In Rosneft — Northern Oil extracted 50 million tons of oil

Oilers "RN — Northern Oil" extracted "Jubilee" — the 50 millionth, since the beginning of the enterprise, a ton of oil. This achievement was made possible by the use of new technologies and best practices of field development and effective development investment and the creation of an extensive infrastructure. So, now established an autonomous system of collection, transportation, registration and delivery of oil a total length of 917 km. Own an oil treatment CPF "Bagan" provides delivery of crude oil into the pipeline of the first group of quality (GOST).

Thanks to the integrated development of infrastructure

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Engine rolled project Rus-M found the use of other missiles

Production on the engine for a promising missiles "Rus-M", which work to create frozen, will be useful when building engines for other missiles, said the executive director of the engine-company NPO "Energomash" (Khimki, Capital) Vladimir sun.

"Slider developed and brought to the stage of conceptual design. The work on it is finished, but acquired its design output we currently sold on the other rocket engines, "- said Solncev" Interfax ".

According to him, as needed suspended project RD-180M engine for "Rus-M" always be thawed and brought to the end. "If there are needs, I think that this project can always

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In the RN-Yuganskneftegaz opening the new shop

In the "RN-Yuganskneftegaz" July 9 opening of a processing and transport crude oil number 9 (CPF-9). Opened a new facility General Director of LLC "RN-Yuganskneftegaz" Sergei Zdolnik.

This building meets the latest technical and technological requirements, which makes the company "Transneft". Here there are: chemical analysis laboratory, a modern commercial metering tank oil storage tanks and ancillary facilities. Also, it will reduce the occurrence of pressure in the pipeline — which will reduce the load and reduce the cost of electricity. "

CPF-9 plays an important role, it is transported through the entire oil production of May and

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In Pskovenergo completed the reconstruction of the network control system

The branch of JSC "IDGC North-West" "Pskovenergo" started new Network and Sharing Center. Instead, there appeared a supervisory board video wall — a modern system of collective display of information.

As the "truth of Pskov" the press service of "Pskovenergo" was caused by the need to reconstruct the moral and physical deterioration of old mosaic mnemonic shield that served Pskov grid 30 years. Video wall capabilities, which are already used and which have yet to develop, will significantly increase the efficiency of decision-making personnel and the quality of supervisory control in enterprise networks, and hence the reliability

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Mikola Ermolovich — the power to


Mikola Ermolovich

Out of print volume of selected works of Nicholas Yermolovich. The book became a historian and writer, the fundamental scientific work "Belarusian State Grand Duchy of Lithuania" as well as journalistic and literary works. Supplemented that letters addressed to famous persons Belarusian history and culture. Many of the works are published for the first time.

Mikola Ermolovich (1921 — 2000) never worked in formal scientific institutions, but it daily could meet in the Belarusian section of the main library of the country. Stripped bosses instructions, he wrote the history of Belarus free of officialdom. But his work

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The engine is a dream

Four years back, February 1, 2008, under the auspices of the European Union was launched Project DREAM. Title of the project, similar to the English word "dream" is almost stands still more difficult: ValiDation of Radical Engine Architecture systeMs — Check structurally modern architecture motor. The aim of the project was to create a radically DREAM newest design an aircraft engine that combines within himself efficiency turboprop and turbojet power, but devoid of drawbacks of these schemes. Since the creation of at least some modern stuff is complicated, the European Union immediately attracted to the project of 44 companies from

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The Story of a miracle: Wedges and White-headed Duck


By itself, each factor in this symbieze — dimensional. The greatest artists of the effort is completed resonant exhibition. The success of philologists hidden from the public outside the walls of the Academy. Poets are fighting for a slam, but historians have disappeared back into the mist of the past. They are all too rooted in their professional fields, so you can imagine their joint action. However, you can imagine. So it is when they have — time of formation, they keenly interested in the affairs of each other if they — pupils or students.

What we used

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In the Suburban opened a new section of the farrowing

On the pig farm, "Suburban" in the Murmansk region opened a new section of farrowing «Big Dutchman». The equipment supplied under a contract with the German company "Big Daychman." The new equipment allows you to keep up to farrowing sows and piglets with milk after up to 28 days. "Svinokompleks Suburban" — the largest pork producer in the area. The company is a major supplier of pork for residents and processing companies in the region. The share of the production of pig meat in live weight of the plant is more than 80% of the total production in the region.

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The engine near future

When the debate on the prospects of Russian defense industry reach the tank, alarmists, as usual, use a standard set of reasons. First, it claims to "infinite" upgrades "outdated" and T-90 tanks moaning about the "Black Eagle", which, in their view, be sure to go to the series. According to another — all gone.

Yet from time to time to hear claims on engines. Say, a new diesel engine for the Russian-designed tanks have developed more than 20 years, but not developed. And on the basis of this expression is elevated an entire logical construct on … you know,

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A forest fire broke out in the Urals Visim reserve

First in the 2012 forest fire in the area of 1 hectare on Wednesday found in Visimsky State Biosphere Reserve, located in the Sverdlovsk region, said on Thursday the Department of Forestry in Ural Federal District.

"As of 10:00 local time (8.00 MSK) August 16, area of natural fire has not changed. Locate and extinguish forest fires attended nine of the reserve, six units of special equipment and Mi-8" — said in a statement.

Visimsky Reserve was established in 1946 to preserve and study the unique ecosystems of the southern taiga low Middle Urals. The name given to the reserve

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