Unconditional signs

 Photo source:gourji.com

Cufflinks "Always Ready"
• It is based on pioneering icon of the sample in 1962. In the center — a five-pointed star made of multi-layered enamel, with the motto "Always Ready!". Three languages flame of scarlet enamel — a sign of the unbreakable unity of generations.
• The cufflinks are made in pink gold with enamel.
Art. GM6358-111 yellow gold 750o, weight — 12.5 g.

Price: 92 720rub

About the brand

Gourji — Vanity-new Russian jewelry brand. It is unique and has no analogues.

The philosophy and style of the brand Gourji inextricably linked with the history of Russia. Brand reinvents the actual Eurasian cultural and historical context in which Russia is a melting pot of hundreds of cultures.
The basic idea of the brand Gourji — to isolate the brightest of the artistic heritage of the past and give it a contemporary reading.
The mission of the brand

The mission of the brand Gourji — a new luxury building on the achievements of the national cultures of different ages.
Mark is focused on his contemporaries and future generations and is based on the creative experience of previous eras.
The purpose of the brand — a new look at the pre-revolutionary and Soviet aesthetics, to give a second life to bold ideas of the past.
Rejection of ideological clichés and focus on the study of art forms can positively assess the country's history, to understand his place in the world and to emphasize their individuality.

 Photo source:gourji.com

Cufflinks "Stechkin"
"Stechkin pistol" made of silver, in place of wood covers with a pistol grip — brown enamel, a doula is a ruby.

 Photo source:gourji.com

Cufflinks "Specialist 1st Class"

 Photo source:gourji.com

Cufflinks "Moscow"
The prototype of this model was the highest military order of 1943-1945 years — the Order "Victory". Of course, do not copy cufflinks military award: no inscriptions, the Mausoleum on the background of the Kremlin towers replaced the main building of Moscow State University, so cufflinks symbolize the victory of intellectual persuasion.
• The cufflinks are made in pink gold, engraved, white and ruby-red enamel five-pointed star on the circuit is a diamond pavé.

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