Forest conservation one day put out six wildfires in the Far East

Forest protection specialists for the last day in the Far East put out six wildfires, said on Thursday the Department of Forestry in the Far Eastern Federal District.

"For the past day in the Far East, there were 18 wildfires. (6 in the Khabarovsk region, 10 in Yakutia, 1 in Sakhalin and Kamchatka Krai). Specialists managed to eliminate six of them, five were localized," — said in a statement .

It is noted that the area of forest fires, traversed for the last day fire was 5.260 hectares. Were involved in fire 322 people, 51 pieces of equipment, 8 aircraft.

"As of Thursday morning in the Far East continue to blaze seven wildfires. Threats settlements and no economy" — to be confirmed in a statement.

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