Be happy — this is normal!

Dear Universe!

Mary C. wrote to you from Moscow.

I really, really want to be happy!

Give me, please, loved and loving husband and a child from him, a boy,

but I am, so be it, then do not move on to a new job that pays more and more comfortable ride.

with HC., Masha.

Dear Masha!

Frankly, I scratch my head when I saw the line about the job.

I do not know what to say. Masha, you can completely switch to a new job, and I'll look for a husband for you.

Good luck!

Your Mrzd.

Distinguished members of the Universe!

Thank you so quick to respond!

But … my grandmother would say, to whom much is given, from him much.

Suddenly, I'm going to have something, and this, and for that you otrezhesh me up when I'm gonna go over the tram tracks?

No, come on, so I move to a new job, I have a husband, but I'm ready for it, along with

your loved ones life to live in a rented Khrushchev.

How do you like this alignment?

Your MC

Dear Masha!

He laughed when he saw about the leg. The meaning of my grandmother talk quite different:

to whom much is given abilities, talents, knowledge and skills, from a lot of people waiting.

You've got to zanachit kopeck piece in the suburbs, buy on health. Keep the leg)))

thy M.

Dear Mrzd!

Basically, I was delighted after reading about the leg.


I will have a husband, baby, love, and flat foot. That is his feet.

What I'm going to be for this? (((



Whew. Why are you talking to me like a collection agency?

I was asked — I do. I ever tell you somewhere that you're going to be something to me?

M s.


That is not.

Just can not be, that it is possible, that all was well, you know?

Today I cried all night gave payment for an apartment. The good, the windows of the river. I suppose,

husband would freak. Tell me straight. Basically, I'm ready for this.


Dear Masha!

Her husband, of course, Alain Delon, but in the mirror so often looked.

Quite a normal guy. The other day meet.

Yes, to answer your question: Yes, that all was well.

In principle, I do not care, good or bad I bought. If only people knew exactly what she wants.


Respected Mrzd,

And you can make a long good? ..

Basically, if five years is, I agree that the ceiling was leaking …

Qiu, Mary C


I'll tell you honestly.

Long may well be. EQUALLY LONG — no. Everything will change, does not change just dead.

And when will change, you would think that things are bad. For a time.

qiu, mrzd.


Just do not keep up. Let pogulivaet husband.

Maria, stop with me to bargain. As in the Armenian market, by golly!

I destiny is not on, it's in a different branch with other tasks.

My job is to give people-all he wants.

The bill will put you nobody.

If so anxious, can you argue with her husband every day mate.

He will pogulivat. Just kidding, do not swear!

The only I have a favor to ask you: when you're very, very happy,

you have freed force. You're cool sew. Turn to your patchwork,

your quilts decorate your house, people will be happy.

Yours faithfully, M.

My dear!

Today, I was jumping for joy.

Of course!

I'll do whatever you say.

I certainly nothing you would not be?

I was offered the job even more biting, and a dude from the cafe appointed date. Yesss!

(So it does not happen all-time)

(Bought a sewing machine)

I kiss you!

Dear Masha!

All is well. You can do whatever you want, as part of the Commandments and the Criminal Code.

And you anything for it will not be. Conversely. If you do not whine, we all

(Office 4562223) only rejoice. Increase the entropy of whiners, you know.

And a lot of trouble with them. I am of them, honestly, itch.

So good luck!

I bow out now. Then an order for same-sex triplets, and again traded,

offer in return health. Nafig it I gave up, their health …

Your Mrzd. Take care of foot! Joke!

Universe, hello,

how are you?

A daughter named Mira, in honor of you.

Sewed the best in the world quilt, won first place in the

exhibition, was invited to the gathering petchvorkistov in Bali.

We fly the whole family.

I wake up in the morning, the birds are singing …

I sometimes think that, for me is happiness?

Your Masha. From her husband hello)

Masha, hello!

Embarrassed to admit that I missed the mark a bit with his son, whom you ordered, mixed up … but, I look you're happy and so)

To be happy, that's fine. Take it not as a gift, a breathtaking and serene as the background of your life. A breath sometimes from such small things that are given to each without any request: not my business, forcing the birds to sing under your window. This is the default assumed everyone basic equipment. Your job — to hear and feel what you feel … This ability makes you happy.

All further think by itself.

Write to me, if that.

Your Mrzd.

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