Borough Austria: balls, music, art

Cities in Austria: balls, music, art

Vienna city called balls and music not only because it lived and went about their work of majestic composers such as Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, Strauss, Brahms and Schubert. In this town they honor the musical traditions of the past, and therefore there throughout the summer sound famous waltzes, serenades, symphonies. Music sounds not only in concert halls, and on the street — in parks, squares and boulevards.

Since the beginning of the Austrian capital illumine the season starts music festival, which takes in the winter and spring. It attracts prominent people all over the world someone would speak, someone to listen. At the Vienna Staatsoper premiere pass and hostels booked well in advance of Vienna art lovers who come here from all over the world.

During February disclosed ball season, which lasts until the beginning of Lent stateliness. All for it time taking place in Vienna more than 300 balls. Every inhabitant of the town becomes a guest at least the 1st of them — even poor people have in their own wardrobe Ball dress or suit, so once a year to feel like a real prince or princess. Tourists and visitors can also enjoy the town dances and dress coats and dresses in this time Many salons offer rental.

Music and balls — it's not all that can lure visitors Vienna. In Kunsthistor Museum (Art History Museum) is the most complete in the world collection of works by Bruegel, a collection of recognizable painters Raphael, Titian, Rembrandt, Durer and Velazquez. Diners will enjoy the dishes of local restaurants and cafes, where strikes are not just a kitchen, and interior design.

Another cute Austrian city — Salzburg. It's very different from Vienna: here calm and quiet. The air smelled of herbs, look amused view of snow-capped Alpine peaks and widespread pastoral landscapes, sung by medieval poets. Never empty numerous cheap hostels in Salzburg. In particular, they are popular among young people who love romantic mood of the town. Also in the villages of Salzburg neighborhood you can rent an apartment or small room and spend a great vacation on the shores of Lake paint, watching the flight of the delta and paragliding, surfing or riding on a yacht.

In a philosophical mood here adjusts for the peaceful waters of the Salzach River and the monotonous hum of the bell, sometimes muted melody is heard from afar heart of German songs.

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