Day military topographer

February 8th day is celebrated in Russia military topographer. Officially this professor prazdnichek celebrated since 2004. In February 2003, number 395 on the orders of the Minister of Defense was established prazdnichka date — February 8.

Specifically, February 8 (February 27 old one style) 1812 in the Russian Empire, confirmed the "for the Military Topographical Depot." Military Topographic Depot managing director who has appointed himself ruler. With all of this state that military topography to the Russian war of 1812 was not impossible. Topographic maps for military purposes were created before. At the dawn of Russian topography make a clear

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O.Stuzhinskaya: The liberalization of the visa regime may contribute to the democratization

Society Guest's "Night of Freedom" — Olga Stuzhinskaya, director of the nongovernmental organization "Office for Democratic Belarus", which is based in Brussels. Talking to her is a joint interim plan for Belarus, the EU started to discuss the theme of visa facilitation and readmission. The news brought with him to Minsk and publicly announced the European Commissioner Stefan Fule, who on November 15 was a one-day visit to Belarus.

Znatkevich: On that Belarusians can expect as a result of negotiations on visa facilitation?

Stuzhinskaya: First, the actual negotiations have not started yet. As stated in the declaration of the European

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Day military signaller

October 20, 1919 — day Education Corps. In this day Russian Order of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic of number 1736/362 as part of the Field Staff Communications was formed, headed by the Chief of Communications. Service connection is highlighted in a special service staffs, and troops communications — in particular independent troops. Those laid the structure of modern Corps.

Military communication is the basis of the Armed Forces. On its condition and functioning of almost all depend on the efficiency of command and control, timely introduction of combat vehicles and weapons.

The in-house development of military link

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In Abakan opened a kindergarten for 300 places

The building "Kapitoshka" in size (almost 6,000 sq. m.) Is well above any running today in Abakan preschool. It is planned that the project "Kapitoshka" will be the standard, and it is for it to be built in Abakan new kindergartens.

The building of the kindergarten built on new technology using bezrigelnogo frame, giving him a large group, wide hallways, having a mini-clinics, swimming pools, physiotherapy, sensory room and other modern amenities.

Piles of future building started to score in October 2011, its construction cost of 180 million rubles.



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In Abakan thief knew what technical progress

In Abakan a thief caught in the hands of the police due to technological advances. 

On Sunday, August 4, on Marshal Zhukov occurred in its scenario banal theft. A certain city resident called the police a statement. A woman reported that just went away for half an hour out of her apartment without closing the door while. Immediately "through free access" intruder entered the apartment. Do not waste time on in-depth study of another's home, the thief grabbed the first thing that came to hand — a woman's handbag, which were documents, phone

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The courts dismissed the complaint on the formation of election commissions

Society Of the 85 complaints to the courts for failing to include 413 people in the precinct election commission 83 left unsatisfied. Two complaints have not yet considered. These figures were voiced on November 15 in its report the company "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections".

Lawyer of "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections" Valentin Stefanovich emphasizes that the problem lies in the imperfect electoral law. The law does not provide criteria for selection of members of election commissions. Written just what subjects have the right to they give off, (parties, social organizations, labor groups, citizens through the collection of

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President of Yakutia regime introduced in Srednekolymsky disaster area due to flooding

President of Yakutia Yegor Borisov on Monday introduced a regime of emergency in Srednekolymsky area of the country where due to flood rescuers evacuated 669 people from 107 homes flooded, told RIA Novosti the governments in the region.

According to the agency, the regime introduced emergency due to rising water levels in the Kolyma River and flooding of houses and sites of the city Srednekolymsk.

On Sunday, because of ice jams in the area of the village near the town of Lobo Srednekolymsk sharply raise the water level in the river Kolyma — to 1,325 centimeters at a critical point

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When sharks are falling from the sky!

April 25, 2012 6:09

Back … to the bishop, the Indian silently removed his cloak and threw out his feet priest rose. All participants immediately fell to his knees, as seen on the coat amazing image of the Virgin, surrounded by radiant solar corona.

Amazing coincidence

Her first said Tom Huxley, an employee of a local bank, who came out of the house and headed towards the parking lot where his car, the smell of rotten fish, and then saw the shark lying on the pavement.

Huxley said that it was quite unexpected. Before that he was just at

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Day military intelligence

Since 2000, our country every year on November 5th is celebrated a day of military intelligence. The order of this was published by the Ministry of Defence 12 October 2000 th. Government decided on the merits of such a Makarov noted the role of military intelligence in defending the interests of Russia. Date November 5th chosen not the case. Specifically, in this day is far 1918 has been formed to implement registration management coordination of all intelligence agencies of the Red Army. The pioneer of this innovation was Leon Trotsky, who was then chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council.

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Sausage riot as strengthening the regime?

Society this week, when turned 20 April 1991 strike, only RL deployed reminded of those events ("1991 th eyes of the participant. hundred thousand near the Government House," "Were the workers stormed a house on Karl Marx?", "Why Workers asvistali Shushkevich? ").

The ratio of state-owned media is understandable but not written about the strike and independent newspapers in including and online resources. Of course, the attention of the public and journalists are now focused on the sentences for "December 19", which is absolutely logical. But the silence about the mass action of the workers (more than a hundred thousand

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