The area of forest fires in the Altai Mountains in 2012 decreased by 20%

Area affected by the 2012 wildfires in the Altai Republic, was little more than 4 hectares, it is 21.2% less than in 2011, which burned more than 5,000 acres of forest, told the chief of the region Igor GUMCHS Bukin .

Earlier it was reported that the fire in 2012 affected more than 6,000 hectares of forest.

In 2012, because of the fire hazard during the winter with little snow in the Altai Republic came much earlier than usual, and was quite busy. According to experts, in terms of forest fires Republic experienced one of the most difficult seasons. Throughout the region, introduces a special fire safety, restrict access to the forests. Several times during the summer fire approach to human settlements. To put out wildfires this year, according to the authorities, spent almost 40 million rubles.

"For the full year, we registered 175 fires. Which is 8.4% lower than the same period last year. And with the area fire has been reduced by 21% or more. That is, the number of outbreaks and the area affected by the fire, lower than in 2011. heaviest forest fire situation developed in the two municipalities: Ongudai area (41 fires) Ulagansky (37 fires). Almost two of these areas accounted for half of all reported fires in the country, "- said Bukin.

As stressed by the main lifeguard region, along with natural factors causing fires, a significant role was played by the human factor. It was careless handling of fire caused most of the fires in the two problem areas.

According to the ministry, the total area affected by the fire, was almost 4.049 thousand hectares, whereas last year the fire affected areas is 21.2% more — 5,14 hectares. Of these fires occurred Ongudai district a total area of 815.83 hectares, and in Ulagan fires burned on 1.507 hectares.

As previously stated specialists, another important cause of severe fires this year's heat wave, similar to that in these places there was about 175 years old.

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