As said by the Mayans, the world will not cease to exist, there will be other changes


For years, the Maya were fighting against the myth of the end of the world caused by the misinterpretation of their ancient calendar. As the date of December 21, 2012 is getting closer, it delivers sell more troubles Mayan indigenous people, especially in their native Guatemala, turned into a cheap "apocalyptic" lure for tourists.

This week, lives in Guatemala, Mayan people accused the government and government-funded travel agencies that they "are cast in bronze," the myth of the supposedly predicted in their calendar end of the world, in order to generate revenue from tourism.

The Ministry of Culture of Guatemala in Guatemala City arranges events with the participation of more than 90,000 people on the pretext of celebrating the "end of the world."

Leader Oxlaljuj Ajpop (association Mayan) Felipe Gomez, along with other members of the Maya protested the show, which he called a "lack of respect for the Mayan culture," and urged to review the Institute of Tourism celebration.

"We are against deceit, lies and distortion of the truth, and turning us into follor for profit. They do not tell the truth about time cycles, "- said Gomez AFP.

In a statement released Oxlaljuj Ajpop, said that the end of the Mayan calendar means only that "there will be big changes at the level of individuals, families and communities, which means harmony between humanity and nature."

Last year, the Mayan elder Carlos Barrios interviewed 600 other elders to get the clearest understanding of the situation. Presenting Organization Maya and spiritual studies of indigenous peoples, in his online interview Carlos Barrios said the following:

"Anthropologists visit the temple and read the inscription and concocting stories about the Maya, but they do not read the signs correctly. It's just their imagination. Others write about prophecy in the name of the Maya. They say that in December 2012 the world will cease to exist. This causes the anger of the elders of the Maya. The world does not cease to exist. He converted. We are no longer in the world of the Fourth Sun, but not yet in the world of the Fifth Sun. We are in between them, in a transitional time. Since we make the transition, it is a colossal global funnel — environmental destruction, social chaos, war and what is happening on Earth Changes. Humanity will continue to exist, but in a different way. Change the very foundation. This will give us the opportunity to become more human. "

As with many modern scholars, the Maya believed that the human race has gone through various changes during its history on planet Earth. These changes have many times been difficult, but they were followed by rapid jumps in the ability of understanding and compassion, social progress.

Earlier in his book "The Alchemy of Modern Renaissance", I wrote: "The theory is implausible doomsday, abused her power hungry rulers who want to keep their people in fear. As we have seen in the past decade in the United States, the rulers constantly use fear to manipulate the consciousness of U.S. citizens. This is not a new technique, it has been used for centuries, whether it is fear of economic ruin, natural disasters, or the fear of the enemies of God. Fear of eternity used a few to control the majority.

When the Spanish conquered the Mayan empire, through the missionaries they found out that 1698 was the end of the Mayan cycle time. The Spaniards waited until 1698 to implement its invasion, the Maya took it as a sign and surrendered without resistance. One of the most famous predictions made by astrologers had predicted in connection with the parade of planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, the great flood, which will be the end of the world February 20, 1524. We have also recently seen a hoax from the media «Y2K», sulivshuyu "cyber-Armageddon" at the turn of the millennium. Obviously world continue to rotate in both cases. "

End of the world has been predicted many times and has not come yet. The last time such a hysteria swept the world for more than ten years ago, in connection with the change of millennium and panic y2k. The last time the end of the world to come, and will not come next time. But maybe there is some truth in the statement that we are on the verge of a social shift. If you look at the world, you can see the unmistakable signs that confirm this.

Marking this event, combining Mayan Oxlajuj Ajpop conducts ceremonies in the five cities, which they consider sacred. Gomez said that the government would have received reasonable that sent their support to these real celebration. However, it seems unlikely that the government's management of the Ministry of Tourism and changed course.

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