State tests analog gear soldier of the future will begin in April

State tests analog equipment, "the soldier of the future" will begin in April

Municipal test new military equipment for ground troops "Warrior" is scheduled for April 2013, told reporters on Sunday the representative of the Russian Defense Ministry on Ground Forces Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Donyushkin.

Preliminary tests of the newest equipment began in September last year and were held in the 27th Motorized Rifle Brigade (Capital Region). At the moment, on the basis of a reconnaissance company of the unit lasts development troop exploitation of promising parts of military equipment Army soldiers of various specialties, including reconnaissance units.

"In April of this year is expected to hold municipal trials, which will take part on the single reference to each item to be selected on the results of ongoing at the moment preparatory test," — said Donyushkin.

According to him, preliminary tests are about 40 modernized or made anew piece of equipment arrow, scout, the driver — small gun, bullet proof vests, clothing and equipment.

"A number of samples of the newest equipment surpasses the best world analogues" — identified Donyushkin.

He added that system protection is a means of personal protection, protection from the damaging causes of weapons of mass destruction and non-lethal weapons, system Control — means of communication, identification, processing and display of disk imaging, positioning, navigation, system life support systems — safety glasses, hearing protection headset, complete protection knee and elbow joints, a personal filter to clean water, a set of independent sources of heat and other elements. In set also includes a set of weapons and power.

Despite the fact that the new Russian equipment passes the tests in November 2012, has already passed the Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that the Defense Ministry wants to buy a trial lot of equipment "soldier of the future" FELIN.

System of personal combat kits developed at the moment, apart from Russia and France and in the United States (Land Warrior and Mounted Warrior), Germany (IdZ), England (FIST), Spain (COMFUT), Sweden (IMESS) and other countries.

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