Count Grigory Orlov

Gregory Eagles — one of the great figures of Russian history: a military and political leader of the eighteenth century, the winner and companion of Catherine II.
Gregory was born in 1734 in the family of the real state councilor Grigory Orlov, who married relatively late Lukeria Ivanovna Zinoviev. The couple were born nine children, but they were still alive five sons who are of extraordinary friendship and loyalty. At the time of the coming into being of a military leader and politician his father served as governor of the town of Novgorod. But soon, the family moved to Moscow. As you know, Gregory studied the arts and sciences at home, with not very good. There is evidence of Empress Catherine II that her pet could not read French and was not aware of it in that language. But nature has endowed Orlov physical strength and beauty, courage and determination, coupled with the fact it was quite generous and sympathetic person.

Count Grigory Orlov

In 15 years, Gregory was brought to St. Petersburg and determined to get education in the Land Cadet Corps. Orlov began military service in the Semenov regiment. Tall, athletic build, muscular and broad-shouldered, he was known as the first strong man in the army. The lieutenant, then captain, a member of the Seven Years' War, 1756-1763 years, which had been involved all the great European powers. In Tsorndorfskom battle he received several wounds, but own regiment left for another reason. It was then captured by the Russian hit a high-ranking officer in the Prussian army, and Orlov included in the squad, who accompanied the prisoner first in Königsberg, and later in St. Petersburg. Gregory then rested from the hardships of the army and joined the secular pleasures and joys, to a large extent thanks to the brothers Alexey and Theodore, who served in the Transfiguration and the Semenov regiment. Handsome Gregory was involved in countless love stories.

In 1760, he runs across the service in the artillery department and became its chief aide Peter Ivanovich Shuvalov. Then an acquaintance with Catherine, the wife of the heir to the Russian throne, majestic Duke Peter Fedorovich. Soon Gregory Orlov and Catherine are fancy man. In 1761, Empress Elizabeth dies and rises in the majestic Prince Russian throne under the name of the ruler of Peter III. But he ruled long. Conspiratorial sentiment against it existed during the life of Elizabeth, they are active participants in a number of other were the Orlov brothers. All their aspirations were associated with Catherine, they beheld the true ruler of the Russian Federation instead of her weak-willed wife, to the same fan of Prussia. Gregory and his brothers were huge hidden activities — they all found new adherents Catherine Guards environment, tried to call her in military circles as much sympathy. Officers' Society is constantly going to the house of eagles, which found hospitality and good comradeship. The soil was prepared, but decisive actions begin immediately after the death of Elizabeth was unreal: Besides Catherine would soon give birth to a baby. It was a scion of Grigory Orlov. Born, he was named Alexis.

Some time later, another event happened, much more sonorous, determined the course of the upcoming Russian history. Peter III was deposed by the army, the Senate and the Synod swore Catherine. True to her Grigory Orlov was the most active participant in all configurations. It is no coincidence the celebrations in Moscow on the occasion of the coronation of the newest Russian Empress, he was appointed manager of the primary. After the coup, the Orlov brothers received titles of Counts, land and farmers, and the Gregory — the rank of Major General and the title of the real Chamberlain, was awarded the sword topped with diamonds and high Order of Alexander Nevsky. After one year from the beginning of the reign of Empress latest Count Orlov gets another Russian greatest merit — the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called. Catherine is very highly valued own winner, speaking about him as a person, combining intelligence, beauty and spiritual qualities of the best. In this time Specifically it considers its best as his assistant in the reconstruction of the country Russian. In his own memoirs, Catherine says about him as a person with the greatest opportunities, but to indulge in nature, which lacks consistency in everything that is not in this moment. Catherine even going to marry him, but changed her mind. Is known to affect its decision to sentence an influential political leader Nikita Ivanovich Panin that the orders of the Empress is the law for all citizens, but will they also obey the wife of Count Orlov?

And Gregory himself at this time trying to bridge the gaps in their own education, especially to motivate his science. It is with pleasure indulges in physical and chemical experiments, also equip the observatory with a telescope, which you can look at and surrounding views and the starry sky. Let these classes were amateurish, but still Eagles made a great contribution to the development of the entire Russian science is clearly not personal discoveries, and by the fact that Misha had considerable patronage Lomonosov. In addition, he maintained a writer Denis Ivanovich Fonvizina, self-taught inventor Ivan Kulibina also corresponded with a representative of the French Enlightenment, Jean-Jacques Rousseau. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, he did not show a strong desire to engage in municipal affairs, but it is his obligation are cherished, no matter what sphere they do not touch. Count Grigory Orlov was involved in the development of the Free Economic Society, along with another associate of Catherine, Roman Vorontsov, also the librarian of the Empress Ivan Taubert. The purpose of this society has been designated as the spread in the middle of the right of the people coming up in the agriculture and economy of knowledge. It is the oldest of the Russian scientific societies. For his work provided the Eagles own home. He was first elected chairman (president) of the company. This agency worked on the issue of improving the living conditions of farmers Russian Empire, and the manager offered to conduct its research, it is necessary to give farmers ownership. Also, as a member of the 1st of the counties Petersburg province Earl was a member of the Commission, shall draft the new Code. In this case, the election of a marshal Commission Eagles refused, but participated in all the meetings intense. Supported the most troubling issues of Russian grain growers and protect farms.

The role of politics in the true Grigory Orlov never took. If he had to deal with foreign affairs, that he did it at the request of the Empress. He was the most powerful man in the Russian state at that time, and the foreign policy of trying to win him sympathy to their side. But for them it was an unreliable ally, as the tough political beliefs did not. Military leader, he remained in the capital of time Russian-Turkish war. Was a member of Council in particular, made for the occasion by the High court. Twice a week, going to its members, was present at these meetings and Catherine. Specifically, the initiative Grigory started implementation of the project the liberation of Greece and the Balkans from Ottoman rule. He insisted on sending 3 squadrons under the command of his brother Alexei Orlov the Mediterranean Sea.

The inscription that Orlov is free from failures Moscow, was struck on the set in the garden of the Royal village gate. The failure — an epidemic of plague that swept the city in 1771. Gregory decree of
Empress was directed there to fight contagion, with all this is endowed with special abilities, including those for the suppression of rebellion. How and at least some state affair, he took up this intensely and without fear. The town was made two commissions — safety and the executive, and new clinics and quarantines. Patients began to provide free food, livelihoods, the clothes and other necessary items. Admission to the city of food has increased. For orphans was created shelter, which operated at public expense. Family nest eagles, their home house, was given another under one clinic. In all these activities Gregory personally perceive a particular role. As evidenced by contemporaries, he came to the hospitals, assisted unhealthy arose among the people, do not turn away from the role in religious processions, praying for deliverance from "ulcers." And when it came, was established a medal to commemorate the victory over the disease with a portrait of Count Orlov. It met with military honors in St. Petersburg, and yet it was noticeable that Catherine has a new winner. At first lieutenant Alexander Vasilchikov Horse Guards Regiment was awarded a gold snuff box is not bad for the bearing of the guard, then — more … Grigory Orlov never changed their own habits with regard to ladies, he even had a girlfriend at the time, when he was a very close relationship with the Empress. Catherine looked at it through his fingers, but for the time being. Perhaps the decisive break in their relationship was the maid of honor to Catherine Orlova Zinoviev, by the way, and his cousin. Based on the testimony of contemporaries, this lady has caused a severe winner of the Empress and the heartstrings, forcing him to move away from the regal person as his mistress. Grigory Orlov fell out of favor. In general, revenge, Catherine II was not and did not take punitive measures. Just past the first assistant was actually removed from the municipal affairs, he rebuked arrival in the capital. But after a while, and this measure has been terminated, and later empress and its winner just made it up, though, of course, the previous relationship did not return. All this time Grigory had health problems: insomnia, seizures, nerve disorders. To unwind and get away, he sails away to travel — Italy, France, England …

Returning to Russia, he was warmly received by the Empress, which caused surprise and even envy in society. At that time, he formalizes his davneshnie case with Catherine Zinoviev. The Empress did not prevent it, on the contrary, bestowed former adversary in Mistress, gave a lot of gifts and the Order of St. Catherine. A happy and peaceful life came to Orlov, but as it turns out, for a short period of time. During a trip abroad for the treatment of a spouse Grigory died in Lausanne. He previously visited strong nerve disorders, but now his mind could not resist, Orlov was losing intellectual capabilities. The brothers took him to Moscow and empress sent a written letter with his own hands, which expressed sincere condolences and my greatest role in its affairs and health, and hope for the long days of his life. But all these hopes vanished when she'd seen a former winner. In his own writings, she noted weakness of mind and Orlova, incoherence of his thoughts and words. And the only thing left in it — unshakable attachment to her …

April 13, 1783 Grigory Orlov died. The coffin with the body of the house took out four Orlov brothers, and officers Konnogvardeytsy asked permission to bring his hands to the body of the commander of the last shelter. In the estate Joy Serpukhov district lie the remains of the Orlov brothers. There is a wrong perception that the destruction of the estate in 1924, the Bolsheviks killed their remains. In fact coffin Gregory for a long period of time would be moved earlier in one of the monasteries in Novgorod and is buried next to his brothers Theodore and Alex. At the moment, these graves have survived.

It is clear that Gregory Orlov had three kids out of wedlock. The scion of him and Catherine, Alex, gave the old Bobrinskys start the count. Two pupils, Natalie and Elizabeth Alekseevs, according to legend were also his daughters, though it is not clear from whom. In legitimate marriage kids Orloff was not.

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