subordinates. Indeed, here we are faced with difficulties. After the talk, we drill in our part of the case before it was released on the translation, but without the complications of died out only two. Two others did not want to let go, and the other three were kept in custody. To those who did not want to let go, just received. They wrote a report about the cancellation of the contract and ran over to us. Specifically, as we come to the competent drivers APCs. In civilian life they worked Kamaz drivers knew the engine and had an excellent driving ability. They promptly investigated the characteristics of BTR-80 and running zampoteha returned all company personnel carriers.

The most exciting and challenging transition into the unit was at 3-contractors, who were under arrest. Owl Idaitov and not just Spring were sitting, and they were written statement to the military prosecutor for arbitrariness and hazing. Overzealous in dislodging the status of their unit of goods from the warehouse. Ensign complained Command and wrote a letter to the military prosecutor's office. Since Vetochkin stated that it is one of the best fighters, they decided to rescue them. Their commanders did not care where to put them in jail or to us, because to translate agreed. It remained to settle the matter with a warrant officer, that he took a statement. And managed to do it.

I ventured, typing in a company contracted after such a resonant aerial, not everyone agreed with my decision, but do not regret it never had. New contractors are brought into our lives freshest craft and a special range. Together with them to the company passed the word "basses" and joyful nature of light to lift professionals. By studying the personal characteristics of each of them, were convinced of the correctness of the choice. Half of the contract were with higher education, relevant and sufficiently tenacious highest level of culture.

Stavropolets Goldanna, for example, not only played the guitar, and he came up with the song and sang. His concerts were collected by the personnel of the unit. Appeared in the company and the typical cultural programm. For sportgordkom near the baths built a gazebo with table and benches, barbecue next set. Specifically, it ruled prazdnichkom and days of birth.

Age "Bass" was from 23 to 33 years. Mostly have good motor skills, reaction frisky and fine physique. Personal training with them was not bad, it took classes in specific subjects and general combat coordination unit.
A week after completing the group gave the first result. It was in the late summer or first illumine 1995. Our company received a puzzle to explore forest, south of Khankala. Once you arrive on the BMP to a forest, a group on foot into the woods and sucked, pulling for a armored vehicles, without incident got to the home base. There were at the height of old trenches, where we were able to accommodate radial and organize the defense. From this perspective, three sprawling through the woods, leading the search. Database of illegal armed groups were found, but managed to hold 2-fighters. We were taken to the headquarters of the group. More surprises are not brought out. This outcome was the only one in operation and the first from the new contract.

With the right approach to the organization of services and taking into account the peculiarities of working with contractors, this category of military units used to display the ability to qualitatively new level, which is impossible to achieve with conscripts in principle.

In carrying out their obligations contractors greatly simplified the job of commanders on the preparation of combat operations. After a couple of months of combat activities saturated preparation for them has been brought to automatism. Everyone knew what to do and in what order. Commanders give an indication of the preparation of this or other event, and not being distracted by the test personnel, obtaining ammunition, communications company, building columns, could quietly pursue study of the operation. Following the report of the commander of the group remained ready to take their places on the armor and start managing the units.

In combat training their level of responsibility and the level of achievement have allowed to perform disk imaging program from skydiving. This occurred subsequent way: running officer Airborne service to "vzletke" stacked dome and passed predpryzhkovuyu training. Then spinner drove us to the area of Vladikavkaz, where one of the fields unfolded landing area and do jumps. For a week all contractors have made the appropriate number of jumps.

Naturally, the standard is not feasible, there were particular that had to put up with. So after Idaitov prazdnichkom with a feast always fall asleep under one of the bushes. Of course, if it took place in the summer time. And the beat, it was worthless. In general, he made up for this shortcoming by Prof. skills and knowledge. Uighur nationality, he had behind him the experience of several wars in Tajikistan. Apart from the protection of the interests of the Russian Federation, he participated in internecine showdowns, trained in Pakistani and Chinese instructors. They are interested in a special department. For sure, want to expose a spy. In the spying was not unmasked, but he made up our luggage invaluable knowledge and abilities in battle and behavior during the ambush. Idaitov from time to time exhibited such simple things of personal training, we wondered how previously did not think for yourself. Waged war he skillfully and prudently. Had a keen vision and precise movements. Sniper rifle in his hands became inventory carrying enemies perish. He has trained snipers special fixing reels, without needing to break grid. Himself preferred to work using mechanical sight, but only of days. The rifle was used as a second instrument, preferring AKMSL.

Time of contract

There was another fundamental innovation introduced into practice at one of the meetings with the contractors. After one of the operations headquarters of the intelligence groups accused us of being ignorant actions. Namely, in the absence from the specified point, in late staged ambushes and lack of communication. It was only possible to agree with the latter. Stable radio did not give any of the standard radio. This problem was solved only in October 1995, when the government of the Chechen Republic gave us a Japanese radio station. For the first 2-accusations, they were absolutely wrong. But our words did not believe anybody. And then the idea was born razvedvyhodov documentation of every company. Many took her in arms, calling the material for the prosecution of human rights defenders and food. All the same, decided to try. Thrown off the payroll, got hold of a sm
all camera. The most difficult part was to find an operator who would have led the movie fighting. None of the contractors did not want to change the machine on the camera. Force in the form of an order would not have been necessary to shoot not only technical skill to use the camera, and artistic taste, combined with the ability to capture images in the risk criteria for life. So the operator was conscripted soldier. Through his bold and creative work has been documented ambush, studies and daily life company. Extraordinary fame got hold of shooting events at the square near the palace of Dudayev and actions in the village May Day. Almost all of the recorded we killed ourselves, something wicked time, but have become part of the records of the history of the GRU special forces during the First Chechen War.

Battle Ridge company, keep on with contract measured lasted eight months. He began to disintegrate by the summer of 1996. On the causes and events that contributed to this, it is necessary to tell more.

Recent fighting

For me, the first Chechen war ended in April 1996. Having destiny to a higher position, I passed the case to the commander and the newcomer to the team departed. Evenly everyday concerns of peace mentality switched on stable footing. Yet I was always interested in going on in Khankala troubles and successes of companies.

Almost all were in charge of me for a short time who came to the brigade officers and soldiers of the company.
The new commander was not worse or better than me, he was just another one. He was to build a business with staff, the men had to get used to especially like the commander, and he — to gain experience in the management of hostilities. All this takes time. Its something just was not there.

Anxiety announcements started to come first summer. In the foothills, moving mountain river, blown APC. The driver died, one of those contractors who defected to us from the 205th Brigade. After a couple of weeks in the hospital was the eldest of the brothers Vetochkinyh-through bullet wound to the right lung. We met while he was already on the mend. On one of the benches hospital, he told me a story that I remember well.
Vetochkin said: "There was a big operation, which was held all the power unit. It was in the foothills near the village of Shalazhi. Roth worked separately from other forces squad in the mountains and forests. They went out to a given point, zabazirovalis, surrounded by mines and were sitting day or three without driving action. This seat is not for us, and we came to the company commander to allow us for contract, a little wander around the environment. He gave such permission to only two triples — my and spring. We went to inspect the countryside. Studying the neighborhood and found a mountain road not marked on the map. First day decided to watch and found that it is a movement. We went to "UAZ", full of "spirits", and trucks full of armed men. Returned and reported to the company commander, he let out an ambush again as our triplets. The next day moved to the road. She was in the valley, and we were obliged to go down for a long time to get to a comfortable position. Once we settled down, as there was "UAZ". After letting the closer and opened fire. Now "spirits" have got the fired. "UAZ", wag, pull over and braked. The driver and the front seat militants shot at once. Sitting back quickly jumped out, took cover behind the wheels and started to shoot. Ordinary composition would be coped with them in three seconds, and there was only polgruppy. While the trio Jarovogo bound them with fire, I walked from the left flank of the car, it was fifteen meters away. To behold the fighters, I had to open up and get out on the road. First shot at once. Second time to move the fire in my direction. I beheld, as he is my aim and shoot. Even felt something knocked in the chest. "What a bastard — I have thought — because after all, can destroy!" Terror was not even a calm girth, I carefully took aim at his head and made a single shot. Action jerked and stiffened. I give all the team at the inspection machine. Match, "spirits" selective, well-packaged, one was carrying a bag for himself commander. Anything that can take away, "UAZ" ignite. Just now, I felt weird taste in the mouth and a burning sensation in the chest, and the children saw the bloody foam at the mouth. Bandaged me right there on the sidelines. Just started to leave, when militants struck full truck. Had to leave up, laden with trophies, and even me, wounded men dragged on for yourself. "Spirits" We saw opened fire, but we crossed the little ridge and out of sight. Send us just about two hundred meters, two hundred 50. Up to now it was eight miles. It is clear that the "spirits" chase sent. Somehow dragged themselves to a wide glade, beyond which there are the highest trees. Crossed it. Idaitov said that there comfortably meet the chase. Clearing the militants do not get around, and when they cross, will meet with fire. Their trio left, and we stumbled on. 5 minutes later, gunfire rang out, and again later clicks shooting. After another 5 minutes Jarovogo trio caught up with us, saying that everything is in order. Two of them got shot once, and the third podranili. Now "spirits," it was necessary to think not about chasing and deal with dead and wounded. The chaotic shooting behind us confirmed that the rebels still fighting the battle with the glades. Then I remember being in a fog. I was dragged to the base, and I lost consciousness. Woke up here. I know what caused the chopper and sent to the hospital. " At this Vetochkin finished his narrative.

Rejoice the success was not long, soon came the tragic news of the death owl, Idaitova and spring. No details are not there, and all were lost in conjectures. I was very worried the death of the former slave who managed to become a martial friends. Details found out a month later. To my office came soldier was carrying out duties in the company videographer. He has recently been discharged from the hospital and came to say goodbye before retiring. From him I vyznat about what happened.

There was a heavy yield under Itum-Kale. Roth dropped from helicopters far from the survey area. I had to make the hardest pyatidesyatikilometrovy march with the transition passes and waterfalls falling fighters in mountain rivers. To place out reconnaissance in the evening. The night and during the day Sych, Idaitov and Spring went to investigate. The rest of the personnel engaged in equipment base. When she was ready, set around the perimeter of OZM-72 mines. Who was povinet that were not notified which worked on three mines have not learned. Communication, as usual, did not work, because the Japanese plant have been given to the radio battalion commander, and our stations worked poorly. Then the soldier-videographer ran to the return Sych, Idaitovu and spring forward, shouting and waving his arms, that they braked, but it is not heard. Stretching has been broken, and jumped out of the glass OZM-72 cut short the life of 3 experts.

Death Owl, Idaitova and spring is very undermined the morale of the group. Soon the unit was evacuated.
After that, without result, but languid output began a general dismissal of contract. A squad with the signing of peace returned to the brigade. Flowed daily life, complicated by non-payment of salaries. The Army began to get rid of it have become useless contract. They themselves felt they "spent material" for ending the war. And the best part resigned themselves. We have tried to keep a decent, but they could offer them? Long working day with wages below the subsistence level? Career growth? Or an opportunity to get an education at the prestigious university?

Brothers Vetochkiny some time kept even graduated from cooking school in Novocherkassk, to get the title warrant. Serving as deputy commanders of groups of a few months, they too have left.
Thus ended the "contract saga" 2nd Company 173rd Detachment 22th Special Forces Brigade GRU reference 1996. Country confidently approached the default, so it was not up to the contract. The next decade is recruited them, then fired.
Will there be a place in this category of servicemen in a new form of our army, time will tell.

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