The bombs were to explode in the aircraft on the way to the U.S.

Washington and London believe that the two explosive devices that were sent by air from Coconut Palm to address synagogues in Chicago, were designed to undermine the aircraft en route to America.

"We consider the possibility that they had to explode planes that transported them, and the possibility that they had to explode at the place of destination, — told the U.S. television channel CBS, John Brennan, chief adviser to the U.S. president on counter-terrorism issues. — But at this stage as I think we agree with the British, according to which the devices were made to explode during flight of the aircraft. "

Recall that the bombs were discovered in the luggage of airliners 28 or October 29 — one of them at the airport in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and the other near Birmingham in the UK. Both bombs were sent from the capital Sanaa on Coconut Palm address synagogues in Chicago, the names of which the world's media did not provide.

According to some reports, the bombs were carried out very professionally. One of them, found in Dubai, was placed in charge of the toner in the standard printer company Hewlett-Packard. An explosive device was connected to the motherboard cell phone, but without the SIM-card — this leads investigators to suspect that the bomb did not plan to use the call signal from far away, and the timer cell phone. Theresa May, the Minister of Interior UK, told reporters that the amount of explosive material found at the airport about Birmingham, was powerful enough to destroy the plane.

As experts believe, the fittings were made of Al-Qaeda. And these same experts pay attention for every great resourcefulness and technical prasunutasts terrorists in the construction of explosive devices.

October 30 Coconut Palm authorities arrested a student in Sana'a in connection with the shipment of bombs on flights to the United States. According to the press, ostensibly on a package bomb has been recorded her phone number. Student was released on October 31 under subscription not to leave the country and on the promise to cooperate with the investigation.

Yesterday, the United States and the United Kingdom sent its investigators to Sana'a, in place so that they have tried to clarify the circumstances in which deadly parcels were sent to Chicago. And today, the U.S. government announced that the prime suspect in the deportation of aircraft bombs in Chicago is a citizen of Saudi Arabia, Ibrahim Hassan al-Athir, who allegedly included emenskae branch of the terrorist network "Al-Qaeda".

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