Chernobyl exclusion zone is safe to study tourist trips

Study trips to the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are very safe, said the first deputy chairman of the State Agency for Management exclusion zone Dmitry Bobrov.

"I believe that these trips safer," — said in a teleconference Bobro "Moscow-Kiev" on Tuesday, highlighting what it says on the official routes. "All movements are made under strictly specified routes where radiation situation is constantly monitored. And if people would comply with all the requirements that they face, the trip will be safe," — he added.

Bobro noted that the so-called "black tourism" where people try to get yourself in the zone, really not safe for a variety of factors, including those associated not only with radiation.

He told reporters that last year in the area visited nine thousand visitors from 80 countries.

For its part, took part in the teleconference chairman of the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (NECU) Yaroslav Movchan said that if people on the pavement and no wind, the risk to them is the same as on the streets of Kiev, adding that some risk even legal trains in the area do have and this should not be forgotten.

Previously reported that the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine initiated tourism to Chernobyl exclusion zone, where in 1986 there was the largest man-made disaster of the XX century, were suspended in late June of last year because of the protest Prosecutor's Office, which saw in the admission procedure developed tourist violation. The order defines the right MES visit the Chernobyl zone, routes are driving visitors stay in the area, appearance and other details. However, the MOE has pledged to develop a new procedure and at the end of last year, it agreed with the police.

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