Battle EMP generator Satchel-E (Russia)

On the LIMA-2001 in Malaysia (2001), Russia has demonstrated a functional model of combat EMP generator "Satchel-E» (Defence Systems Daily, 26.10.2001). This complex was designed as a means of defense against mobile RES precision weapons. The new system consists of an antenna, a high power generator, control subsystem, the measuring device and the power supply. "Satchel-E» can be made in fixed and mobile versions (the actual weight of combat weapons — about five tons). Its power output pulse duration of 10-20 ns in the centimeter wavelength range exceeding 500 MW. Such parameters, according to Rosoboronexport, allow striking guidance systems and electronic precision-guided munitions and missiles at a distance of 10 km in a 60-degree sector.

"Shoot" pulses through the antenna 50dB "weapon" as seen from the graph, can permanently damage the electronics in the aircraft at a distance of 12-14 kilometers, and the serious disruption of navigation systems that threaten the performance of combat missions, will be observed on a distance of 40 kilometers!

There is also another antenna in 45dB, which provides a significantly lower range of defeat (which is said about her in the beginning of the message, where the sector is about 60 degrees) — but much larger beam width. Which is useful when dealing with high-speed small-size targets, the precise guidance on which is difficult or impossible, such as shells or corrected and neradiokontrastnyh small UAV. 
The essence of the idea to create on the surface of the target voltage exceeding kV / m, which causes breakouts, disabling the electronics unit. The system is in a set with the standard means of detection and control of air defense forces — radars and command centers.

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