Starving fox hunt in the center of Kazan

Starving fox hunt in the center of Kazan

Because of the snow fox come out of the woods to hunt in Kazan.

Because of the huge snow drifts in the woods red predator can not get to the production and looking for food in the city, according to LifeNews. Fox in the forest resort town on the ice of the river Kazanka.

Residents of the city could remove the camera as directly under the walls of the Kazan Kremlin starved fox hunt arranged on a mouse. Redheaded beauty was so impressed that he did not pay attention to the people.

Now the city office trapping combs Kremlin territory in search of predator.

"Fox looks healthy, signs of rabies it does not — told in the press service of the Kazan zoological and botanic gardens. — The animal came out of the forest, there is now due to frequent rainfall in a thick and dense layer of snow, and the fox can not reach the production."

Over the past two months is already three cases the appearance of foxes in the center of Kazan. In November by frenzied fox of emergency was imposed in several kindergartens and schools.

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